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Evox Mega Grow
  • Evox Mega Grow
  • Evox Mega Grow
  • Evox Mega Grow

Evox Mega Grow

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Evox Mega Grow is a versatile nutrition shake to maintain body weight or increase muscle.

Meal Replacement Shake

A balanced ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fats make this a great alternative to unhealthy snacks if wholesome food is not available.

The blend of nutrients together with added vitamins and minerals give you a convenient snack to maintain your weight.

With 100 servings available per 5kg bucket, at the time of this review each serving will cost you approximately R5.69 for a delicious nutrition shake.

Muscle Gainer

Taking a full serving of 3 scoops will give you more calories to starting increasing weight and 38 grams of quality protein to feed muscle growth.

Pro-Biotic Fibre

Fibre in you diet is responsible for a host of healthy functions such as normal bowel movement and may assist in lowering cholesterol.

Every 3 scoops of this protein shake will give you 3 grams of oligofructose enriched inulin fibre to support your fitness and lifestyle goals.

This is one of the few products on the market which have this kind of beneficial fibre in it.

Full Vitamins and Minerals

To give you a complete nutrition shake the makers have included important vitamins and minerals which provide support should the food you eat lack vegetables or fruit.

This prevents any micro-nutrient deficiencies that may appear from your diet.

Great 2-in-1 Shake

Evox Mega Grow is a versatile shake to increase muscle or maintain your existing gains. Packed with healthy vitamins, fibre and balanced nutrients this product offers excellent value for money for a nutritious, tasty drink.

Category: Protein Powder
How To Use It
  • For weight maintenance: Mix 1 and half scoops (50 grams) with 150 – 250 ml cold water or skim milk.
  • To increase muscle: Mix 3 level scoops (100 grams) with 300 – 500 ml.
  • Mix in a blender or shaker for best results.
  • Use to supplement your mid-morning and mid-afternoon meals.
  • A serving can be taken after your training to help with recovery.
  • Best used for active individuals on a muscle maintenance or growth program.
Most Recent of 42 Reviews
it does work
Review by songezo(Date 8/15/16)
It works
Review by Lloyd(Date 5/18/16)
Used it for 2 months and I gained 4.6kg, tastes great too
it does the job
Review by brick(Date 1/26/16)
not the best or most effective, but it does the job for its cheap price
Evox Mega Grow
Take your fitness goal to the next level.
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Nutritional Information

Flavour: Strawberry
Serving Size:For weight maintenance : 50 grams (1.5 scoops) / For weight gain : 100 grams (3 level scoops)
Servings per Container: 50-100 (5kg)

 Per 50 grams Per 100 grams
Protein19 g38 g
Carbohydrates Total21.5 g43 g
Fat Total 2 g4 g
Cholesterol0.5 g1.0 g
Fibre1.5 g 3 g
Energy (Cal) 180 Cal 360 Cal
Essential Phospholipids250 mg500 mg
Medium Chain Triglycerides 125 mg250 mg
Glutamine Peptides100 mg200 mg
Vitamin A400 mcg 800 mcg
Vitamin D3 mcg6 mcg
Vitamin E 7.5 mg 15 mg
Vitamin C 37.5 mg75 mg
Vitamin B1 0.7 mg1.4 mg
Vitamin B20.8 mg1.6 mg
Vitamin B39 mg18 mg
Vitamin B52.5 mg5 mg
Vitamin B61 mg2 mg
Vitamin B121.5 mcg3 mcg
Folic Acid200 mcg400 mcg
Biotin15 mcg 30 mcg
Choline100 mg200 mg
Inositol 100 mg200 mg
Calcium380 mg760 mg
Chloride 455 mg910 mg
Chromium 100 mcg200 mcg
Iron 7 mg14 mg
Magnesium140 mg280 mg
Phosphate420 mg840 mg
Potassium128 mg256 mg
Selenium27.5 mcg55 mcg
Sodium320 mg640 mg
Zinc7.5 mg 15 mg
Alanine 1778 mg
Arginine  1953 mg
Aspartic acid  4304 mg
Cystine / Cystiene  590 mg
Glutamic acid 7660 mg
Glycine 1160 mg
Histidine  918 mg
Isoleucine  2127 mg
Leucine 3718 mg
Lysine 3075 mg
Methionine  747 mg
Phenylalanine 1601 mg
Proline 2546 mg
Serine  2077 mg
Threonine 2078 mg
Tryptophane  506 mg
Tyrosine 1376 mg
Valine  2170 mg

Whey protein concentrate 80%; Soy protein isolate 90%; Dextrose monohydrate; Maltodextrin, Fructose, Raftilose synergy 1 prebiotic (Oligofructose enriched inulin fibre).

Vitamin and Mineral Pre-Mix:

Vitamin A; Vitamin B1; Vitamin B2; Vitamin B3; Vitamin B6; Vitamin B9; Vitamin B12; Vitamin C; Vitamin D3; Vitamin E; Pantothenic Acid; Biotin; Zinc; Selenium; Iron; Folic Acid.

Other Ingredients:

Lecithin; Creamer; Permitted flavourants and colourants; Viscosweet blend (Sodium cyclamate, Acesulfame k, Sodium saccharin); Colloidal silicon dioxide; Xanthan gum; Sodium chloride. * Cocoa powder found in chocolate flavour only.

Allergen Information: Milk, Soy, Egg, Wheat (Gluten) and Nuts.


Use this product as a food supplement only. Intended for healthy adults over the age of 18. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Do not use if any known sensitivities to any of the ingredients exist. Check with your doctor before use should you be on any medication. Consult a physician prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Food supplements should not replace a varied diet. KEEP THIS PRODUCT IN A COOL, DRY PLACE OUT OF REACH OF YOUNG CHILDREN.

More Customer Reviews
Review by BS(Date 12/2/15)
waste of time n money
its rubbish...
Review by G-man the Iron(Date 11/12/15)
Its rubbish...it doesn't boost mucsle and strength its a dependant supplement because it depends mostly on the food you eat so the only way you'll get big with mega grow is if you eat very large portions of food after supplementing with it
Best mass gainer, thumbs up. Thanks evox
Review by RONZAMAN(Date 9/27/15)
Strawberry flavour
Review by Khwalo(Date 9/15/15)
Gives good results if used properly
Taste great
Review by Tshepo(Date 9/2/15)
This was best for gaining muscle gradually you must buy the 5Kg
This Product is really good for weight gain
Review by CRAZY BEE(Date 8/19/15)
looking forward to get some flavours
Its a good product and a briliant brand, can't wait to try the strawberry flavour . I've put on 2 kg in 1 and half month
Review by grim reaper(Date 7/3/15)
Awesome product and brilliant brand, I've picked up 1,8 kg in 2 months, can't wait to try the strawberry flavour, Evox is a trustable brand and you won't go wrong with it, I highly recommend Evox products . So thumbs up
I use to buy strawberry but I wanna take a chance to buy chocolate
Review by Tabza(Date 7/2/15)
Thx evox for best products ur selling in mzantsi
Review by Sibonga H(Date 6/23/15)
This is quite a good MRP assists in lean mass gains rapidly. Another good one from Evox.
Great Product
Review by Sim J(Date 6/20/15)
I will buy anther one. It works trust me.
Taste is good and money is afforderble but pump ahhh, owesome i think i will buy it again
Review by Cappalco(Date 6/8/15)
I will buy another one for sho.
best mass gainer
Review by big gunns(Date 1/25/15)
Quick results
Serves its purpose
Review by Danny(Date 9/11/14)
This Product is really good for weight gain. I put on 3 kgs in a month albeit with a high calorie diet.
Review by Bushy(Date 6/6/14)
The chocolate flavor is absolutely awful. I hated it. I'm already trim so I doubt il get another tub.
great taste
Review by chopsticka(Date 5/1/14)
really enjoyed the taste of the product
good product
Review by ZEEMAN(Date 4/25/14)
its a good product but i prefer 100% protein its realy fast when you need to gain muscles
i bought this product last year i only started using it this month of Feb2014 its been 2weeks now wow it works for me,if only u follow the directions
Review by BOYCE(Date 2/15/14)
Gees best Product to use if u wanna gain weight yhooo love the taste and the best results ever
wouldn't use
Review by Brett(Date 5/12/13)
I used this before using USN Hyperbolic. I bought this supp when it was selling for R299 at game. It did nothing for me and had thee most horrible taste ever. I would NOT recommend it to anyone. Rather try 5XL Muscle Meal
nt 2 bad
Review by milo(Date 4/24/13)
used it 4 a mnth n still on it wouldnt change
Review by Brian O'Connor(Date 4/7/13)
I won't ever buy this product again because it gives me a terribly runny stomach and lots of gas. I'll be sticking to SSN from now on.
Pretty Good Product
Review by Barry(Date 3/14/13)
The taste is quite good compared to others like ssn and the quality is very good but to see some results you have to buy the 5Kg tub, the price is good in comparison to brands like ON and you still get good quality. Good Buy for gaining.
Review by Fitness(Date 11/29/12)
Used before, very affordable and works great!!
Very Good
Review by Rudolf(Date 10/2/12)
I really enjoyed this one...good value for money! Had really good results using 2 scoops mixed with 300ml full milk pre and post workout!
Not for me
Review by Vernon(Date 8/23/12)
I used this product for 3 months and, while it was effective, it wasn't as effective as I would've liked it to be; only managed a gain of 2.5kg per month, and that was with training 6 days a week.

To illustrate, I switched to another brand, which had a higher concentration of carbs, and managed a gain of 5kg in one month, which confirmed my suspicion that this product was keeping me lean and wasn't contributing effectively to my overall growth.
Good stuff.
Review by De Wet(Date 6/11/12)
Great tasting and an effective weight gainer!
Very good product!
Review by Victor(Date 11/4/11)
Its not to badly priced, you get almost 50 servings out of a 5kg which is great! Its very tasty. Gained about 3kg with mega grow. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to start gaining a little mass.
Review by Shogun(Date 6/1/11)
Good price, great taste but not effective. Did not gain any weight from this product. Trained extremely hard and used a pre-workout but did not gain much.
Good Stuff
Review by Mergan(Date 1/22/11)
I was a little anti Evox, until I tried Muscle Science Optimum Anabolic. I have used USN Fast Grow Anabolic in the past which gave me diarrhea, and now Muscle Science, which tastes terrible, unless you mix it with milk. So on it's own I wouldn't rate Mega Grow highly, but in comparison to these other products, it has good taste, mixability and produces results. Also, with the variety pack, you can create your own flavours, like choc-vanilla, choc-strawberry and vanilla strawberry. On the whole a good product, I just wish evox would also make an all-in-one shake, so that I need not have to take a separate creatine supplement.
Try It!
Review by Donovan(Date 11/26/10)
Hey guys, bought Evox Mega grow again today, I used USN Hyperbolic Mass a couple of weeks ago... the 6kg bag last me only 2 week... yeaah... Well I used Evox Mega grow before and it's a good all round weight gain supplement!! +-50 serving per 5kg container (100g scoop) twice a day. . Stack with Evox 100% Whey and a good multi, you will see good results

Evox Mega GroW... Wow 4 price!!
Review by Henrico(Date 11/12/10)
Used this for a month together with Creatine. Gained 2kg
Very good
Review by HULK(Date 10/20/10)
I have been on this product for about 2 months and every1 says its bad but the haven't
Tried it. This product is very good for weight gaining and a very good protein source. Highly
Reccomend it
Great Product
Review by Mickele(Date 7/31/10)
Ive been using this product for over 6 months it has really proven itself over and over, great for picking up weight and a great MRP! If your looking for a big bang for your buck i suggest you buy this product. The Taste never gets old.

People around my office at work always complement the smell of strawberry flavor. Doesn't mix to thick its easy to drink and tastes awesome!
Bulk hulk
Review by Darin(Date 7/14/10)
this stuff was great for my bulking. grew really nicely for the 3 months i was using it.
Review by ruan(Date 6/24/10)
the best i have used you have to try this.. really....
Review by Eddie(Date 6/21/10)
Well I've used this about a year ago, gained 3kg's. Think like 700g were fat.
The way to go
Review by Larry(Date 6/20/10)
Evox is definitely the way to go! Their products are good value for money. This product is great for gaining ,I know of many happy users. I used this for one month and was happy with the results, after which I moved to another evox product. Good for anyone trying to gain weight.
Good value
Review by Andre(Date 5/31/10)
Good value for money, will use it again. Very good source of protein and carbs and the taste is the best!
Review by King(Date 4/25/10)
This product is the best protein i have used so far! Ive been through many buckets of protein and had 'normal' results, however with this protein, i have had the best results possible! Weight gains and more! Whatever you want, you can get in this product!
Review by Johan(Date 4/24/10)
I bought a variety flavour 5kg tub, although the taste is good, I kinda didn't wanna drink it anymore(started to bore me)
I would still Recommend This To anyone who find it hard to increase their daily calorie intake through wholefoods
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