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Evox Shaker 750ml

Evox Shaker 750ml


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The Evox Shaker is ideal to mix protein and meal replacement powders: simply add the powder into water or milk, close lid and shake. The sieve makes sure that all the powder is dissolved. Shakers are great to use on the go, be it on the road or at the gym.

Category: Fitness & Nutrition

Most Recent of 27 Reviews
Review by Georg(Date 9/16/16)
Not a bad mid range bottle, standard size , seals well, well made durable plastic.
Review by Ryno(Date 7/25/15)
Great shaker and it never leaks.
good quality
Review by Larry(Date 4/8/14)
good quality shake was really happy while using this bad boy
Evox Shaker 750ml
Take your fitness goal to the next level.
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More Customer Reviews
Great Shaker
Review by Hiren(Date 9/25/13)
Have been using this for about a week and no leaks or cracks. The bottle mixes very well and cleans easily without scratching. I forgot to wash the bottle over the weekend and when i washed it on the Monday it had no weird smell after evn though the banana's in there were more rotten than a sailors mouth! Love this bottle, way better then the other's i've used.
Review by Hiren(Date 9/18/13)
One of the best shakers i've used in a long while! Used it once and already found that it mixes my shake much better then the bottle i was using. Looks really cool too so walking with it in your hand doesn't make you look like an weirdo. Overall really nice bottle without any spills.
Easy, convenient and effective
Review by Clinton(Date 9/10/13)
Perfect quantity , shape and great quality
Great shaker
Review by Rory(Date 8/17/13)
Great bottle, doesn't spill and mixes your protein very well Also easy to wash
Review by Christopher(Date 7/10/13)
While this did not leak, it was made of terribly flimsy material and after one fall it was broken. Not worth the money.
Best shaker
Review by Marc(Date 4/7/13)
Doesn't spill, doesn't break.
Kick as* great
Review by Sizwe(Date 12/5/12)
It is nice and strong
Review by kwerty(Date 11/19/12)
Doesn't leak and the hinge hasn't broken like my other shakers
Review by Emile(Date 10/20/12)
Good shaker, does what it needs to. Sometimes difficult to unscrew the lid due to being a bit slippery but nothing major. Also starts to leak after a while. All round good shaker
The best
Review by Johan(Date 9/8/12)
A bottle that doesn't leak like most bottles does. I have 6 of these bottles and won't buy any other shaker.
Review by De Wet(Date 6/11/12)
Great shaker, I have 3.
100 times better than USN shaker!!!!
Review by Michael(Date 6/6/12)
Shaker started leaking after 1 week. Would rather invest in something like the USN shaker with the bottom the screws on. I don't like USN, but I use the shaker.
Good Shaker - Does the job
Review by Kendall(Date 5/17/12)
Overall a good shaker that does the job. No spillage and mixes whey well.
Good shaker
Review by Mrmin24(Date 9/5/11)
The evox shaker works well. It is transparent which enables you to see the content and it doesn't leak. Only down point is the cap which is press on. This might become a problem after some wear and tear. Good Prices
Very cheapely made!
Review by B.B(Date 5/10/11)
I have tried out every shaker available and would say without any doubt this is the worst of them all.

It is made out of cheap material and it breaks very easy.It also leaks after a few days.

Overall i give it a 3/10
Like it
Review by Georg(Date 11/17/10)
Great shaker sturdy mostly shuts nice and tight so no leakage.
Review by Lester(Date 9/17/10)
This is my first screw top shaker and it's not to bad.
Only two things, it starts at 200ml so anything less needs to be guessed and sometimes it is difficult to get a good grip on the lid when trying to open it. Otherwise, it's great!
Evox shakers are the best
Review by Hardgainer(Date 9/11/10)
This is the best designed shaker by far! What I like about this one compared to shakers of other brands are:
- Transparent plastic so you can see the liquid quantity clearly before adding the powder.
- Designed to fit in your car's cup holder.
- A hinged cap. Other shakers have a plastic hinge which is prone to breaking off.
- Tight fitting lid, yet easy to screw on and off.
- No leaking.
good stuff!
Review by Karl(Date 9/7/10)
very nice shaker! used to use a blender , but this is much easier and faster!
Good bottle
Review by Michael(Date 7/27/10)
Quality size to make good shakes and stack a few products. Much better than that of Biogen and USN shakers! No leaks and fit tightly!
no leaks
Review by Bronson(Date 6/4/10)
no leaks from this bottle!!!!!
great size for those big shakes.. mixes well
Review by Dean(Date 6/1/10)
This is a great bottle for value! Better than USN ones!
Best Buy
Review by Clinton(Date 5/14/10)
Great value. Mixes really well only a few shakes of the wrist needed and really easy to clean
Review by Alon(Date 5/13/10)
sounds stupid to review a shaker but these new shakers are awesome, they dont leak spill and it has a tight fitting lid 10/10 for the new shakers
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