Supplement Factory L-Glutamine
Supplement Factory L-Glutamine Supplement Factory L-Glutamine

Supplement Factory L-Glutamine

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In catabolic states of injury and illness, glutamine becomes conditionally-essential (requiring intake from food or supplements). Glutamine has been studied extensively over the past 10–15 years and has been shown to be useful in treatment of serious illnesses, injury, trauma, burns, and treatment-related side-effects of cancer as well as in wound healing for postoperative patients. Glutamine found in Supplement Factory L-Glutamine is also marketed as a supplement used for muscle growth in weightlifting, bodybuilding, endurance, and other sports. Evidence indicates that glutamine when orally loaded may increase plasma HGH levels by stimulating the anterior pituitary gland.

Category: Vitamins & Supplements

How To Use It

• Take 5g of powder with a nutritional beverage of your choice 3 times per day or as required.

• Glutamine is safe and levels up to 40 grams a day can be consumed if necessary.

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Supplement Factory L-Glutamine
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