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EVOX Hydro-Cut Elite XR

EVOX Hydro-Cut Elite XR

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Evox Hydro-Cut Elite XR is an advanced fat burning compound, using the most supported and documented ingredients that offer rapid and effective results.

This hyper-high potency thermogenic and lipolytic shredding compound includes scientifically supported, specially selected ingredients that have been shown to offer significant metabolic and energy surge responses.

Most Recent of 47 Reviews
Sex drive on its pick
Review by Berry light (31 May 2018)
Results, still too early to tell, but this is hunger suppressant, and I sometimes feel heat, and my sleep is cut short and sex drive is up high.
Caffeine allergies
Review by Pinkmommy (6 March 2018)
For someone that is allergic to caffeine, this product is the only one not making me sick. Excellent pre-workout and overall mood enhancer. I have been taking this product as a pre-workout for about 2 years and is still amazing!
Not bad, but side effects
Review by BG (14 October 2017)
Took two in the morning and in 15min started feeling so dizzy and anxious! Not sure I can continue with them, may take one from now on
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Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings per Container: 100 (200 capsules)

 1 Capsule 2 Capsules
THYRO-STIM COMPLEX 459 mg 918 mg
White Willow Bark 15%   
Guarana 95%   
Caffeine Anydrous   
Green Tea 95%   
APP-CONTROL90 mg 180 mg
Hydroxy Citric Acid 61%   
Calcium D-Pantothenate   
Chromium AAC 10%   
Grape Fruit Extract   
Nicotinic Acid   
Capsicum 100:1   
Centrolex D EFA 22%   
Choline 25%   
Inositol 22%   
** Nutrional values are calculated per the ingredients typical value.

Chromium AAC (10%), Calcium D-Pantothenate BP, Capsicum 100:1, Nicotinic Acid, Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL, Piper Nigrum 95%, Glucuronolactone, Grape Seed Extract (95%), Green Tea Extract (95%), Quercitin Powder Anhydrous (98%), Soy Lecithin, L-Taurine, Centrolex-D EFA (22%), Yerba Mate Folia (8%), N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Colloidal Silicone Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, White Willow Bark Extract (15%), Garcinia Cambogia (50 – 60%), Caffeine Anydrous, Guarana Seed Extract (22%).


May contain traces of crustaceans, peanuts or tree nuts.

EVOX Hydro-Cut Elite XR
Take your fitness goal to the next level.
How To Use It

• Take 2 capsules 20 – 30 minutes prior to your main meals.

• A maximum of 2 servings per day is recommended.

• If you are training in the early mornings, use 2 capsules as a part of your pre-workout strategy.

• Should be cycled on a 5 day on, 2 day off strategy.


Seek advice from your primary healthcare professional prior to use, especially if you have a known medical condition.

More Customer Reviews
Impressive Product
Review by Ounie (1 August 2017)
After using this product just for 2 weeks I have seen great weight loss and body form on myself. With a good eating plan and gym that I do 10 times a week I am extremely happy with my results and will continue with this. I have a great energy level and this makes my gym time more easier .
Review by Marlise  (8 February 2017)
For the last week i am very nauseous and have severe headaches. Can't sleep at night as it feels like i am on fire i am feeling so hot. And i only drink 1 capsule per day in the morning with breakfast. Is this normal
Great product
Review by Powerglide (21 October 2016)
This product works very good. Makes me more focused when I gym and after
The gym.
I have to eat very healthy when using this, or else it will make me feel nauseous.
Best product ever, and gets the job done with great results , if you gym hard and focused
Body is seeing a lot of muscle definition.
NOT a Magic pill...commit yourself to healthy lifestyle
Review by MISS T (14 October 2016)
its a supplement not a magic pill, which means it works in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise...if you eat unhealthy and don't exercise, every product will "fail you"...have been using EVOX HYDROCUTS for 2 weeks and I can see major definition in my abs!! have not experienced any side effect.. I Love It
Review by Cwaka (28 September 2016)
Took 2 tabs in the morning at 7 am.Nausea through out the day,cant even finish 500ml of water .Wish the nausea could go away,am so scared to take another dose.
good product just made me urinate a lot
Review by Beast  (18 July 2016)
Excellent product, wonder why it makes me urinate a lot. Other that that provides energy etc
its a good appetite suppressant
Review by ishmeiya (19 December 2015)
I bought this product and always took 2 for the day. Instead of the breakfast, I took it at lunch and supper therefore I didn't experience any side effects. It stopped my craving for chocs and junk effectively and it controlled my hunger pangs brilliantly. I think if taken at breakfast then that's when dizziness happens as the body is still in fasting mode in morning and also because breakfast tends to be very light then this tablet doesn't have enough solids ot proteins to ward of the side effects as compared with taking it at supper.. Just my experience !
Excellent product!
Review by Impressed (30 June 2015)
People who use this product and don't do exercise will have side effects! When you use these kind of products it is of utmost importance you exercise. I have been using this product for 4 months and have had excellent results! And I only have 2 a day, and after 4 months still effective!
Took 2 with breakfast and 2 with lunch. By late afternoon I thought I was dying! Extreme nausea, cold/hot shivers throughout my body, dizzyness and the most horrible hallucinations and nightmares all night. Too scared now to take even one again.
Review by SCARED (12 April 2015)
I took two in the morning with breakfast along with one chromium tablet. About two hours later I felt a little warmer than usual and my saliva got thin and excessive and I felt a little shaky. Thought maybe I was just hungry. Had a few rice crackers and some cheese but it didn't help much. With lunch I had two more and about an hour later I started feeling horrible. Cold/hot shivers, extreme nausea and dizziness and heart pulpitations and anxiousness. Tried eating dinner but just couldn't. Thought I was dying! Went to bed hoping it would subside, horrible nightmares and hallucinations throughout the night! Never want to feel this way again, too scared now to take even one a day! Just hope I can get my money back so I can just buy sugarfree shit instead when I crave something sweet because feeling this way sure aint worth it!
Side effects
Review by Monica Lindeque (26 February 2015)
I bought this product yesterday, took one capsule and 5 minutes later I started shaking and my heart was racing, I felt extremely anxious. Last night I could barely fall asleep and during the night I was shaking and still felt anxious. But what I can say about this product is that I have so much energy and performed so much better on the treadmill and other exercises than before I took it. I can't yet say yes it is going to help me to loose the weight i need to loose because it is still to early to tell as I only started using it Yesterday. Today I only took half a capsule and 5 minutes later the same symptoms started.
Review by gym bunny (3 November 2014)
Does help control appetite.
My review on getting ripped
Review by Noma (1 October 2014)
I started using this supplement in June and I kept buying the 30 capsules and I think I bought about 3 bottles every time one got finished.

I love running long distances outdoors and when I'm at gym I lift more than do cardio. Ever since I took Hydrocuts I started seeing definition in week 3 cause 1st week its 2 pills a day then 2nd week onwards its 4 a day.

My muscles then became defined when I flexed and I became tight. But unfortunately the bad effects of it were a concern cause I forever felt heated even if it was cold, I had minor heart spasms which I don't want to blame this product cause there are other things that I'm taking and my heart rate would beat like crazy sometimes

I recommenced that when you take this you lift more weight then cardio, this just helps to prevent heart rate beating too fast and obviously you have to eat clean for you to see results faster.

So if you want to get Ripped, pump yourself up with Hydrocuts Strip V2.
Read as below
Review by Henry (6 September 2014)
Been taking for 2 months now and have noticed a difference however I'm not sure if my weight loss is from evox or my hard work in the gym
zero result
Review by Larry (8 April 2014)
i have not had much luck with fat burners so far and this certainly did nothing for me
product work okay but not as good as muscle science hardcore ripped.
Review by gym boy (19 January 2014)
This product help a little just to take that bloated look away not much results like hardcore ripped...I think its okay for people who wants to loose a little fat but for extreme weight loss though...also experience insane heartbeat...
Don't waste your money
Review by Reezy (11 December 2013)
I've tried using this for two months, in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise and I did not gain any definition or lose any weight.
Really undecided
Review by Gareth (6 November 2013)
I used this product for about 3 weeks. Perhaps this wasn't long enough. It helped with lowering the hunger but didn't feel any energy or major weight loss.

Will suggest you try it for longer though.
Good stuff
Review by TeroPero (17 April 2013)
Used only a small container of this for a short period over the December holidays. Felt more energised and seemed to be firming up. However I breaking out in sweats and getting very hot even in the cool summer evenings next to the sea. Not sure if this was responsible for that? However I would say this stuff is worth it
Another Great Product
Review by Lionel (20 August 2012)
This product does what it says really helps me and would recommend any day...
Not Bad
Review by Christiaan (2 August 2012)
For the best result, use together with a strict eating plan. Being using Evox products now for a while and I can really see the results of all the hard work put in.
Worked at first
Review by H31N (8 June 2012)
Great product until your body gets used to it. and for me it was about a month
not all that
Review by get slim (30 March 2012)
I have been using this product for almost 2 months, it worked great the first few weeks. now i have had to up the dose just to get some kind of energy. Will try something new now!!
Review by Adriaan (12 March 2012)
Overall a very good product and would , i didn't get any extra focus like ripped hardcore but it does the job!
Review by KEA (10 February 2012)
No results
Review by lancieboy (6 February 2012)
Didn't work for me. Used an entire bottle as recommended and saw no results at all! Guess it works for a few lucky guys out there, not for me
Very Cheap
Review by Francois (6 February 2012)
Cheap product with cheap results.
First time I used it I saw massive results, after a few months I tried a second cycle which didn't yield any results, as was the story with the third and fourth cycle. Will not be using this product again
good for appetite supresser, little bit of weight loss
Review by Hello Peter (31 January 2012)
been using this for a week. very very good appetite suppresser. dont know if the weight loss thing is working properly yet as I have only been using for a week...
getting there
Review by daddy chusko (11 January 2012)
its been a week since i have used this product and its working so don't listen to those who don't recommend it its a great product but you have to work hard.......... success is achieved through our efforts and Gods grace.............and keep playing rugby oaks
Doesn't work
Review by pXius (31 December 2011)
I've used a few different products in my cutting cycle, this is by far the worst. Very little results compared to other products I have used.
Price not bad but not much bang
Review by Henrico (13 November 2011)
Ive used three bottles of this product and I saw ok results the first few weeks but after that i didnt see much. Its a good appetite supresser though and i wasnt often hungry but no cuts, and mild fat loss. was disappointed
Makes me feel sick
Review by john  (25 October 2011)
have not noticed any change however does make me feel sick when training
Bad effects
Review by El-Diablo (23 August 2011)
Ive been using the product for almost 2 weeks but whilst i do see changes in my body, it is also making me feel sick when i gym. Usually gyming makes me feel awesome but since ive been taking the pills it makes me feel nauseous!
Review by Enrico (7 July 2011)
Well this products price is fine just need to keep your calorie intake in control. Other wise a great product.
Review by Tinusdk (21 June 2011)
Done 2 bottles of this and no results at all!
no results
Review by Apex (11 March 2011)
Used this product for about 2 months and barely saw any results. it sort of works during the first two weeks but after your body gets used to it the product stops working. Try muscle science's ripped hardcore for better results.
pretty impressive
Review by Andrea (26 February 2011)
After using this product for a number of weeks, i did recognize a change in my eating habits. I was pretty hungry, but after eating a small portion, I felt full. Exercising was more intense and i really felt good after excersing! But I think my body is use to it now, so it is important to not take it on weekends or give yourself a few days off!
hard one
Review by sohan (3 February 2011)
hmmm hard to say but this all depends on how your body will re act .
Review by Larry (17 December 2010)
didn't see any results at all from this
Not so hot
Review by She (19 November 2010)
I have tried it for 3 weeks, i was fine and felt ready flat for first few days but then it felt that as soon as my system became used to the product it wasnt working so well anymore
Fatt loss
Review by Leon  (26 October 2010)
Been using this product for 3 weeks now and I lost 1.6Kg. May not seem mush, but i did almost no cardio.. just weights. At 88kg - 4 tabs per day is Ok, but it only last for 25 Days! So take a break on weekends to makeup a months supply! Good value for money.
High Dose
Review by Jonathan (20 October 2010)
Using it at the moment, but taking 6 caps a day and not 4. I dont really feel if it works if I take only 4 a day. I am 89kg so i believe I can take more. Lost about 2 kg in 3 weeks
Review by Alon (31 August 2010)
not bad at all but nothing like muscle science's version. i didnt get any extra focus like ripped hardcore but it does the job
Excellent Product
Review by Gymer (16 August 2010)
I am really enjoying this product and the fact that you don't need to take up to 9 capsules a day like other thermogenics. Results were immediate and I am very optimistic about this product! I think it is under appreciated. Super price too!
Very good fat burner
Review by Jono (27 February 2010)
I found it was really good and was well priced! however it did make me feel really hot sometimes, but overall a very good product and would recommend it!
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