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NPL Stainless Steel Shaker

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NPL Stainless Steel Shaker is a heavy-duty, zero odour absorbing food grade stainless steel shaker. The mixing agitator is built into the secure spill proof lid. The small amount of plastic that is in the shaker is BPA and PVC free.

• Food Grade Stainless Steel

• Zero Odour Absorbing

• Capacity 750 ml

• Crack-proof

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Customer Reviews
Durable, But...
Review by AntPhoenix (19 February 2021)
Dont get me wrong, this is a quality shaker that has served me well, but one thing I've noticed is that it changes the way your shakes taste. I know this for a fact, because I drank the same shake from my ON shaker and there is a huge difference in taste. Also when cleaning you'll have to be meticulous to make sure its absolutely dry before putting the top back on, else you'll be greeted with a nasty surprise next time you want to use it, even when the sip lid has been left open. So, overall durability aspect 10/10, NO LEAKS 10/10, but from residue and cleaning perspective, not cool.
a Struggle to use
Review by Kirk (25 October 2020)
This may just be an issue with my specific one which I purchased, but i dread having to use it each time, its difficult to screw on and off the lid each time, Maybe I damaged the thread some how, but I've had this problem since i purchased it
Top Quality
Review by Adni (21 January 2019)
Miles better than the Evox 700 classic shaker that I also have. The quality of this shaker is tops. The sealing rubber under the cap ensures no leaking. I tested it with water before putting it to the test with a blended shake. NO LEAKING. The stainless steel makes it feel expensive and strong, which it is (last mentioned). Really great product. I'm a happy customer. Thanx NPL.
I love it
Review by Mr T  (9 December 2018)
It is easy to use
Review by Leon (7 November 2018)
Without a doubt the best shaker I've had. Considering how many times I've replaced these cheap shakers that crack and leak the price is not bad at all. Only had it for a month, but very happy so far!
The best shaker I've owned.
Review by Rob (19 October 2018)
Been training for approx 20 years. Had all the different kinds of shakers. This is by far the best shaker I've used.

Mine is actually a USN shaker, but it is exactly like the one NPL sells. Had it for 3 years, used it everyday, 2 - 3 times a day. Thrown / dropped on the floor. No cracks. No leaks. The only thing is the paint coming off. Just bought the unpainted NPL version.

Yes, more expensive. But will last 5+ years at least. Provided you don't lose it :-(