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SSN Ignite

SSN Ignite

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SSN Ignite is a nutritionally advanced fat burning, metabolism and energy boosting formulation comprised of a unique complex of 8 fat-metabolizing ingredients. These ingredients act synergistically to support fat burning, boost energy and focus levels and promote thermogenesis. Ignite enables you to burn fat faster than diet and exercise alone. The thermogenic effect causes an elevation in your body’s metabolic activity with the result that fatty acids become a preferred source of energy to working muscles. Not only do fatty acids from body fat become a primary source of energy, but during exercise, Ignite will stimulate your body to burn fat faster and sooner into your workout.

Most Recent of 36 Reviews
SSN Ignite
Review by Legend (11 September 2018)
Very impressed on my first day.After looking for a fat burning and weight loss this ignite works.l take 1 pill before lunch and see how my body react on it, and before training I increased to 2 pills . Focus, energy and after training l feel great. My advice is use this product step by step, increase as your body feeling comfortable with the dosage.
Very impressed it. Works best l have had
Review by Curt (27 August 2018)
After looking for a fat burning and weight loss this lignite works.As a road Cyclist and runner .l take 4 pills before training . Focus, energy and after training l l feel great .At gym l also use it after a week the results talk for themselves.
Not Well at all !``
Review by mel (29 May 2018)
Im not sure if im suppose to feel like this for the 1st days but im 2nd day on the SSN burner but i feel nausea and light headed dunno if i should stop or what thinking maybe it will go away .........i just feel Sick and i cant sleep at night ....
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Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 4 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 50

 Amount Per Serving NRV
Chromium200 mcg 571%
from chromium picolinate   
Methylxanthine Blend (from Yerba Mate Extract & Caffeine Anhydrous)  
Seville Orange Peel Extract  
Green Tea Extract  
supplying 95% polyphenols; catechins 90%; Epigallocatechin Gallate 45% - supplying minimum 90 mg of EGCG   
Grapefruit Extract (Naringin) 
Standardised for 95% Piperine   
Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) for individuals 4 years and older (2010).
† NRVs Not Established


Other Ingredients: Gelatin (Halaal & Kosher), Micro crystalline cellulose, silica, magnesium stearate (free-flow agent), Colour (E129, E171, E133, E122, E104).


This product has been made in a factory which uses egg, dairy, soy, wheat (gluten) and nuts.

SSN Ignite
Take your fitness goal to the next level.
How To Use It

• As a dietary supplement, take 4 capsules with a glass of water 2 times daily.

• Take one serving approximately 30-60 minutes before exercise and the other serving approximately 30-60 minutes before breakfast or lunch.

• Do not exceed 4 capsules in a 4 hour period and 12 capsules in a day and if sensitive to stimulants, do not take within 4 hours of sleep.

• For best results combine Ignite with an exercise program and a calorie controlled diet that is low in fat and simple/refined sugars. Drink a minimum of 2½-3 litres of fluid per day. Read the entire label before use and follow the instructions.


Not intended for persons under 18 years of age. Seek advice from a health care professional before use if you have any pre-existing medical condition. Do not use if pregnant or nursing or at risk of, or are being treated for high blood pressure, heart disease, renal disease, hyperthyroidism, spasms, psychiatric disease, suffer from migraines, have asthma, or are taking asthma medication. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Keep out of reach of children.

More Customer Reviews
worth the try
Review by sese (18 April 2018)
so far so good
Good, but not all ingredients are the best
Review by Donny (16 March 2017)
So after trying a bunch of thermogenics, I found that SSN ignite reacts pretty well to make your heart rate run high, 4 pills and a coffee has my arms shaking like a maniac, my biggest loses were around 600grams on a day, and some 100gram 200gram loses.

Though, mentally I find it messed up my calm mind for weeks/months afterwards, very explosive fights and sudden anger, and im glad im off these pills, back to my calm demeanor hence the 2 star for effectiveness, I don't think these pills should only promote weightloss, it should also keep you sane as much as possibly.

I took L - tyrosine (which ignite has, and what i believe is causing the problem ) separately and had similar anger issues. I might be wrong, since i haven't found any peer reviewed research explaining what im finding, but I don't feel it should be ignored. I found better thermogenics that caused better results and less anger related problems.

It just works
Review by locueh (5 January 2017)
As a domestic cyclist we always looking for something that will help us keep our weight down and that has no band stimulants - I used the product for 2 months (4 tabs in the morning before a ride and 2 at breakfast) along with along with 2 CLA tabs at lunch and dinner. I just found i need to lay of the double expressos...
Great energy boost
Review by dede (9 April 2016)
I will say this actually ignite m's incredible energy is powerful,no more struggling in gym, now I can train even more longer in gym.well its m first day it seems very helpful
It made me extremely tired and i got a nasty rash all over my body
Review by Lisa (29 January 2016)
There is something in there that i am allergic to. And i have tried many supplements. No doctor could tell me what it is or could give me anything for it.
Before taking them I weighed 100 kg
Review by Fat Loser (11 January 2016)
Before taking them I weighed 100 kg (one bottle later and intense training) I managed to reach 86 kg . Lasted me 2 months .at first taking them you'll feel funny sweat like a M.f . So I'd advise you to take 2 pills for first 2 weeks ( 2 times a day) then 3 . Work best with CLA , Fish Oil and Whey.
excellent product
Review by keeo (13 June 2015)
I was a teenager who weighed 140kg. I lost 40kg within a year of using this product. Worked well for me. It's gives lots of energy. But I suggest when you first take it. Take 2 tablets in the morning and another 2 at 2pm. Do lots of high intense training in the morning. Weights in the afternoon followed by short sprints. And maybe when you're done with this product switch to ssn thermo build. Oh drink about 4-4.5 litres of water a day. Not more not less.
Really works
Review by Fatty (1 April 2015)
I've tried thermo pink and had great results, last time I ordered it was out of stock so I bought SSN Ignite. I read the reviews and seen everybody had experience nausea. I did as well then I learned the nausea was caused by milk. Do not take milk with this product. you will feel horrible! But besides from that I experienced a very good and rapid weight loss. This product is very effective. The price is a bit high if you compare it to other products but I will definitely buy this again. It works great with CLA and a strict workout. If you really want to lose weight, tone or just burn fat this product is the way to go! And every thing I've tried had its side effects, but no pain NO GAIN!!!!! or loss.... for that matter.
Review by AMICA (27 January 2015)
I've done my BMI and i was clinically obese. Need to lose 25KG. Seems like a really hard thing to do. I started looking towards "sups" before i start my training at the gym. And this product was recommended to me by my BF.To my great surprise ... I lost 2KG in one week. I have less cravings for food. I can actually feel this product work( I only drink 4 tabs in the morning to get my body used to it). I would totally recommend this to people. It also gives a lot of energy.
It works...if you do it right.
Review by Average Joe (3 November 2014)
I've been using this product for about 3weeks now. All i can say is it works nicely I'm down almost 5kgs(training 4 days a week and using a protein and carb controlled diet). Furthermore, to future readers of this review, I'm sure you've read the above ones. I to suffered from those symptoms of nausea etc. however, that was because I wasn't eating through the day and wasn't drinking enough water. spoke to a consultant and rectified my ways.
Review by Toning (15 October 2014)
I used it mainly to tone, and I lost 5 kg in less than 3 weeks. As a girl it makes a huge impact! I'm keeping my weight down on it, but haven't seen any changes anymore recently.
Review by cheri  (16 September 2014)
I feel that us girls are not supplementing right .1 tab a day is enough for a week then increase to 2 for one week the 3 and then 4 this is extra energy your body will not handle , I personally love it.
Absolutely HORRIBLE!!!!!
Review by John (31 July 2014)
Purchased this fat burner 2 days ago and it really is rubbish!!! nausea is insane and it makes u not wanna train! Threw up about 4 times in a day and really terrible headaches. Wouldnt recommend it to anyone
Rather not
Review by DON'T (23 July 2014)
As a girl I have not had any weight loss. I have only felt nauseas, disorientated and not been able to work due to uncontrollable shivers.
Ignite pills
Review by Susan (4 July 2014)
I stopped using these pills after two days, it made me feel very nauseous, light headed and generally unwell. I also struggled to sleep at night, even after taking the second dose of the day at lunchtime. I will not use these pills again.
waste of my money
Review by b in mission (30 June 2014)
I bought this product took my first two tablets as i am woman ...the day didn't even end. it has horrible side effects,headache, nausea,dizziness vomiting,running stomach, couldn't even work...
My review
Review by avi (7 February 2014)
I just started using this product and even with little or no exercise it seems to be working. I will comment again in 3 months time. Fingers Crossed!
Review by Phreak (26 November 2013)
No effectiveness. Not even after 240 caps. Worked my ass off at the gym with weights and cardio, even with the right diet. But still no results.
big no-no!!
Review by Tinashe (19 May 2013)
of all the supps I have used so far this one has made me unwell. The nausea, headaches and elevated blood pressure (have always been normotensive) and general irritability.... big no-no!!
Review by Jean-Pierre (8 April 2013)
Bought SSN Ignite for me and my girlfriend. Without changing any major aspects of my diet I started to see results within 1 week. My girlfriend on the other half could not use it at all. It gave her major stomach problems.
No effect
Review by Marc (7 April 2013)
This did nothing for me, I got better results off of this than on it.
Review by parth (1 January 2013)
I took this first time good that it affects but not as you expect the only thing u need is determination.
Also weights and cardio workout when clubbed in this give the best results.
Verry good supplement.
Review by Nathen (24 November 2012)
Used ssn ignite for 2 months now, only 2 tablets a day (3-4 times a week), coupled with cardio sessions (obviously) lost 9.5kg. Super awesome product.
Review by Cullen (27 April 2012)
My goal was never to lose 10% or more of body fat, but just trying to lose that extra 2-4% was my goal. this didn't do that at all. you have to take a lot of pills for no impact, no impact on energy no impact on fat loss. the capsules are probably filled with flower.
its good
Review by hevant (21 December 2011)
it works good, real good, i used just a month of it and i lost weight rapidly, obviously with a controlled diet, but out of some of the products i used this worked the best.
Review by Asaph (9 October 2011)
Used it before. It works
Hardcore Fat Burner
Review by nick (11 September 2011)
Too intense for me, major heart rate hike, anxiety and blood pressure increase
Im not caffeine sensitive, old or have any heart or health condition
have taken fat burners before with no ill effects, but this one made me feel like rubbish!
fat burner
Review by Henk (22 January 2011)
Since I started with my workout and eating plan as recommended I used a couple of fat burners, no as effective as this, In two weeks time a dropped 2 pant sizes, lost about 9kg and a total of 3% body fat - I have a lot more energy during my workout and through the entire day - will recommend to anyone
much more energy
Review by Gillie (16 November 2010)
this product really gives good energy and in training intensity ,but isn't the best fat burner I would suggest LIPO X6
Stomach probs
Review by Peter (29 October 2010)
I don't know if its just me or wat, but when i use this product, 4 tabs 2 times a day, my stomach starts working alot, i get major stomach cramps, but it does give an increase in mental and physical vitality!!
Energy Booster
Review by Jonathan (29 September 2010)
I am not sure if does what the label says, but I get a lot of energy through it so I exercise longer periods of time. I lost a few cm, but picked it up again a month or so later.
Good product
Review by MultiPA888 (28 September 2010)
Week 3 of using product, caffeine gives good energy.Lost 3 kilos since i started course. Good for a start, once your body has built tolerance move onto either VPX meltdown or Muscletech Hydroxycut.
have used better
Review by shads (12 July 2010)
used product for a month no real results i can brag about.i've used other fat burners with better weight stayed at one place and my fat percentage did not move , this while training twice a day three times a week.
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