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USN Body Makeover Starter-Pack
USN Body Makeover Starter-Pack USN Body Makeover Starter-Pack USN Body Makeover Starter-Pack

USN Body Makeover Starter-Pack

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Product Info

USN Body Makeover Starter-Pack is a complete step by step fitness kit.

Starting your body transformation journey can be a challenge. Not knowing which exercises to do, how to eat correctly or which supplements to use can put the brakes on any motivation you started off with. By creating a fitness kit to start the USN 12 Week Body Makeover, complete with eating and training plans USN has carefully plotted the course for the beginnings of your transformation goals.

In addition to the eating and training plans the kit includes products to introduce you to what is needed for the 12 challenge. The products included in the pack will not last the entire 12 weeks but are a guide to the products required to complete the challenge.

Most importantly the kit contains registration to the USN Body Makeover Challenge. The challenge is about self-improvement, with USN choosing the competitor who has made the biggest lifestyle change during the 12 weeks.

Registration is simple, enter your gender, take a "before" photo holding a newspaper, track your progress with the included booklet, after the 12 weeks take your "after" photo and send off to USN.

The kit contains:

1 x Diet Fuel 1kg

1 x Protein Dessert 454 grams

1 x Phedra-Cut Lipo XT 80 capsules

1 x CLA Pure 1000 90 softgels

1 x Shaker 750 ml

1 x Guide

The USN Body Makeover Starter-Pack is a great start to your fitness journey.


Diet Fuel (Meal Replacement)

Phedra-Cut Lipo XT (Fat Burner)


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Customer Reviews
Awesome results
Review by Renzo  (3 June 2013)
My before and after pics look like a different person! I am so happy
Review by dan (2 February 2013)
best ever Just keep active and it works like a bomb
love it
Review by frisco (4 January 2012)
i got the transformation pack as a gift for Christmas, i love the diet, also glad the shake and desert it not all the same flavour as i might get bored with it.
before i found this website i bought pure protein as i need it in the morning.
maybe they can consider adding it into the package?

like they say: "its all about results" and im looking forward to mine!
great results
Review by (3 January 2012)
I used this product whilst using muscle mass to loose weight faster nd build my up my muscles. It works with a strict diet plan
Product works
Review by Yoyo (13 July 2011)
i saw results after 8weeks i should have started earlier. I was going to a wedding at the time. thanks it work
Review by Johann (9 July 2010)
I started off with this product back in the days when they still packed the box with USN Protein PLEX. Nowdays it comes with USN Diet Fuel. For me personally I loved the PLEX as my results where putting on solid slabs. I don't know why they changed it? Starting out with the new version, they also changed the supplementation formula with lower Omega 3,6 & 9 stacking. The Omega keeps Leptin Levels high which does make a difference for Beginner Gains and especially Rippedness. I prefered the older version!!!
not to bad
Review by Christo (1 July 2010)
not to bad> got some good results.