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EVOX Reservoir
EVOX Reservoir EVOX Reservoir

EVOX Reservoir

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Evox Reservoir is a mega-liquid container for serious athletes.

Keeps You Well Hydrated

Training at your peak especially in warm humid conditions can drain your body from vital fluids which may decrease your performance.

It is important to keep your body hydrated during your workouts.

Reduce Wasted Time

High intensity training requires short-rests between sets which mean that going to the water fountain to refill your standard size water-bottle will reduce the intensity.

This compact water ‘jug’ has a capacity of 2.2 litres which should be big enough so that trips to the fountain won’t be necessary.

Know How Much You Drink

Having a large water container is an accurate measure of how much liquid you have actually drunk during your workout.

No Nasty Chemicals

Not only it is BPA Free but it also contains no DEHP chemicals in the plastic and is PETG 1 classified.

Well Built

Available in a misty grey colour with an Aluminum cap which is strapped on with a strong canvas band.

The generous handle lets you comfortably grip the jug.

Fitness Must-Have

The Evox Reservoir is a must for any athlete wanting the most from their training.

Category: Accessories

Most Recent of 3 Reviews
Review by amethyst (5 January 2018)
just dont like the plastic cap
Looks awesome carries easily
Review by Georg (16 September 2016)
I like it so much I'm going to buy two more to keep cool in the fridge at all times. Just wish they make an even larger one in the future 3.5L would be just right bigger and you would not be able to carry around.
Love it, love it. Did I say I love it
Review by Gazza (8 April 2016)
I drink lots of water during my training. One of those guys that just sweats when I exercise. Before this I was using an old 2lt cold drink bottle ..... classy I know. Now I've just elevated my status with this beauty. It is tough as nails. I throw it around and it hasn't broken yet.
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EVOX Reservoir
Take your fitness goal to the next level.
How To Use It

Use during your training.

Convenient to take a large amount of water with for daily consumption.

More Info

Do not pour hot liquid into the container.

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