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Top Selling Brands

Locally made products giving lifters and athletes quality supplements at an affordable price.

Evolve Nutrition

Top Sellers
Muscle Grow is a premium, delicious tasting mass gainer giving you 41 grams of protein per serving with added vitamins and minerals.
Tri-Whey is a whey protein shake consisting of 3 protein sources with added digestive enzymes for improved digestibility available in a sturdy resealable bag.
Prolong is a BCAA drink that you use before or during your workout to prevent muscle breakdown and improve training endurance.

Supplements SA

Top Sellers
Pure Whey is a whey protein shake made from 2 protein sources and available in a 3kg bucket which offers great value for money.
Whey Protein Concentrate is one of the most economical whey shakes currently on the market. It is unflavoured and unsweetened consisting only of whey concentrate which makes it perfect for smoothies.
Hell Fire is a concentrated pre-workout to give you energy for your workouts.


Top Sellers
Whey Protein + is a whey shake made from 3 protein sources and contains the patented digestive enzymes Aminogen ® for superior absorption.
BCAA 10:1:1 is a great tasting BCAA drink with one of the highest amino acids ratios currently available. Best used before and during your workouts to stimulate lean muscle gains.
N.O. Charge is comprehensive pre-workout giving you energy and improved muscle pumps during your workout.


Top Sellers
100% Whey Protein Advanced is a premium, delicious tasting whey shake formulated with a highly digestible and fast acting form of protein.
5XL Muscle Meal is a quality mass gainer which can also be used as meal replacement shake when you half the serving.
Tributrone Z supports natural testosterone levels which are important for gaining lean muscle and reducing fat.