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Build Lean Muscle

Fitness athletes use these products to increase lean muscle and boost workout performance.

Whey Protein

Increase muscle by helping you meet your daily protein requirements with a high quality source.
Improve recovery from your workouts and prevent muscle wastage during training.
Boost digestion and absorbability to maximise gains with added enzymes.
How To Use It
Add 1 scoop to approximately 200 ml water in a shaker cup and shake for a few seconds.
Drink a serving directly after your workout to start the recovery and building process.
An additional serving can be taken first thing in the morning.

Pre Workout

Increased energy during your workout to maximise training intensity and stamina.
Improved mental focus to reduce distractions during your gym sessions.
Boost strength levels to increase the weights you lift to stimulate more muscle for growth.
How To Use It
Mix 1 – 2 scoops with water or a flavoured drink. (Check product dosage.)
Drink approximately 30 minutes before your workout. Or drink half before and sip on the rest during.
When starting always assess your tolerance and start with a quarter (1/4) of the recommended dose and build up.

Gain Weight & Muscle Mass

Delicious high calorie nutrition shakes to increase weight and muscle mass.

Mass Gainer

Increase body weight by giving you a high amount of calories in a nutrition dense shake.
Build more muscle from the quality protein sources in each serving.
Saves you money. Each serving costs 25% compared to a take away meal.
How To Use It
Mix 5 – 6 scoops in approximately 500 ml water to give you a thick and creamy nutrition shake.
Drink a serving directly after your workout if you follow a weight training program.
To increase calories add the scoops to a blender filled with milk and add a banana or two.


Increase power and strength to lift more weights during your training sessions.
Better recovery between your workouts and delay the onset of fatigue.
More stamina to perform at your best the entire workout.
How To Use It
Mix 1 teaspoon (5 grams) to 200 – 300 ml water or fruit juice.
Loading Phase: For the first 5 days take 4 – 5 servings spread evenly throughout the day. (Check product dosage.)
Maintenance Phase: After 5 days take 1 – 2 servings.