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Recommended Supplements

To help you build lean muscle

Lean muscle is important for overall health and wellbeing. It’s what gives us a toned body and makes daily physical tasks a breeze. We are designed to lift, pull and push so get into the gym and start training.

The most important time to use supplements is around your workout to help you perform better, improve recovery and provide rapid nutrition.

Use any one or a combination of the following products.

Before Training
During Training
After Training
Whey Protein
Whey Protein
Quality protein to repair and build lean muscle
How To Use It
Take a serving directly after your workout.
An additional serving can be taken first thing in the morning.
After Workout
Your body is in a favourable condition after exercise to use nutrients more effectively. Drinking a fast absorbing Whey shake gives vital protein when your body needs it the most.


No nutrients have been given to your body during a 6 – 8 hour sleep. A Whey shake first thing before breakfast stops possible muscle wasting and adds protein which many miss during breakfast.
Intra-workout Drink
Prevents muscle breakdown during training and improves recovery
How To Use It
Either take a half a serving approximately 15 minutes before training and sip on the other half during your training.
Or sip on a full serving during your workout.
Training places stress on your body with the potential that muscle breakdown may occur. Intra-workout drinks prevent the breakdown, improve recovery and enhance the way protein gets used by your body (protein synthesis).
Buffered Creatine
Explosive power and strength during your workout
How To Use It
No Loading Phase required and can be used as a pre-workout. Take a serving approximately 30 minutes before training.
Buffered Creatine is a different form where it does not lose potency and reaches the muscle at full strength.