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Evolve Nutrition Pure Whey

Evolve Nutrition Pure Whey

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Evolve Nutrition Pure Whey contains:

- Highest biological value form of Protein known to science.

- Naturally high in Glutamine and BCAAs.

- Supports lean muscle growth and boosts recovery.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 scoop (28 g)
Servings Per Container: 35 (1kg) / 70 (2kg)
 Amount Per Serving
Energy120 kCal / 474 kJ  
Calories from Fat 18 
Protein22.5 g 48%
Total Carbohydrates 1 g 0,3%
Total Fat 1,7 g 3,2%
Saturated Fat 0,5 g 0.8%
Potassium175 mg 5%
Sodium48 mg 2%
Dietary Fibre 0 g
Sugars1 g
Typical Amino Acid Profile   
Essential Amino Acids   
Isoleucine1 960 mg  
Leucine3 192 mg  
Lysine2 632 mg  
Methionine728 mg  
Phenylalanine980 mg  
Threonine2 072 mg  
Tryptophan588 mg  
Valine1 792 mg  
Non-Essential Amino Acids   
Histidine565 mg  
Alanine1 512 mg  
Arginine784 mg  
Aspartic Acid 3 164 mg  
Cysteine/ Cystine 812 mg  
Glutamic Acid 5 108 mg  
Glycine588 mg  
Proline1 820 mg  
Serine1 512 mg  
Tyrosine980 mg  
† Daily Value not established
Percent daily values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be highter or lower.


Ion-exchange filtered whey protein.


• Add 1 heaped scoop to 200 ml of cold water or skim milk and simply stir with a spoon.


Use this product as a food supplement only.

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Customer Reviews
Healthy, effective Whey
Review by Tracy (19 January 2022)
This product mixes well and it's convenient to add my own flavours. Because this is an unflavoured whey I'm able to add this to my porridge, coffee, desserts and post-workout. Love that its a clean 1-ingredient whey, far healthier than most other brands. Also effective in maintaining lean muscle gains.
Review 3 in 1 product - Great quality for low price
Review by Tried the rest and this WHEY is the best:-) (30 April 2021)
I have tried so many shakes over the last 2 years. I am serious about my training and believe in good quality product. 1. The Amino Acids is great and Amino Acids are vital component of the muscle building process. 2. It is Natural (thus no added sugars) product and Taste is much better than most Whey products. 3. It is easy to flavor with peanut butter, cinnamon, yoghurt and Juice. I even used it in my smoothies. 4. It is non-clotting:-) 5. It has BCAA's vital for recovery. I no longer buy BCAA's and Amino Supplements separately as I used too, so it is money saver too. This product is 3 in 1 product... Great quality for low price
Great, no nonsense product
Review by Alex (2 October 2020)
Great product. I put it in smoothies and I can't really taste it, so it has a pretty mild flavour. It also doesn't have any added "superfood" herbal nonsense, unlike some other brands, and no sweeteners (I don't want added sugar, and everything sugar free seems to be full of stevia or sucralose these days, both of which taste absolutely disgusting).
Absolute fabulous, great value for money and variety can be done
Review by Jasmine (11 November 2019)
I have used many protein shakes. Firstly from health point of view all flavored shakes either use so much sugar and colorants or sucrose - hate this taste and sugars are of NO good to anyone. with this shake mixes well, no clots and I have flavored mine with coffee, orange juice, berry juice, I get to choose what flavor i want or I just go plain... love this. pure whey for this price WOW!
Excellent results
Review by Tom (7 October 2019)
Fantastic Results using this product. Tastes great to me.

Also great for high protein baked goods.

If you don't like the fresh taste of this product (tastes like skim milk) just add a spoon of Nesquik or flavouring of your choice.
The perfect Whey
Review by Overboost  (24 October 2017)
These nice tasting wheys have too many hidden sugars, this might not taste the best but it has everything that muscles need for growth, thumbs up.
Not impressed
Review by Yandi (13 June 2015)
I knew from the off that it was unflavoured and I've had unflavoured Whey protein before, from Supplements SA. In the end, I didn't enjoy the texture and taste of this particular brand honestly. It was on sale, so I bought.
Solid product
Review by Rene (27 November 2014)
@luke This is unflavoured whey, so expect no taste. The price is cheaper then other brands. I use coffee to flavour it and love it. Great product at an affordable price. Mixes well.
Do not rather go for Evox
Review by luke (18 February 2014)
Despite the bad taste, I must add that the amino-acid breakdown is rather impressive. Far better than Evox 100% whey. Compare them yourself.
Rather go for Evox
Review by kagiso (11 January 2014)
Just finished a bag of this stuff and so far its the worst whey protein I've ever used (well except for USN stuff). Tastes bad (especially with water) even though its unflavoured. Its also not as effective as evox protein, considering the fact that is about R40 cheaper, I would rather go for Evox 100% whey.