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EVOX 100% Egg

EVOX 100% Egg

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Evox 100% Egg is a complete protein, boasting an exceptionally high biological value, excellent digestibility and a superb source of sulphur containing amino acids. Nutritionists generally agree that egg white albumin is the standard to which all proteins are compared.

Benefits of egg white albumin include being lactose free, fat and cholesterol free, containing high quantities of amino acids, both branch chain and essential amino acids, and numerous micro-nutrients to provide all the essential nutrients needed by highly active individuals. Egg white protein is absorbed during the second phase of digestion allowing maximum absorption of the instantized protein.

One serving of EVOX Super Egg Protein combines the cutting edge technology to create the perfect egg white protein formulation. Each 30g serving also contains the equivalent of 6 fresh egg whites for a high protein yield.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 30g
Servings per Container: 33

 Per 30g
Per 100g
Protein 21g 68g
Carbohydrates Total 1.2g 4g


0g 0g
Fat Total < 1g < 1g

Saturated Fats

Essential Phopholipids 0mg0mg
Energy (Cal) 95 Cal 316 Cal
Vitamin A 0mcg0mcg
Vitamin C 36g120g
Vitamin E 0g0g
Vitamin B1 0.002mg0.006mg
Vitamin B2 0.41mg1.37mg
Vitamin B3 0.14mg0.47mg
Vitamin B5 0.026mg0.086mg
Vitamin B6 0g0mg
Vitamin B12 0.013mg0.043mg
Amino Acid Profile   
Arginine 3930mg
Aspartic Acid  7352mg
Cystine 1871mg
Glutamic Acid  9596mg
Glycine 2531mg
Histidine 1580mg
Isoleucine 4082mg
Leucine 6095mg
Lysine 4917mg
Methionine 2425mg
Phenylalanine 4247mg
Serine 3495mg
Threonine 2808mg
Tryptophane 924mg
Tyrosine 924mg
Valine 4596mg
** Nutritional values are calculated per the ingredients typical value.
Ultra pure instantized egg white albumin; Essential phospholipids; Bio-active glutamine peptides; Fructose; Corn syrup solids; Oligosaccharides; Colloidal silicone dioxide; Permitted flavourants and colourants; Xanthan gum; Citric acid; Cocoa powder; Sodium chloride; Acesulfame K; Sodium saccharin; Lecithin.

• Take 2 rounded scoops (2 scoops = 30g) with 200 - 300ml of water or skim milk.

• EVOX 100% Egg can be used to supplement your mid-morning, mid-afternoon and post-training meals.

• Add or remove water or skim milk to acquire desirable taste and thickness.

• Best used for active individuals on a muslce maintenance or growth program.

• Mix in a blender or shaker for best results.

Do not use if any know sensitivities to any of the ingredients exist. Check with your doctor before use should you be on any medication. Manufactured on dairy equipment and may contain dairy products. Consult a physician prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.
Customer Reviews
Great Product
Review by Michael  (31 March 2016)
Very awesome product, definitely does what its meant to do... I take it at night because I'm lactose intolerant and its a slow digestive
Review by Jakes (20 August 2014)
Really impressed with this product.
Strawberry and Chocolate taste great.
Expensive in my opinion, but worth it when you see the results.
Review by Cameron  (2 June 2013)
Amazing product, taste isn't too bad and helped me really lean out and gain muscle!
worth it
Review by Yusuf (8 November 2012)
money well spent on this product
Review by Justin  (18 August 2012)
Great tasting.
Great for lactose intolerant people :)
Run from strawberry!
Review by Shaun (28 March 2012)
Great product. Strawberry is awful in my opinion. Chocolate is a win
great results
Review by rochelle (2 January 2012)
Ever since my bf has been using this he's just been looking better by the day. I recommend all guys to use this if u want more chicks!
Not to bad
Review by Draco (2 January 2012)
Average price. Works well. Doesn't mix well in cold milk. Taste nice
good product, bit expensive for egg protein
Review by chris (1 January 2012)
works gr8 in smoothies
good source of protein
does not taste good on its own but is okay when you mix it with something else
works well for gaining muscles
bit pricey for the amount of quantity you get
Gr8 pure egg protein
Review by Mayuresh (2 September 2011)
Its really awesome my frnd was using it for 6 mnths n nw he's build is much better den b4 even i taste it n used it gr8 product beginner should try it
Very Nice
Review by Janus (23 August 2011)
I used this in conjunction with Evox 100% Whey. Whey for pre-workout and the egg post-workout. The Egg protein give you that little extra needed for recovery and energy during the day. Taste is sweet. Flavor is nice
it will take you there
Review by MX  (15 July 2009)
first time I bought it was 2006 and I improoved a lot. I didn't excecise for two years but now I started the gym mid this year and I realise what worked for me Supper Egg from EVOX with the maxmum Protien.

Guys trust me it works. but now it is the half of container inside LOL....
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