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TNT Mercury Hardcore
TNT Mercury Hardcore TNT Mercury Hardcore TNT Mercury Hardcore

TNT Mercury Hardcore

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TNT Mercury Hardcore is a 3 stage high potency fat burner.

Burn More Calories

The first stage is to create thermogenesis which is generating body heat by burning up more calories.

To give your metabolism a boost the Guggelsterones added to this product stimulate your thyroid to produce more thyroid hormones which increases the body’s metabolic rate to burn more calories.

Use Fat As Fuel

Phase 2 optimises your body to get it to use more fat as energy instead of carbohydrates or protein.

Contains Carnitine which is responsible for transporting stored fatty acids to your muscle cells so the fats can be used as fuel. Without sufficient levels of this important amino acid fat is not efficiently able to enter your muscles to be ‘burned’ as an energy source.

Training Performance Boost

To amplify the calorie and fat burning process you should following an exercise routine. Ideally a combination of weight training for increased muscle tone and cardiovascular activity.

A blend of Yerba Mate and Guarana which are herbal extracts containing caffeine and other stimulants will help you perform at your best during your morning workout if a serving is taken before.

Increasing your training intensity will maximize your weight loss efforts.

Keep Lean Muscle

Going on a diet to reduce body fat may also result in a loss of lean muscle tissue.

Muscle gives shape and tone to athletes so preserving lean tissue during weight loss is just as important as burning fat. This product helps minimize muscle loss during your dieting process.

Trademarked Blends

TNT Mercury Hardcore uses a trademarked 3 tier fat burning formula to help support your fitness goals by reducing fat and keeping your hard earned lean muscle.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Serving Per Container: 100

 Amount Per Serving % NRV
TRICore™401.5 mg  
ThermCore ™212 mg  
C9H13NO2 98% HPLC (26 mg)  
Nicotinic Acid   
Guarana 95% Complex   
Capsicum 100:1  
Coleus Forskholin   
LipoRapid XLR™   
Yerba Mate   
L-Carnitine Fumerate  
Saw Palmetto   
Chromium AAC   
Naringin 97%   
*% NRV - Nutrient Reference Values for individuals older than 4 years.
NA - No set NRV

• Start up serving size is one capsule.

• A gradual increase of up to but not exceeding 4 capsules is advised to assess tolerance over 8 weeks.

• Best taken on an empty stomach 30-40 minutes before exercise.

• Do not take 6 hours prior to sleep.

• A recommended cessation of 2 weeks is advised before re-commencing usage.


Not intended for persons below 18 years of age. Seek advice from a health care professional before use if you have any pre-existing medical condition. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing or at risk of, or are being treated for high blood pressure, heart disease, renal disease, hyperthyroidism, spasms, psychiatric disease, suffer from migraines, have asthma, or are taking asthma medication. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. CONTAINS CAFFEINE. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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Customer Reviews
TNT Harcore
Review by Shane (13 June 2023)
The strongest fat burner on the market, 3x tabs 30 minutes before faster cardio in the morning and feel the fat burn away.
Seems to be working
Review by uTa'ka'We (22 May 2023)
Ok...I bought it last week (17/5/23) and started taking it the following day on an empty stomach and went on a fasted cardio. Didn't feel much difference at first. Still had cravings and etc. Unfortunately, my gym trainer told me not to take it over the weekend as I won't be working out. So essentially, I had taken the pill twice and wasn't feeling it work on day one (which was a Thursday) then Friday I felt the cravings/appetite suppression kick in but no real change in the energy part at gym. No pill on Saturday and Sunday.

But come Monday (today)...good Lord! Took the pill this morning. Empty stomach. Went to gym. Hit my workouts hard and didn't feel tired. Trainer had to tell me to go home as that was enough workout for the day but I got home and could feel ENERGY. I was buzzing (in a good way). I wanted more work.

I didn't feel hungry. I only ate because I had to get something in me. That was at 10am. That carried me through the day. No hunger. Only water. Now, I'm back home ready for dinner but still not really hungry. Just eating to get something in. Portions are controlled.

I am only doing one pill a day. So far, this works. I do feel phases of belly discomfort. Like my tummy is in knots/churning. Then it subsides. Once it subsides, I have to go to the loo for #2.

I will post another review on week 2 when my trainer reviews my measurements and etc.

Oh, I weigh 165kgs as of today. Target weight - 115 to 120kg but built like a prime springbok player. My height is 1,88m.

Other measurements (since March 1 to May 1)
Starting weight - 170kgs
Waist - 54 inch 51 inch (april) 50,5 inch (may)
Stomach - 57", 51,5" and 51"
Hip - 58", 56,5" and 55,5"
Left thigh - 34", 34" and 32,5"
Right thigh - 34,5", 34" and 33,5"

No supplement whatsoever were taken until 17 May 2023.

Let's do this!
Excellent overall product
Review by Divia (31 March 2023)
Took a day or two for my body to adjust, but definitely one of the best thermogenic fat burners around. Not to mention the elevated mental focus as well. Coupled with exercise and a calorie deficit, results are noticeable after 2 weeks.
Review by Jolanda (1 December 2022)
Works like a bomb
Can't go wrong, but be careful
Review by Hotstuff (24 November 2021)
This stuff is thermogenic make no mistake. Started with one cap for a week, was good. This morning took two, insane difference. Be warned though, if you battle with any nervousness, anxiety or heart issues you might find this stuff too strong. It does what it says.
Review by Shane Kreusch (11 January 2021)
There is no other fatburner on the market that comes close, I am not able to take more than 2 tabs at a time. Works especially well for fasted cardio. Use both for comp prep and off season to keep lean.
Review by RICKY (2 January 2021)
This product works almost immediately. I started sweating more than I ever have when gyming. And fat loss is guaranteed. (in my opinion). However... Since I've been taking it. My stomach has been a mess. NAUSEATED NAUSEATED NAUSEATED!! (apologize for the following): my stool is just running water all the time. My stomach is in knots. I feel like I have a tummy bug. But it's just extremely potent. I've tried taking it on empty stomach as well as after food. Effects remain the same. I am a bit concerned. I want to keep using it though as I don't want to waste the money spent. That being said...
The fat burning effects 9 out of 10.
Energy: 6 out of 10
OVER ALL: a good buy.
Best on BANG for buck
Review by Wesley (5 October 2020)
Best out there by far, if you use this you WILL LOOSE THE FAT. The only draw back of it is if you are very sensitive to stimulants this is not for you. I can use it for about a week before i feel like death is approaching and should stop but in that week you'll loose at least 1kg of pure fat without having to do anything. PS this is the first supplement worthy of rating for me.
Good Product
Review by Tagoots (25 August 2020)
Whenever i stop training for an extended period of time I lose muscle and gain fat. During the lockdown I couldn't understand why I was losing the muscle as usual but not getting fat, then I remembered I was still using this product alongside my vitamins. Great product to keep the belly down and Im 49 years old, so it should work wonders for the younger guys. I've still not begun to train and NO I don't have a DAD-BOD. But taking too high a dose will give you the jitters like crazy.
Review by Jashwin  (26 June 2020)
Excellent product, Lost 7kg in 2 months with light exercise . 4 tabs made me nauseous so i halved my dose and still was excellent in helping my weight loss. This should be taken together with a meal replacement to keep track of calories.
Review by Jacko (6 March 2020)
Taken this tablet once. Was so nauseous!!!! Was reaching and had indigestion the whole day. Not sure if I want to try it again???
Excellent Product
Review by Chantel (8 January 2020)
Very pleased to say that this is one of the few that you can actually feel working. An awesome energy booster and I can eat what I want and still loose weight. Will be ordering again
Best on the market
Review by Mark (22 November 2019)
This stuff really works. Gives you that little bit of extra fighting spirit when you are tired and thinking of stopping. Gives a lot of energy and i have lost 9 kilos in 4 weeks. Great product!
This product has take me far it is working I belive in it so I advice every to use it
Review by Edward sibiya (17 October 2019)
This TNT product is the best I ever used
Hectic aggression
Review by Lin (15 June 2019)
I like the energy this pill gives and appetite suppression, however I feel my aggression levels go through the roof... is this normal?
Review by MADS (27 March 2019)
Great product - great price and most effective ever!!
effective product
Review by Patri (6 March 2019)
I started using this product three weeks back, it is really doing miracles for me, though at first after taking it I had this kind of discomfort.
Holy Cow!!
Review by CharlieCane (8 November 2018)
Aptly named "Mercury"... Geez

Really not for the faint of heart. I took 2 Tablets once (I'm used to Fat Burners for gym) .... let's just say I didn't workout. Instead I was salivating my weight in saliva like I was on narcotics. I lost weight that Day but I'll never take 2 again.

Now I take 1 Tablet & whenever I take it... conditions have to be met:
1- keep ice cold water by you ....
2- Follow all regular supplement rules, don't eat before gyming etc.
3- And most importantly.... once you take this stuff, there is NO turning back!... seriously this stuff is crazy.
4- Also I don't take this all the time... I use other supplements for gym... I only use this stuff when I'm going to go Ape-crazy at the gym.

Your cheeks will be flustered as though you've had the best sex in your Life!... In fact you'll look like you're still having sex BUT don't let this description fool you. Internally you a damn monster!
burning my stomach
Review by Maritza (6 February 2018)
I just want to know if there is side effects when you have asthma as I use it first thing in the morning on empty stomach. but just after taking it I get bad heart burn and it's burning my stomach which it makes me feel extremely sick. but after an hour that feeling is gone but it gives me heart palpitations afterwards. is it suppose to be like this when taking this tablets and will it go away the longer you use it.
Not for the faint hearted
Review by Prodigy86 (18 January 2018)
This products works, plain and simple. BUT, you need to be aware that discomfort will be your constant companion. Exercise must follow this dosage and you will sweat much more than usual. Effects can be felt for hours after taking a single capsule.
Great kick, good sweat, slower stagnation
Review by Donny (16 March 2017)
I use this after deadlifts, when I start my boxing routine. It burns going down, but it works properly, compared to Ignite, it seems like I rage less, but my hear rate is still intense pushing me to work harder.

Lost roughly 1.4kg the first day, on two pills and some exercise, definitely worth keeping your pill intake slow at fast and then working up to the first 4 over a few weeks, to keep your body from adapting too much.

after stagnation, weightloss per day dropped to roughly 0.6kg lost sometimes, 0.3kg lost often enough, 0.2kg quite often, and 0.1 to 0 if I didn't excercise for a while.

The price is a bit more than the other products on the market, but I do find it's better than the rest.
Review by Anon (13 January 2016)
Best product in this line