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USN Creatine Transport

USN Creatine Transport

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USN Creatine Transport is an advanced creatine transport and rehydration system that is designed to optimise muscle development and performance.

USN Creatine Transport advanced formulation is scientifically engineered to maximize creatine absorption in order to significantly increase strength and endurance, boost cellular ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) levels, increase muscle glycogen and enhance muscle cell volumization and faster gains in lean muscle mass.

Creatine Transport combines pure creatine (laboratory tested HPLC 99.9% pure creatine monohydrate) and Creatine Ethyl Ester with dextrose, a high-GI (Glycemic Index) carbohydrate, which causes an insulin spike, making more creatine and glucose available to muscle cells much faster.

NiTROCOR Creatine Amino Ester Stack delivers a powerful blow of Taurine, L-Glutamine and Beta-Alanine to further enhance the uptake of creatine. It also supports glycogen synthesis, protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, while blocking cortisol to prevent protein breakdown in muscle.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 2 rounded scoops (43g)
Servings Per Container: 15
 Amount Per Serving %NRV*
Protein ** 10.5g19%
Of which total sugar28.8
Total Fat 0g
Dietary Fibre 0g 
Total Sodium74mg 
Creatine Monohydrate, Creatine Ethyl Ester, Taurine, L-Glutamine   
Of which Creatine 4385mg 
*% Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) for individuals 4 years and older (2010).
** Protein calculation based on nitrogen content.


Dextrose monohydrate, Creatine blend (HPLC 99.99% Creatine Monohydrate and Creatine ethyl ester), Taurine, Citric acid, Magnesium Phosphate, Anti-caking agent, L-glutamine, Disodium Phosphate, Flavouring, Mono-potassium Phosphate, Non-nutritive sweetener blend (sucralose, acesulfame-K), beta-alanine, Colourants.

Allergen Warning: May contain traces of cow's milk, soy, barley/oats (gluten), tree nuts, peanuts, egg or crustaceans.


Muscle Building

As a nutritional supplement, mix 2 rounded scoops (43g) with 300-350ml of cold water.

For the creatine loading phase, drink four servings daily for five days, then maintain at one to two servings daily.

For best results during maintenance, take one serving prior to and one serving directly after your workout.

Remember to have at least 10-12 large glasses of water per day.


Take 1 serving prior to training or event.

Note that the beneficial effects of creatine will only be obtained with a daily intake of at least 3g creatine.


Consult your doctor prior to use, especially if you have a medical condition. Not recommended for pregnant/lactating women and individuals under the age of 18. Avoid use if diagnosed with liver damage, kidney failure or Reye's syndrome. High dosages may result in gastric disturbances - if symptoms prolong, reduce dosage or discontinue. Hydration is important when taking this product.

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Customer Reviews
Review by Munchie (8 June 2022)
The product is very effective, just give it at least two weeks of use and you will notice changes in both muscle mass and strength. It is also a very affordable supplement and when taken together with a protein shake, can yield magnificent results. Remember to always rehydrate.
Can't tell the difference
Review by Gareth (29 March 2022)
I can't really tell a difference in using this product. Haven't felt anything extra in my workout. If anything, perhaps it has helped my workouts last longer. But that could be a combo with the pre-workout.
One for the books
Review by Gymnastics (2 February 2022)
Definitely an increase in energy & strength which is exactly what I needed
Awesome product that's all I can say
Review by Peekay (20 July 2019)
Wow I'm speechless
Review by John (14 July 2019)
The best
Best creatine ever
Review by Lebz (23 March 2019)
Out off all creatines i have used before this one is the best for me it really works ,to see results you must work hard
excellent stuff
Review by SAI  (27 February 2019)
I used this Creatine for a month now applying the before n after gym rule...Boy my arms n chest are more muscular than before.excellent Stuff
It's good
Review by Em da Hardgainer (26 November 2018)
I started using a week ago but damn my strength is on a different level even though I haven't seen much of improvement on my muscle.
first time
Review by tu cee  (29 December 2017)
It only gains strength
No muscle gain
its really good
Review by zola (11 August 2017)
i like it alot
Just trying it out
Review by Abby (17 March 2017)
Just from purchasing the creatine transport system and the taste is awesome (grape). I was also impressed with the price... so affordable. Waiting to see the results in the weeks to come. Wish me well...
Review by Lord Gainz (6 March 2017)
The best Creatine, they is literally no debate about it
Review by khosa (30 January 2017)
the product is great i started to use a creatine last year and my muscle is growing bigg
Review by WaxWill Seliba  (13 November 2016)
Using the product for the first time. Got myself two tubes for R200, and Gained 3KG in Two Weeks. Also increased muscle mass. The taste is great!

You should try it.
Review by MiGo! (19 March 2016)
This product is great.its gives you a crazy pump.you can see in 3 weeks time your body did transform.
massive size
Review by beast (26 November 2015)
It gives you size and a crazy pump its 5 star...although i put 2 scoops in a litre and drink through the day .
.that's a secret try it .
Review by Gymrat (25 November 2015)
It works very well before workout. It gives lots of strength. I took it before spinning class and boy I was flying :-)
Good quality Product.
Review by Shaun (17 November 2015)
Increase in strength clearly visible.
take 2 servings
Review by bongz (10 September 2015)
works if you use it before and after workout forget loading phase
Decent gains
Review by Sibonga H (23 June 2015)
I made decent gains from this product, it also increases stamina.
Review by vein (11 March 2015)
great results and taste for the price
i like it
Review by batista (8 July 2014)
i only drink four servings per day for only 4 days but i can feel the difference already at the gym and today its my last day to take four servings, from tomorrow i will only drink it twice per day.....
Solid stuff right here
Review by Seanisssss (20 April 2014)
Review by Zee (14 April 2014)
Step1:Buy two bottles and don't do the loading phase, its a marketing tool so that you finish the product faster.The product has an above average taste to it so it shouldn't be a problem. I only felt a bit of a difference after two weeks in Size and strength gains But I was pleasantly surprised when my friends starting marvelling at my arms and chest So it does work, all you need is a bit of patience and more than one bottle guys lol...but I wanna try monohydrates once im done with thus cause I hear it works faster...
Review by BEAST (6 September 2013)
It gave me no energy not strength it only gave me a terrible headache. Not worth it
Review by Clinton (10 April 2013)
This product is good for energy and power boost but not for muscle gains....for best guaranteed results you should stack it with USN anabolic mass....trust me u won't regret it.
Not for me
Review by Kevin (16 March 2013)
I didn't enjoy the taste at all, gave a slight silty feeling. I didn't notice any benefits what so ever.
Review by Darien (13 November 2012)
It tastes fantastic. But it wasn't as effect as the X4 and the amounts that they tell you to use is insane, I think if you follow their instructions you'll finish the tub in about 15 days.
Review by Theman23 (13 October 2012)
Worked very good for me and the taste is great. Gave me strength for my workout
Waste of money
Review by Rudolf (2 October 2012)
Tastes good...and that's it!! Evox have a similar product - Evox Fusion, much better!
Not Good
Review by Arno (12 March 2012)
I tried USN Creatine Transport and i was very disappointed.
It did nothing for me.
I wont try it again
Review by khathu (14 February 2012)
i took this a while ago. It gave me an energy rush but unfortunately i saw no gains in muscle mass because the tub was finished too quickly. Rather buy two tubs one for loading and the other for maintenance, if not then rather rather stick to creatine monohydrate.
Almost great
Review by D Dog (13 February 2012)
I got good results and the price is awesome and tastes great, grape, but its very small containers:)
Good product
Review by Vincent (12 January 2012)
I was impressed with the strength results i gained using this product but did not enjoy the taste. I would recommend this product if you are looking for the results and don't mind the taste
not bad
Review by Dylan (27 December 2011)
not bad if your very low on cash. not really a noticeable pump while using this product, but gained a lot of strength gains, also very cheap which is always a plus, stack with any protein and you should be fine :)
Good for pre Workout Power
Review by Jacob (10 August 2011)
This Creatine Product gives a lot of power and pumped up muscle mass!
Review by Dcutler (5 July 2011)
Product really works just give it about 2-3 weeks to let it kick in
Review by Kyle (24 June 2011)
First problem is the way its packaged, 650g is way too little considering how they recommend u use it, im not a big believer of stacking creatine but apparently they are, which means that before you have finished your stacking phase you will need to buy more. Also i don't really feel that much more energy than normal, using it two weeks now, not much strength gain either compared to what i though i would get. So going to try regular monohydrate next, but so far only beta alanine is really living up to the hype. Also it doenst dissolve 100% so some sticky chunks get stuck in your teeth ^^
Review by American muscle (14 June 2011)
The grape tastes great its only R100 and I can see my muscles popping out of their skin I love this product (only usn thing I like)
Creatine transport
Review by Chris (3 March 2011)
This product is amazing, I never use USN products ever. But this Creatine Transport is an exception ;)
Review by Jay (11 September 2010)
i wrote an earlier review on this product and purchased some more but grape flavour not at all nice were as orange was amazing in taste.
Great product
Review by Jay (2 September 2010)
Been using this product a month now And my first 2 gym sesions were so average but after a week or so it realy kicked in and started putting on a kg a week!!!! And lifting 20percent more I recomend taking this with alpha lipoic acid capsules and glu tec sps...
Review by jinks (26 August 2010)
I never take usn products but this stuff really works.try it!
Not to bad!!
Review by Devon (18 July 2010)
Bought this product quite a while ago.At first i just used it after my workout for some post workout creatine and an insulin spike but then i started using it before my workouts for some extra energy and additional creatine.Well,it really wasn't that bad.Muscles definatly felt harder and strength was improved.Dont know if it increased muscle mass much but it helped me push through those heavy sessions so its worth a try!!
awesome product.
Review by Maurice (21 June 2010)
Aweseome product. I use this as a pre workout energy drink and it works great....not to mention the great tasting orange flavour. (Think you get other flavours too)......TRY IT!!!!!
Review by Stacmott (18 September 2009)
I used this product a few years ago when it was stil relatively new. Bought myself 2 pots and started using it. I was very sceptic cause it was the first creatine product ive used. I did my loading and used it for another week or two before i saw any results, but believe me, this stuff made my muscles feel like ripping out of my skin and even gave me stretchmarks! I take that as a good thing for sumone that weight 75kg and gain approx. 20kgs in about 12-18 monyhs time. I used this with USN's Muscle Feul Mass.
Its pretty good
Review by dobby (25 July 2009)
I know im young (14) but this product really worked for me. I gained 3 kgs in two weeks, whilst taking it DURING my workout. I will reccomend this to anyone who asks.