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USN Garcinia Cambogia

USN Garcinia Cambogia

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USN Garcinia Cambogia is a small fruit from which Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) adn Garcinol are derived as active components.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60
Amount Per Serving
GarCitrin® (standardized Garcinia cambogia extract - 50% HCA, 5% Garcinol)
500 mg

Sugar Free, Bovine Gelatine Capsules


Take 1 capsule, twice a day prior to meals


This product is indicated to assist weight loss as part of a weight management programme. Only effective when combined with a balanced, energy-restricted eating plan and regular physical activity.

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Customer Reviews
Still early
Review by Kani (26 November 2019)
Well I started today immediately when I took the pill I felt burning in my stomach. Now I lost my appetite. What's going on
Review by Queen  (9 April 2019)
Started 2 weeks ago using it in conjunction with apple cider vinegar and lost 4kgs so far
Dont know if i lost any weight but i am in pain
Review by Lainy (9 December 2018)
Ive been using this for 6 days and my stomach is in pain now for the second time now... Decided to stop taking it

Great product
Review by Nayna  (6 December 2018)
Iv been on it for 4 weeks went from a size 42 pant now 36/38 in 10kg lighter I'm happy with the product. I eat normal hand size portions and changed my carb intake to little to non a day.
Helped me with my appetite and cravings
Review by Leesa93 (27 October 2018)
Well, i think we misunderstood it by thinking it would literally make the weight slide off, which it didn't directly do for me. However, i must say my appetite was suppressed to the point where my reminder to eat something was my tummy growling. I just drank a whole lot of water as no food was appealing to me when i was on it. I'd force myself to eat at specific times or I'd forget completely. Haha! That really helped with my cravings and junk food binges. So it indirectly helped me lose weight... or maybe not weight as i don't do scales. I just watch how my clothes feel, how i look in the mirror, and so far, so good. Been on it for 3 weeks and i swear my muffin top and tummy have scooched in a bit :) excited for my 2 month mark. Been taking one pill about 15mins before breakfast and one more before late/lunch
It's a placebo
Review by Stan (8 July 2018)
I've used this for a month and it did absolutely nothing. Then I stopped the pills and started working out and being more active then I started to lose weight Without The Pills or changing my diet. People say it's the pills doing the job but it's actually the exercise, these pills are just a placebo which is why they insist you exercise and diet in order for the pills to "work".
Priced right
Review by Sha (21 July 2017)
Still early days, my stomAch burns a lot though not sure whether to continue
Slowly working
Review by Mimo (5 April 2017)
Have been using the product for 4weeks and lost 4kgs..I am not gona give up
Good appetite control
Review by Siwe (2 April 2017)
definitely suppressed my appetite,I do 20 minute Zumba 3 days a week and weight train twice a week.Been taking it for 8 weeks now and have lost 8 kgs so far,I will take for another 4 weeks then take a break and start again few months later.
hope for the best
Review by hunter (8 March 2017)
I started taking it 2 days ago, getting headaches like fray and feel tired and lethargic...hoping it works though
IT WORKS but you have to work too
Review by WRONG (7 March 2017)
This a a "help yourself and you'll be helped". You can't take them and eat pringles and watch TV and expect a difference. Having a good diet, drinking lots of water and an exercise routine will by itself improve your physique. This SUPPLEMENT just helps that process be better and more efficient. (If you would;ve lost 1KG, you'll lose 2KG on this. I've been using it 3-4 weeks. I've seen a reduction in weight but very slight. This is normal considering I do power lifting so my muscle gain is being offset by weight loss. I'm definitely seeing fat reduction. Clothes I stopped wearing fit better. Appetite is definitely suppressed (and I'm a daily stoner too but even munchies are tamed). I work out 3 times a week on average. I must mention I have a semi strict low carb diet because my body loves carbs, lol, and I've only eaten red meat twice in the last 2 months. I'd assume different blood types also affect this supplements effectiveness.
week 3
Review by Nira (23 February 2017)
Ive been on this for 3 weeks and i still keep my usual exercise routine (walking 4times a week for 5-6km) ive seen a 3kg difference in my weight and my appetite has been suppressed immensely. BUT ive been thirstier than usual i maintain a 2 liter per day water intake, I've had to increase that to 3 liters after starting with this product. My energy levels have sky rocketed.
not working
Review by lolo (29 January 2017)
I have been taking it for a week and people are saying I am gaining more weight so I am stopping it
Balance it out
Review by Diva  (18 November 2016)
To all those that expect to pop a pill and lose weight, you are disillusion. In order to lose weight, you have to eat properly, watch what u eat and obviously do exercise. This tab is therefore called a 'supplement' not a miracle.
just started , but have seen work by sister
Review by debbie (28 October 2016)
hoping to see results in two weeks
Not working
Review by Chris (20 September 2016)
Used it for 6 weeks . Do cycling. Does not work.
Review by Rose (11 September 2016)
It definitely works in controlling your appetite and it has shrunk my stomach
Still early days but i feel a slight diff
Review by Ron (6 July 2016)
Iv been taking USN Garcina Camb for about a week. Noticed that my appetite has subsided, Feel full quicker or not hungry at all. I dont know if it increases energy levels some, but im like a duracell bunny in the gym now. Im def going back for another bottle. And iv realised that proper food choices & portion control play a big role in seeing the desired results faster. Keeping to an exercise routine with weight training will also help increase weight loss over a longer period and keep combined with USN GC keep the weight off!
just started
Review by Dee (10 May 2016)
This is my second day... I find myself pretty hungry but I hope it will help curb the munchies... Will post more if it works for me... Currently 108kg will weigh after two weeks
No big weight loss - into 3rd week
Review by Gigi (28 March 2016)
Only lost 2kg in first week, on my third week no loss at all.
Taking 1tab am before breakfast and 1 tab 1 hour before lunch..
Please advise,
It works
Review by Chez (7 March 2016)
For the first week i took 1 pill in the morning before breakfast and lost 3kgs. The second week i took 1 pill in the morning and 1 in the afternoon and lost another 2 kgs. On my 3rd week now and hoping to lose more. I take it with USN phedra cut for energy and so far so good.
doesnt work
Review by mando (16 February 2016)
Doesn't work
it Works better with cleanser
Review by Vern (13 January 2016)
Lost none in First week.
In 2 nd week lost 0.5kg when i used cleanser.
By 3rd Week lost 1.5kg.
Review by bubbles (13 January 2016)
It does work
Great product
Review by Philip (9 December 2015)
Been taking 1 capsule before meals together with 2 capsules of USN Digest Cleanse while still exercising as normal. Lost 3kg in just over 2 weeks already after my weight was standing still for weeks.
it doesn't work
Review by Miss K (24 November 2015)
I'm on my second week. Been taking two pills twice a day 30-60min before meals and no results.

lost 13kg
Review by Michelle (5 November 2015)
I lost 13kg in 12 weeks!
Not working at all
Review by Bell (20 October 2015)
I'm on my third week now ,I still weigh like I was in the beginning
Not working.
Review by smit (7 October 2015)
Why is the usn garcinia cambogia not working
3 weeks and lost 2 kgs
Review by Chris (25 September 2015)
I have used it for 3 weeks and lost 2 kgs without exercise , as I do not have time. Also I still eat whatever I like just in half the portion. Im Happy with the product :)
3 bottles of garcinia
Review by noz (10 September 2015)
I have taken three bottles of your brand and nothing is happening and I had that the real deal is min 60% hca, 100% natural, no additional ingredients, 500mg to 1000mg 3 times a day. Why is yours not working?
1st week and no results
Review by tee (7 June 2015)
m gaining back weight, after using this product only and cutting calories, and exercising but will hang on another week and see how it works
fantastic. ..it works
Review by tez (17 April 2015)
Awesome awesome
Review by Nikz (1 April 2015)
The product is effective , on my 3rd week and already see some results...
Not bad
Review by Los Polos Hermanos (26 March 2015)
Does the job
initially slow ,one has 2 maintain good eating habits.
Review by kate (27 January 2015)
I started and on my 3rd day saw results.I'm still going strong.
I think this product is perry awesome!
Review by G-bab (26 October 2014)
USN Carcinia is awesome