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USN Tornado Shaker 650ml
USN Tornado Shaker 650ml USN Tornado Shaker 650ml

USN Tornado Shaker 650ml

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Product Info

USN Tornado Shaker is:

• Completely leak-proof.

• Surgical rubber seal around inner mesh.

• Sealed mouthpiece inside and outside.

• Flip-back & lock mouthpiece cover.

• Extra screw-on section for powder or capsule/tablets.

• Fits into most car cup-holders.

Category: Fitness & Nutrition

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Customer Reviews
Leaks from new
Review by Giant (5 May 2015)
Great shaker concept but started leaking after my second use so would not recommend. The best shaker I have used that never leaked was made by Tupperware .....old school but never disappointed.
Review by Larry (8 April 2014)
was a good shaker while it lasted. got home from gym one day and it cracked while in my bag
Fav shaker!
Review by Matthew (21 November 2013)
Works best from the shakers I have had and love the storage box really comes in handy!
Review by Roxie (23 October 2013)
I love my tornado shaker. It doesnt leak and I like the seperate compartment where I can put my protein powder in.
Great Shaker
Review by Nick (26 June 2013)
I've had my shaker for almost a year now without any leaks. The separate compartment at the bottom is really great for storing protein powders.
Review by Martin (23 June 2013)
I'm disgusted that it leakes as much as it does even though it stated that it is completely leak proof. Extra compartment is a plus but wouldve been nice if It had subsections within it. Still dissapointed about the leaking though
Awesome idea. Pity about the leaking!
Review by Michael (6 June 2013)
Mixes well, storage cup is fantastic, but despite what the label says, all it does is leak! So tired of having my preworkout/protein/post all over the place.
Best shaker
Review by Don  (24 May 2013)
This is one of the best shakers out there!!!! For the fact that you can carry the power separately for later use. The mixtures dissolve quickly simply awesome!!!!!
Review by Lizani (8 May 2013)
I've had this one for a while, never been a favourite. It tends to leak and I always struggle to pop the mouthpiece open if I need to drink my shake.
Review by Justin (4 December 2012)
I like the fact you can carry your powder separately from your water/milk. Wish it had a compartment for pills and maybe a pre-workout supp powder. Otherwise a decent product.
Review by Leigh (26 September 2012)
Great look, tends to leak. Sticker comes off in dishwasher... do not put in dishwasher!
Review by Lyndon (30 July 2012)
I think this is one of the best shakers around. It doesn't leak like my first USN shaker and seems sturdy enough.
The only thing that they can improve upon is to perhaps add more compartments instead of having just one.
great shake
Review by Wasim (19 July 2012)
dissolves fast, no leaks , good price easy to store other supplements.
Also try the ssn shaker just as effective only smaller
Review by Michael (6 June 2012)
Best shaker out there. Can't believe other supplement companies don't make shakers like these. I hate USN, but people see me using this, and immediately think I use USN.

Been using same one for 6 months with no leaks at all.
I HAVE 3!!!
Review by Kyle  (29 May 2012)
This is the best shaker you get on the market!! Powder shakes dissolve quicker and better than ever. Has storage at the bottom for supplements to carry around with you. Extremely easy and quick to clean, very durable!! No leaks!! Use it everyday
Review by Yn (3 May 2012)
This is a great bottle. Seal proof and easy to clean afterwards. It even has a bottom section to store more supps for later use. Very easy to use
Very usefull/handy shaker
Review by Arno (12 March 2012)
Awesome shaker 1 of the best maybe the best shaker you can get in SA.
It has lots of space for supplements that need more then 500ml of water or supplements that are pre and intra.
You can use it for all your needs pre,inra,post or/and meal replacement.

I use my shaker every day