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Vitatech Kids Immune Syrup

Vitatech Kids Immune Syrup

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Vitatech Kids Immune Syrup is a delicious tasting syrup to support your child’s immune system.

This product has been carefully formulated with key vitamins and minerals that have been researched to assist the body’s immune system.

Vitamins C, D and Zinc have been making global headlines due to the promising studies linking these vital ingredients in boosting the body’s defense and improving recovery.

Vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients should come from a well-balanced daily diet.

However living a fast-paced world surrounded by processed foods targeted towards children, parents may find it challenging to make sure their children are receiving all the nutrients they need to grow strong and stay healthy.

Supplementing with a vitamin syrup may be an option if a nutritional deficiency is suspected.

Vitatech Kids Immune Syrup is a quality, cost-effective and delicious tasting syrup to support your child’s immune system.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: Serving Size : 5ml
Servings per Container: 40

 Per 100ml Amount Per Serving
Protein (g)00,0
Glycaemic carbohydrate (g)372
of which total sugar (g)36,71,8
of which polyols (mg)36,71,8
Total fat (g)00,0
of which saturated fat (g)00,0
Dietary fibre (g)00,0
Total sodium (mg)101,05,0
Vitamin C (mg)666,733,3
Vitamin D3 (iu)4000,0200,0
Selenium (mcg)200,010,0
Zinc (mg)100,05,0

Syrup (maltitol and sorbitol), purified water, vitamins (vitamin C and vitamin D), flavourant, stabilizer (carboxymethol cellulose), sodium chloride, minerals (zinc oxide, selenium AAC) and preservative (sodium benzoate)

Contains Polyols (maltitol, sorbitol & other sugar –alcohols)


• Ages 1-3: 1 Teaspoon Daily (5ml)

• Ages 4-5: 2 Teaspoons Daily (10ml)

• Ages 6-12: 3 Teaspoons Daily (15ml)

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