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NPL Hyper Gain

NPL Hyper Gain

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NPL Hyper Gain is a mega calorie mass gainer for hard gainers wanting to increase size and weight.

Made for Hard Gainers

Fitness athletes who struggle to increase weight need to eat a lot of food to get enough calories so that they can start growing.

Hard gainers have fast metabolisms and generally have difficulty eating the amount of food needed.

This mass gainer helps to supplement your food intake by giving you a massive 1272 calories per serving in an easy-to-drink delicious shake.

Over 1000 Calories

To get the same calories from each serving of Hyper Gain you would have to eat 2 beef burgers and a side order of medium chips!

Optimal Digestion

To help your stomach digest the huge amount of nutrients you get from each shake the manufacturers have added a patented digestive enzyme called Tolerase®.

Saves You Money

The 2 burgers and medium chips you would have to eat to get the same amount of calories would cost you approximately R85.

At the time of this review each shake serving costs R28. A saving of R57!

Ingredients for Muscle Mass

With every 1272 calories you will also get 30 grams of protein which is the recommended amount for athletes wanting to increase muscle mass.

This product is also formulated with Tribulus, Creatine and L-Glutamine which help boost training performance and improve workout recovery.

Cheap Mass Gaining Bomb

NPL Hyper Gain is a cost effective nutrient shake for the hard gaining athlete wanting to increase size. Currently one of the cheapest mass gainers on the market.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 5 Slightly Rounded Scoops (350 grams)
Servings per Container: 11

 Per 100gAmount Per Serving (350 grams) %NRV
Energy1509.0 kJ5280.0 kJ
Protein (Including AA's)8.6 g30.2 g54%
Glycaemic Carbohydrate83.0 g292.0 g
Of which Total Sugars30.6 g107.1 g
Total Fat0.8 g2.8 g
Of which: Saturated Fat0.2 g0.7 g
Dietary Fibre**1.0 g3.6 g
Total Sodium226.0 mg790.0 mg
Calcium164.0 mg573.0 mg44%
Magnesium835.0 mg2922.0 mg
Phosphorous85.0 mg299.0 mg24%
Potassium115.0 mg403.0 mg
Creatine Monohydrate571.4 mg2000.0 mg
Taurine285.7 mg1000.0 mg
*%Nutrient Reference Values(NRVs) for individuals 4 years and older (2010)
Not established
**AOAC 985.29

Maltodextrin, Dextrose Monohydrate, Soy Protein Isolate , Cocoa Powder, Glycine, Soy Lecithin, Flavouring, Skim Milk Powder, Creatine Monohydrate, Cookie Crumbs (Sugar, Wheat Flour, Non Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat (Palm Oil) Fat-Reduced Cocoa Powder, Glucose Syrup, Raising Agents (Sodium And Ammonium Bicarbonate), Corn Starch ,Salt, Emulsifier, Flavouring)(Only Applies To Cookies &Cream Flavour), Taurine, Salt,Stabilizer, Whey Protein Blend (Concentrate, Isolate, Hydrolysate), Tolerase™ , Calcium Caseinate, Egg Albumin.


Dairy, soy, gluten (wheat) and eggs. Made in a factory that also process gluten (barley, oats), nuts and peanuts.

Recommended products to use with this item
NPL Test Surge
25 servings: R239.00

• Mix 3-6 slightly rounded scoops (175-350g) with 250-500ml of cold water or full cream milk and consume 1-3 times daily.

• It is recommended that you use one full serving daily (6 scoops) in divided dosages.

• Use as a recovery post-training drink and/or supplement with or between meals or as directed by your healthcare practitioner or fitness advisor.

• Serving size and mixing ratios may be adjusted to meet individual requirements and taste preferences.


If you suffer from a chronic medical condition consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product. Discontinue use of this product at least 2 weeks prior to any scheduled surgical procedures. Always inform your healthcare practitioner when you are using other medication. If you are pregnant, or breastfeeding, please consult your doctor, pharmacist or other healthcare professional for advise before using this product.

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Customer Reviews
Hyper gain mass.
Review by Joshua general  (22 August 2023)
This is the best supplement for muscle growth,size and strength it is working for me.
NPL Mass gainer is too sweet
Review by Too sweet (2 August 2023)
The product tastes too sweet and makes it hard to consume, I just can’t wait to be done with it, i’m never buying NPL mass gainer again ????
Big Belly Dizzy
Review by Chuck  (16 July 2023)
I grew a big belly and I always keep water and grand pa after drinking full serving, I'm glad the 4 kg will finish and I will go back to USN fast grow anabolic
Tooo sweet
Review by Melly (18 May 2023)
Toooooo sweet but it works its just the sweetness thats the problem other than that its a good product
Gym gym gym when using this
SUGAR IS TOOOO MUCH IN THIS PRODUCT please help us on that
Review by Dayza (9 May 2023)
Great for speedily growth
Love it need guidance
Review by Brandon  (9 February 2023)
Ive been using the NPL hyper gain all in one mass for about a month now.
I bought it so that it can help me gain weight.
I would just like some guidance as to which other NPL products I should buy to help me.
Review by Adrian van Zyl  (1 January 2023)
I'm a breakdown earthmoving diesel technician and on the road 7 days a week...travel with my dumbbells and resistance bands..i only use NPL products and found that the Hyper Gain Mass works extremely well keep my weight consistent as i workhard and train hard in between my off periods as i don't eat any junk food and don't smoke or drink any alcohol or any red meat..this NPL product keeps me full and keeps me going...only negative thing is in South Africa it's very expensive but the big positive thing is it's keeps me away from the junk food while I'm on the road working so that is why I'm giving it a 5 star...
Review by Admore  (19 February 2022)
It's great and I recommend it. I've seen results already n I'm happy. if one flavor gives you a problem...try another one trust me because it happened to me with vanilla flavor. but I tried chocolate. it was good for me
Too sweet
Review by Kele (12 December 2021)
Its ridiculously sweet and makes my stomach big. Flat stomach gone just after two weeks of using it.
Not Bad
Review by Glen Lou (30 November 2021)
It's quite sweet, so I dont eat any sugar and i'm quite strict with my diet since starting on NLP. It doesnt mix well so I add a tiny bot of boiling water into it to mix before I add oat or almond milk and water. Make sure you eat well and drink LOTS and LOTS of water while on this product.
Good Product
Review by Sello (30 November 2021)
The results no longer in doubts, I took it for a week already gaining weight, problem is my belly is getting bigger even though I'm training. My goal is to bulk, how can I avoid the air bag (belly).
Too sweet.
Review by Matthew.ruzzie (29 November 2021)
The amount of sugar in this thing is not good at all. 107 grams per day is over 20 teaspoons a day. And all that for 30 grams of protein??? I just tried 3 scoops and couldn't even get half of it down because of how sweet it is. Lower sugar content and raise up the amount of protein and you'd have a solid mass gainer.
Very sweet
Review by Lee (24 November 2021)
Tastes great but too sweet
It works
Review by Chantheylle  (28 October 2021)
I used it on December 18th. By end month of January I went from 45 kg to 55 kg... This product did wonders for me and I just purchased another flavor can't wait to continue with my weight gain journey
Review by Freesia (24 August 2021)
Every time I use this product it makes me sleepy and nausea. I start having tummy problems and can't even eat my dinner after taking this thing. It's too sweet and doesn't dissolve nicely in water.
Not good
Review by Jack (25 July 2021)
This product doesn't work for me gave me stomach pain.
Review by Ncobile (26 May 2021)
This is the best mass gainer powder. I've used it for 2weeks now and I already saw the results.
NB: You need to exercise and eat as well for positive results.
Great product
Review by Caesar (24 April 2021)
It's a very good product for those who want to gain weight and most importantly those who want to bulk up..if being bulky and gaining weight is your goal go for it????????. I wouldn't recommend this for those who want to be shredded because it's high in calories..and for those saying it taste bad I disagree it taste very good ????..I recommend it very very much, it's really a good product
Great product
Review by Mooz' (3 April 2021)
I give it a five. Try it and you'll know why a five. Great job NPL
Quite good
Review by Godzillahaido  (31 March 2021)
I've used only one bucket but it's better than quite a few other buckets I've tried from other brands. It mixes quite bad and for some it's a bit sweet. Result wise though I'd definitely buy or recommend.
Great Product
Review by Simmy (14 March 2021)
This Product Is Wonderful n Tastes Really Good ..I’ve Been Using It For Almost A Year Now n I’ve Seen Results. I’ve Gained Weight

You Just Need It Blend It Really Well In Order For It To Mix Well ..Vanilla Is My FAV
So far so good
Review by Steffy (16 February 2021)
I have been using the product for just 3 days now and yes it is still too early to say anything about gaining weight but i have read many reviews where people are saying it doesn't mix well and that it doesn't taste good but that is the total opposite. U just need to know how to mix it and wow the taste is from heaven.
It was pretty good can't complain
Review by Matt (29 January 2021)
I use this product for a man there was incredible thank you so much to the team at NPL for creating such an incredible you know supplement it's incredible
Great product
Review by Frank (10 January 2021)
I was 74kg In one month i gained weight into 78kg then i stopped using it so i went back to 74kg that means this product is working very well so i bought another one last week so now im 75kg i wanna reach 80kg. Very good supplement.
It works wonders
Review by Onie (30 December 2020)
The best shake ever!!
Review by Tracy  (18 December 2020)
I love it, I've gone from a thin stick to a body builder!
Its been 6 hours
Review by Sean Martin (8 December 2020)
Its been just six hours and I already started feeling the expansions. This 4kg mass gainer is a real deal. More feedbacks after a week.
Best and fast weight gainer
Review by Amanda (6 December 2020)
It's tastes HORRIBLE.But it's really really works.The results make you proud and happy.I just really wish they can work on the taste.
Bodybuilder coming back
Review by Martinn (5 December 2020)
I work very long hours in a liquor store (Physical work) non stop, sometimes 7 days a week, all the food I eat burns away so I got this product. I am a former bodybuilder and powerlifter who struggle so much to get back and I'm trying to avoid getting too skinny and weak. This stuff is amazing I gained 3 kgs from 80kgs to 83kgs in a week while burning a hell of a lot of calories but this helps me keep on track. No bad feeling in my stomach and I can still eat food as normal. I'll continue with this product till I reach my goal weight that is 90kgs.
Best Mass Gainer in the market
Review by @ironaddict (11 November 2020)
I have tried and tested a couple of mass gainers over the years but this one out done them all its the best in the market... I have been on using this product for a month and the results are incredible its value for money thank you @npl_sa
It Doesn't Really Work
Review by Sammy (5 November 2020)
I have been on this product for more Than week now And haven't see a single Change. I Bought the 4kg one am going to finish All And see if I will gain some weight
Good product...
Review by Phillnessa ???? (31 October 2020)
It works gyz it's been a week I started using it bt I've seen changes
Good stuff
Review by Lelly (28 August 2020)
I only have 2 weeks using this product..i started seeing difference after a week using it, it works love it
Fantastic product
Review by Big C (28 August 2020)
Using the product for more than 2 months now, went from 72kg to 91kg. Love the vanilla ice cream flavor. The only problem that i have with it is that it makes your stomach bigger the more consume the product.
Review by Gold (26 August 2020)
Not impressed
Review by Beauty (18 July 2020)
Used it for a month and I only gained 1kg. It made me very bloated and too full. I suggest one drinks it after meals. It also gave made my stomach very big. I had to take digestive supplements because my stomach was so uncomfortable after drinking it.
Working twice as hard
Review by No that skinny kid anymore  (31 March 2020)
I was that skinny kid at the gym with all the huge guys around. If you say this doesn't mix well then here's a solution buy a shaker. measure the serving properly and shake the life out of it. Secondly in January of 2019 I started using this my weight was 45kg as of January this year I weighed in at 68kg. after the first 6 months of using this I had more fat than muscle and since I couldn't afford the diet plan I decided to workout 8 times a week 2 workouts a day. that's Mon-Thurs the first workout always includes legs and abs the second workout upper body. I did this for 6 months now my total fat percentage is 8-10% while still using this I don't eat sweets, cakes, chocolates, chips, sugar, cheese, anything deep fried and I've cut down my intake of cola to 100ml a day. If it's your first time using this take half the serving and you'll see results I wish I knew this before I started using it then I wouldn't have to work twice as hard.
Great product
Review by Gee (18 March 2020)
It really does work. I went from 74kg's to 82kg's in 3 months. Granted some of it is fat as I'm bulking but the size and muscle gains are very visible to everyone who hasn't seen me in a while.
By the way, this is from using half of the recommended dose.
Not good
Review by Banks (2 March 2020)
I have used this supplement before.,..I know it very well it will just make your stomach big ....you will train as hard as you like but you will only get fat no muscle gain....I even gave it to my friend who is a gym freak but even him gave it away so be warned!!!
Mass on a budget
Review by KingMuscle (20 December 2019)
Does not mix well but the trick is prepare it 20 minutes before you can drink it. You You'll gain some weight. Only buy this when is on sale only.
Not too sweet
Review by 4 FAT CAKES  (28 November 2019)
I'm sure the supplement will give you decent gains. Just a few things you need to know, it doesn't mix well with milk, It makes you extremely full, be careful how you use it as your appetite for your more important meals are greatly decreased and struggle to eat.. So make sure you use after primary meals. Remember you need to put the calories on top of the calories you already consume so don't skip your meals.
I love u guys❤
Review by Peter (20 August 2019)
This is the best shake I have ever used I thank you guys for everything you helped me feel a lot better about myself????????????
Review by Thick thighs  (18 July 2019)
Works well, went from 53kg’s to 66kgs and only because I rarely used it.
Horrible taste
Review by Kevin (14 July 2019)
No value for money
Do not like any of there products
Review by Kers (1 July 2019)
I thought it's great in cost but effectiveness and taste is below standards. I would not buy any of their products anymore
So disappointed
Review by Xau (30 June 2019)
I'm never buying this again it doesn't mix well.
Review by Mr 2Months...  (23 June 2019)
Saw results within a week of using it... All i can say is that i've managed to gain, a lot... I went from 56kg to 71kg in 2months... Absolutely amazing...
Too sweet, but the results are good.
Review by Andrew (20 June 2019)
It worked for me... I dont know if it was because of I was using other weight gain supplements..
But I got fuller in less than 2 weeks...
its fairly priced but compared to the USN Fast Grow All in one Anabolic
Review by SAAMDANGER  (21 May 2019)
I like it but not a lot
I will give it time.
Review by Kay (1 May 2019)
I work out 3/week, been using for 3 weeks now, only gained 1kg.I eat very small portion & forgets to eat at times but muscles r intact. I'll still give it time so I gain the 5kg I want. I'm 59,4, I want 65.
Tastes horrible
Review by Lento (19 April 2019)
Tastes horrible and doesn't dissolve well in water
good stuff
Review by dr.drugy (14 April 2019)
this have been the best gainer I have taken yet and i shall stick with it
Really good
Review by Jah rue (6 April 2019)
I love it, love the chocolate taste, tastes like my favorite chocolate shake, though I always add a few blocks of chocolate it
Review by ❤NPL lover❤Nicole - Charmoné _ Louw (26 March 2019)
No1 absolutely recommend it to anybody, over the age of 18 that is
All good
Review by Minky (25 March 2019)
It works well if you use it right.
It works well.
Review by Irongirl (23 March 2019)
works very well. Impressed. It makes my tummy run every time I drink it but other than that its good. Great for gains. I'd recommend that you drink it after having eaten since it makes the tummy feel sensitive and crampy. Also have it when you at home in case ur tummy decides to take a run ????
Its working good
Review by Fury (12 March 2019)
Gain 4kg in 1 week..taste good...cant wait 2 see the results after 3 months
Review by Jethrojeco (6 March 2019)
Don't like sweet stuff but the product worked for me. I struggled with gaining body mass all my life. I started using Hyper Gain Mass and I went from 53kg to 76kg in 11 months
Not worth it
Review by Lee (27 February 2019)
Tried this out

Taste terrible to sweet, got dizzy after drinking the shake and stomach felt bloated with cramps
Brilliant for them gains
Review by Toni (26 February 2019)
I gained 5kgs in 3 months, can't wait for my next shipment from supplement world so the gains can continue
Best mass gainer ever
Review by Leo (23 February 2019)
This is the best mass gainer, it works i cant wait to try it again this year , but you must also put in the work so you can see the gains
It works
Review by Kash (17 February 2019)
Works well with full-body workouts 3x a week. Also digests well unlike whey.
Work hard to gain more
Review by Quadrant (2 February 2019)
No pain no gain
Review by TIGER (20 December 2018)
This product causes stomach issues will no longer continue
i gained 4kg in a week
Review by Tyrant (14 December 2018)
I recommend this product to people who are struggling to afford the right meals. this product is the best
no pain,no gain
Review by Hauzen@LS (13 December 2018)
really good
Terrible taste
Review by Koster (4 December 2018)
Tastes horrible and does not mix at all
Review by chris (3 December 2018)
good supplement, exceptional results I love it
Its good.
Review by Vikk (28 November 2018)
Great , been getting fuller and putting on weight well, I'm having it twice a day after work out and before I sleep. Its great
Good value for money
Review by Big Mike (19 November 2018)
Definitely works. I gained 4kgs in 1 week. and 6 kg overall in one month. I think people misuse supplements. They're not meal replacements. If you prepare your meals seriously and effectively and put in the work required (workouts) the results are definitely guaranteed.
it didn't work for me.
Review by WASTED (28 October 2018)
I used it for for a full month,it didn't work out for me.and it was 4kg.still on the same mass.
npl best mass, "quality driven " true
Review by phele (27 October 2018)
Mass gained muscle, and m growing with my my good shape +it stays much longer in my system.
NPL's my fitness weapon
Review by phele (23 October 2018)
I don't just use it, i love it and it works. Since i started i never regret it. strength, muscle. Energy ⚡.. No 1
It's bad
Review by Liz  (11 October 2018)
This product does not work. Don't waste your money on it
Not good
Review by Toksik (11 October 2018)
Used it last year and I gained exceptionally well, but now it's giving me stomach issues
No pain No gain
Review by Poohding (3 October 2018)
Works well taste good too go & get it now
Toooo sweet makes me sick
Review by Olive  (18 September 2018)
Tastes like a mixture of water and tones of sugar with small chunks of powder! Terrible shake!
Review by Philip (15 August 2018)
I haven't been gymming in over a year just started now again and going to buy my supply this weekend. Previously when I used it I gained about 4.5kg per month so the results are superb and I trained my butt off so if you gonna play around don't expect results train hard and the results will show no matter what product you buy. The taste is the best I only buy the chocolate. This is the best product I've used to date. well done NPL!!!!!!!
Review by arnex arnold (13 August 2018)
those who say it doesn't work do not actually workout...
Review by alicia (29 July 2018)
tried all other brands. this is the only shake that makes me gain consistently
Review by tiaan (7 July 2018)
it is good
Not good
Review by Narvin  (14 June 2018)
Not sure if its my immune system but this supplement didn't work for me, Gave me a running stomach
so far so good
Review by rup (6 June 2018)
full review after a month
It's good
Review by Nick (26 May 2018)
I use it and it works.
Review by Kiddo (17 April 2018)
Very good product
it doesn't work
Review by sam (13 April 2018)
I tried it . It taste horrible too much sugar. No results at all
No supplement for hard work.
Review by Katt (11 April 2018)
I see many reviews of people complaining. Im very sure it's the same people that text and chit chat during workouts. You put in the hard work and use the supplement well , you'll see great results
Review by Paulkie (11 March 2018)
I've tried and its good.Price is worth it and I gained 5kgs
Very good
Review by Isabel (27 February 2018)
Its very good just gave me a runny tummy for the first three days I suppose that's detox
But good no complaints just shake it well
Just took my first
Review by Bo ma joseph (24 February 2018)
Just took my first drink. It was ok. Didn't mix well but i too full afterwards and felt sleepy lol.. hope to put on 10kg in a month or less. Lego!!!
Clumpy, chunky and sugary
Review by Npl ambassador  (24 February 2018)
Went for a 1kg just to try cause the store was out of my usual mass gainer very dissatisfied product was so hard to mix felt like I was eating wet powder.
Awesome Product
Review by Dalyn Jagger (5 February 2018)
Well, I love the product a lot. Most people do not mix the content well and complain about the lumps.

I advise that you mix 6 scoops to 2l of water and you're good, preferably to ur taste of coz.

I've just started using the product for 4 days and one can already see the dramatic effect, especially on the wrist area.

I'll keep using it till I gain my ultimate goal and give my final review. Otherwise taste and results are promising
does'nt work
Review by Pablo (11 January 2018)
Too much sugar,dont mix well...gained nothing!!!
its dont work
Review by jazz (20 December 2017)
i first used the elite n it worked wonders , returned to the shop for second purchase n elite was unavailable i then bought this hard non gainer . i hate it , but elite works
It is good!
Review by siemi (14 December 2017)
i have been using it for a week and noticed some gain. The only thing is it can not mix well, but i filter the insoluble content separately and grind it with spoon and it really tests good. Above all the price of this item is fair.
Good stuff
Review by Dibongs (4 December 2017)
I like it
Pretty Good
Review by GB (1 December 2017)
Not bad at all. I'd recommend mixing a paste 1st then adding the balance of your liquid to avoid lumps. Like most gainers, results depend on the extremity of your workout.
this is very good ive gained more than expected NPL IS THE BEST
Review by greene (27 November 2017)
This is great ive gained 2 kg in two weeks of hard training
It works good!!!
Review by kwasman (19 November 2017)
I've been on this for almost 2 weeks now and already gain 6kg's...slowly but surely it works for me and it could work for you too.
Mix, Gym, shake and drink afterwards
Review by Jeremy1 (11 November 2017)
Mix it before workouts than keep cool in gym fridge or use nice cold water to mix before workout do final shaking after workout and its a bomb smooth and effective. Results are awesome not huge fatty looking but hard and huge in size and mass
Not good
Review by bob (10 November 2017)
This mass gainer is the worst I tried yet, does not mix well at all. Mostly sugar and hardly any protein.
Not great
Review by Frana91 (26 October 2017)
Worst mix ever. Have to eat it with a spoon. Taste is okay IF you can swollow the chunks!!!
Fairly good
Review by BigBoiGainz (18 October 2017)
A very Cost effective mass gainer, however it is very difficult to mix! The results are noticeable.
Review by Beast (24 September 2017)
Its not bad its a good stuff ,this depends with your body thats all.
This Sucks.
Review by Budokai* (20 September 2017)
Worst Mass gainer ever.Too Much sugar which makes it impossible to mix without literally eating the powder out of the shaker as huge lumps form when mixing with water or milk "ps this is only half a serving" Just 3 scoops i tried and got this result. Cant imagine taking a full serving as it might attract bees or worse.
Definitely wont purchase this again or take it for free.
Review by JERRY  (11 September 2017)
Review by Dis guy (13 August 2017)
It doesn't work at all
It's decent
Review by Beast jnr (18 July 2017)
It's price and effectiveness is decent but after a few months it becomes hard to consume because of its taste
not what it claims to be
Review by shaun (5 April 2017)
bought this product
very less protein per 3 scopes
didnt increase weight
taste was okayish but get abit sick towards the end
wont buy again
it doesnt work
Review by jazz (31 March 2017)
ive first used the elite npl . which worked to the max , then i went back to the shop to buy it once more but the elite was finished so settled for the useless hype gainer
Review by mad sie (3 March 2017)
Need more