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Evolve Nutrition Shaker

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Evolve Nutrition Shaker is a handy mixer for your protein shakes.

This 750 ml BPA free shaker comes with a handy carry ring which can clip into your gym bag or hiking pack for your outdoor training.

The inner mesh is made from a softer plastic which acts as a seal to prevent any leaks. Opening the shaker is a bit tough because of the rugged flip lid which once again is designed to prevent your protein shake coming out the top.

Clearly marked on the side with increments of 50ml up to 750 and made of almost clear plastic this shaker will be your trusted companion for a good while.

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Customer Reviews
Less is More
Review by Harrower (2 February 2021)
Leaks. Evolve tried to get too fancy with how it looks rather than just focusing on getting it to function. The shaker filter is too dense and requires much more cleaning than other shakers; it's also flimsy rubber. I don't care if the logo looks great, and the plastic is filled with glitter, if the shaker leaks then it's useless.