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Muscle Wellness Superior Whey
3200g 2000g 908g Muscle Wellness Superior Whey

Muscle Wellness Superior Whey

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Muscle Wellness Superior Whey is a protein shake designed for fitness athletes who demand quality.

Increasing Lean Muscle

Athletes who are on a lean muscle building program need protein to support their goals.

Mostly consumed from food they also supplement their protein intake by using a whey shake which is rapidly absorbed.

This shake gives you the full 25 gram dose of protein recommended for athletes with each serving!

Immune Support and Growth Factors

The manufacturers have add Colostrum which is an extremely nutrient dense thin fluid.

Colostrum has been shown to support the immune system as well as containing growth factors IGF1 and IGF2.

Workout Recovery

To consistently train at your best you need to recover from your gym sessions. Each serving of this shake has 4 grams of glutamine. Studies have shown that glutamine levels decrease during intense exercise which may affect recovery.

3 Phase Whey Matrix

Three types of whey have been added to give you the benefit of a staged amino acid release time. Making sure you receive the correct kind of protein at the right time to maximize your fitness goals.

German Quality

The whey used in this product is imported from Germany.

Their ingredients meet the requirements of the International Food Standard which includes HACCP, BRC and GMP.

Cost Effective

We can recommend that you give the Muscle Wellness Superior Whey a try if you are looking for an affordable, locally produced protein shake that uses quality imported ingredients!

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Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 2 Level Scoops (approx. 34 grams)
Servings per Container: 26 (908 grams) / 58 (2kg) / 94 (3.2kg)
Flavour: Vanilla
 Amount Per Serving Per 100 grams
Energy555.9 kJ 1635 kJ
Protein25 g 72.5 g
of which Free Form Colostrum Protein containing Growth Factor Igf1 & Igf2, Glycoproteins, Lactalbumin, Serum Albumin and Immunoglobulins 250 mg 735 mg
Total Carbohydrates3.5 g 10.3 g
Of which total sugars2.2 g 6.6 g
Total Fats2.2 g 6.45 g
Of which Saturated Fats 1.3 g 3.92 g
Dietary Fibre0.99 g 2.9 g
Total Sodium78.9 mg 232 mg
Isoleucine 6200 mg


 11800 mg
Lysine 10100 mg
Methionine 2100 mg
Phenylalanine 3900 mg
Threonine 7500 mg
Triptophan 2100 mg
Valine 6400 mg
Histidine 2000 mg
Alanine 5800 mg
Arginine 2900 mg
Aspartic Acid  11000 mg
Cysteine 2500 mg
Glutamic Acid  19000 mg
Glycine 2300 mg
Proline 6500 mg
Seranine 5300 mg
Tyrosine 3400 mg

Whey Protein Blend (Micro-Filtrated Whey Concentrate, Isolate and Hydrolysate), Organic Cacao Powder (in chocolate variant only), Natural and Artificial Flavour Blend (Whey powder, Skim Milk powder, RSPO Certified Palm Fruit Oil, Anticaking Agent, Artificial Colourant, Non-nutritive sweetener, Artificial Flavouring, Salt, Vitamin C), Bovine Colostrum, Madagascan Vanilla Bean (in vanilla variant only), Maca Root Powder and Acai berry powder (in wildberry flavour only).



Made in a facility that uses nuts.

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• Add 150- 200ml of water or low fat milk to every heaped scoop.

• Do not exceed 2 scoops per serving, but rather consume multiple servings daily.

• Is best used within 30 minutes after a training session.

• Another serving can be used first thing in the morning.

• For a creamy shake add 3 ice cubes to a blender with 200ml water.

Customer Reviews
Great Product
Review by ProteinFart (3 July 2019)
Despite the one comment from "dr google" circa 2015, this is a great whey shake.
Mixes easily with water or milk, stirs in and mixes well with oats. Not as sweet as other brands. Have only used the vanilla bean flavour. Strong like cow now.
Honestly the best tasting whey ever
Review by Sav (12 June 2019)
Really great with smoothies and also helps build lean muscle ????????????
The Tempter
Review by Skinny Dude (15 May 2019)
If you reading before you buy you are lucky , if you have a sensitive stomach, value taste, clumping ,easy mixing, visible quick gains .this is not for you. 0/10 taste and from packaging it looks so cheap I wanted to return it but it's so cheap so gave it a try stupid idea that was. End of story m buying gold standard
Review by Singh_M (25 March 2019)
Average price, average taste, average results
This ticks all of the boxes
Review by Kane (8 October 2018)
Its a good supplement and also produces great results but im worried through. Can my 13 year-old son use this great supplement.

SW: Hello Kane. No, the product is recommended for individuals 18 years and older.
amino spiked
Review by Tim (11 July 2018)
there are about 7.8 grams of glycine per a 34 grams serving which is way higher than the normal amount of glycine naturally occurring in whey, therefore it was added by the manufacturers so you're getting less protein than stated.

SW: Hi Tim. We reached out to the manufacturer for comment. Below is their feedback

"There is a typo on a our packaging , the amount of glycine that we are are of , should read 2300mg not 23000mg , we will rectify this as soon a possible.

This is in line with the general whey protein specification range ."
Good product
Review by Ray (28 June 2018)
Will buy again.
Pleasantly Surprised
Review by Shaun DIE BOM (27 February 2018)
I bought this for the first time last month and I am honestly quite impressed. The taste was great (Vanilla), it mixes well enough and the price on special is very good. I would take this over the other local brands any day especially Evox which smells and tastes disgusting. New Strawberry flavour on its way!
Review by Duman (8 February 2018)
Tried the chocolate flavour
Tasted great, and had zero bloat.
Not sure how well it does for growth yet, only been on it for a couple of weeks, but it's great for recovery.
Good on the pocket, not so great on the stomach
Review by Doon (3 January 2018)
Bought the 3.2kg tub and only recently finished it after a few months. The price was great but I did get bloated from it. My only major criticism was that it burned my throat. Not sure if this was just the chocolate flavour, but no matter what I mixed the shake with - water or milk - there was always a burning sensation in the back of my throat.
Love the taste and light, flowing consistency
Review by Riaan (28 August 2017)
Bought vanilla flavor on special. Dissolves hassle free - no lumps. Tastes amazing - I don't have a sweet tooth so that just might be it.

Just bought two more! Still on special... really good stuff!
Very suprised
Review by Josh (11 August 2017)
Super easy going vanilla. Smells real. Could do with a bit more sweetness but you definitely wont get sick of the flavour as it tastes genuine. Price was also decent.
Inconsistent Taste
Review by Carmz Green (12 July 2017)
I use this daily and it works very well, the taste however has been inconsistent, I bought a 2 kg which tasted good enough and so I bought a 3.2kg (it tastes AMAZING), I've just started a new 3.2kg container and it's back to tasing like the 2 kg I bought... the packaging is all the new branding on all three.. but the taste is VASTLY different. So confused
Quality vs Price. Taste could be better.
Review by Kenneth (2 July 2017)
Overall great product. Taste could be improved (chocolate). Will try vanilla on the purchase.
greatest pure whey
Review by sivie (6 October 2016)
The top supplements for lean muscles are BCAA, GLUTAMINE AND PURE whey and this product gives u 5 grams of BCAA, 4 grams of GLUTAMINE and 25g of protein per serving. No carbs or fat, broke the record and quick results too.
great taste
Review by Sj (18 July 2016)
Like the taste. mixes well. will buy again.
Review by Big Improvement (6 April 2016)
Tried their protein shake a few years back, flavour wasn't great and I had a bit of stomach issues. Came back to S.A. and saw that they are still around so bought a small tub to try first. Much better. Taste is great with zero bloating. Could stand-up to the international products I was using overseas. The price is very friendly on the pocket.
best on the market
Review by jono (7 March 2016)
very happy with the Muscle Works product , i have got superb results with this product , i have used plenty of other brands and ive decided to stick with this one
A bit different
Review by Gizmo (4 March 2016)
I've been using this product on and off for 2 years. I definitely can notice a change with the new packaging. Sometimes made me fart, but the last tub didn't .... nada. Still one of the best priced supps around.
Mixablility and quality of protein
Review by Alchemist (9 February 2016)
I bought this protein for use during the day but found that the quality of protein is bad, example mixing the protein in a glass vs using a good quality protein like gold standard in a glass ( mixing with a spoon) - one of the signs of bad protein is mix ability although it does provide me with the nutrition that I need.
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