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909 G
2 KG 909 G Evolve Nutrition Tri-Whey

Evolve Nutrition Tri-Whey

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Evolve Nutrition Tri-Whey is a 3-stage protein shake blend for optimal muscle gains.

Building Lean Muscle

To start packing on muscle you need to lift weights, eat enough protein and get adequate rest. This whey shake helps you meet your protein requirements and gives you optimal recovery from your workouts.

Each serving of this protein shake will give you 23 grams of quality protein. Best time to take a serving is straight after gym.

Better Recovery

Intense training may deplete the amino acids Glutamine and BCAAs which are important for your immune system and preventing muscle wastage.

Each scoop is loaded with both to give you the best recovery to grow and perform at your best.

3 Stage Protein Mix

Ensuring that you get all the beneficial amino acids the manufacturers have used 3 types of protein, each with their own absorption rates and amino acid profile.

Hydroslate will start feeding your muscles immediately with the slower Concentrate form giving you longer lasting protein support.

Evolve Nutrition Tri-Whey is a product which delivers on taste and uncompromising quality. Highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With so many flavours which are the most popular?

According to our sales data the top 3 are Vanilla Ice Cream, Milk and Cookies and Caramel Fudge.

Has this whey been Amino Spiked?

No. There have been no additional amino acids added to artificially increase the protein content.

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 Slightly Rounded Scoop (32g)
Servings per Container: 28 (909 grams) / 62 (2kg)

 Amount Per Serving %NRV*
Energy120 kCal  
 504 kJ  
Protein23,3 g 43%
Total Carbohydrate 3,8 g
of which sugar 1,9 g
Total Fat 1,7 g
of which saturated 0,8 g
Cholesterol49 mg
Total Fibre 0,1 g
Sodium77 mg
Potassium178 mg
Calcium140 mg 11%
Magnesium48 mg 11%
Phosphorus87 mg 7%
Aspartic Acid 2,83 
Cystine / Cysteine 0,07 
Glutamic Acid / Glutamine4,57 
Total BCAAs^ 5,41 
Total EAAs* 11,83 
*% Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) for individuals 4 years and older (2010).
† Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) not yet established.

Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Whey Protein Isolate, Skim Milk Powder, Cocoa Powder, Flavourant, Stabiliser, Free Flowing Agent, Non-Nutritive Sweetener Blend, Colourant (E155)


Milk and Soy (Lecithin)

This product is manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts, peanuts, soy, wheat (gluten), barley (gluten), oats (gluten), egg and milk

Recommended products to use with this item

• Add 1 heaped scoop to 200ml of cold water or skim milk.

• Take a serving directly after your workout to help with recovery.

• An additional serving can be taken first thing in the morning before breakfast.

• You can use a shaker to mix or simply stir with a spoon.

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Customer Reviews
Cappuccino is amazing
Review by Juan (3 December 2023)
For everyone who like coffee flavors, the creamy cappuccino is the one, delicious! 100/10
HOLY WOW !!!!!!!!!
Review by tyrone007 (6 November 2023)
A friend of mine bought me this TRI-WHEY we bought two creamy cappuccino and double chocolate and we are sharing after gym all i can say is , HOLY WOW! mixes so easy no upset stomach after using this like with other brands no names mentioned but the flavor on these two are worlds apart compared to any other brands i actually think it's better than ON gold standard and priced so much better too i can highly recommend this brand in general top quality i will never change thank you for restoring my faith in local products keep up the great work guys!
Banana Flavour is Amazing
Review by TK (28 September 2023)
Been using this whey for a long time, it looked like it was off the shelves but I see that it made a return and still has the same great taste, quality, and price.

Tried the banana flavour for the first time, it tastes just like a banana milkshake that you would get in the stores.
Very impressed
Review by Sam (3 September 2023)
I was looking for an affordable whey protein that mixes easily, tastes good, doesn't have any added vitamins or digestive enzymes and doesn't cause bloating. This ticked all the boxes. Mixes easily in a glass with a spoon, no need for shakers, tastes great, smooth texture, no bloating. Very impressed, great value for money.
Pricey but great
Review by Sim (3 September 2023)
I recommend trying different flavors before judging the brand. It's quite light in terms of sweetness and it doesn't make you feel full after drinking it.
New favourite
Review by Daniel L (30 August 2023)
A bit pricey compared to the limited options I can find nearby (PE), but the flavour and lightness of this shake make it very worth it. Only tried birthday cake, very subtle flavour which I could sip on for ages. Delivery was blitz too!
Review by Al (18 August 2023)
I just ordered this one in Strawberry and what a disappointment! This is the 3 product I would throw in the bin..so many local brands with disgusting tastes..this one made me nauseous, it has a strong chemical after taste. I guess I will have to get the Nutritec again or ON whey. I wish I could return it ????
Nothing better
Review by BigT (14 August 2023)
Been using another local brand won't mention names but changed to evolve tri-whey and i will never use anything else ever again. This product is just amazing from the price to the quality they say you get what you pay for but with tri-whey i am getting alot more than i paid for simply the best. Double dutch chocolate is on the whole other level ! tastes amazing its so good you crave it. Mixes great and no stomach issues like i get from other local brands going to try their pre work out next will let you know.
Best whey in the market
Review by Barry Benson  (14 August 2023)
The only whey that hasn’t messed with my stomach! Best tasting whey out there. ALL FLAVOURS !!! New flavours in the white tubs are exceptionally good. No local brand can compete… very few international brands make a whey as good as this.
Amazing Service and great supplement
Review by Ntokozo (3 May 2023)
First of all, what great service I received from you guys. In difficult times like these where whey supplement is expensive to purchase you guys make it possible for us to purchase by giving us the best prices.

On to the whey, it's a really good product I have been using it for a month(3rd tub) now, the results are pretty decent as long as your consistent in the gym, use it with creatine and you'll see amazing gains. In terms of taste I love "Milk and cookies" it's really good probably the best whey flavour I have ever had. I currently have the vanilla flavour, it creates foams but it's manageable I love it more when I blend it with a banana and oats.
Gets muscles :/
Review by Tarzan (14 March 2022)
Okay ,price was less time when I bought it.Deliverly wasn't not on time but arrived safely .Product worked, taste was fine . I struggled to finish it due to unwanted skin problems.
Tastes great
Review by Deirdre (11 February 2022)
Tastes great!
Amazing protein
Review by Zee (28 April 2021)
Amazing taste, great protein, feeds the muscles well with quality protein, can drink this all day and the benefits are awesome, even helped in recovering from some old injuries, not sure how but it's awesome
Better than other SA brands
Review by Harry (23 February 2021)
Taste and mixability are really good. I decided to try this as an alternative to ON and my results have been average.
best whey in south africa
Review by mikeg (9 November 2020)
Bought this whey and its hands down the best tasting and by far the best quality whey in SA !!!no upset tummy like i got from the other local brands ,excellent mix-ability
thank you supplement world and evolve !
Tri-Whey or Tri-It
Review by HappiestCustomerEver:D (22 October 2020)
This is the best whey protein I have ever had and I have used many brand. No chunks, no clogging and no powder remain after shaking. No weird bland after taste like many other whey proteins. You will not be dissapointed still on my first tub,4days, and I feel the difference!!!!! Tri-It now;)
Review by Kyle (19 September 2020)
Works very well and tastes great, have been using it for a few months, really does assist with recovery and I've been having solid results.
Flavor wise
Review by Tash (17 September 2020)
Had Eskimo pie for a few months, really enjoyed that one. Decided to switch it up and try the strawberry and the cookies& milk really didn’t like them. Strawberry gave me terrible heart burn.
Impressive Whey for the Bucks you Pay
Review by Tahsh (22 June 2020)
I am onto my 2nd tub of Evolve's Tr-whey.

The 1st was the cookies and cream flavour and it really was not grand. Had an artificially sweet tasting flavour.

I decided to give this South African brand another chance and purchased the Strawberry Milkshake and I am SO GLAD that I made that choice. The Strawberry Milkshake is a 10/10!

Overall, the protein mixes well, does not give a bloating sensation, tastes great and is very affordable.
Review by shah (21 April 2020)
its not good, its incredible.
Cream soda
Review by SEH_ (12 March 2020)
I have to recommend this whey protein, absolutely incredible. The best whey I have used in Ever !! The price is relatively low against other brands, for the amount of protein to carb ratio you get is amazing. To anyone reading the reviews on this product...don't even look at other brands get this! No bloating ,mixes really good. I have tried 4 flavours now (vanilla,eskimo pie, caramel fudge and cream soda) I have to give my honest opinion the cream soda is horrible I hate the taste,it has a weird after taste(my opinion) but the others are awesome balanced perfectly and with almond milk it's like having a milkshake at your favourite restaurant.

Well done Evolve.
Review by Vision (14 October 2019)
Mixes perfect. No sinkers. No floaters. No clogging. I tried the 'Milk & Cookies' flavour and it isn't overwhelming at all. Just perfectly balanced. No gas. No bloating. In terms of the effects; it's been only 4 days and the difference is noticeable. If you want lean muscle gains, look no further. This is where it's at!!
Best budget whey protein I've used!
Review by Yash S (24 June 2019)
I have used many different types of whey protein over the past 5 years and all I can say is this is by far the best in terms of price and value. I have it every morning and I have seen excellent gains since changing over to the Tri-Whey. Vanilla flavour is the best, in my opinion.
taste like nesquik
Review by stich (19 June 2019)
great tasting protein shake
It is working no doubt
Review by Kurt (30 May 2019)
I noticed muscle for the 1st time in my life, after struggling with weight for 20 years m finally losing weight, its been a month using this product and im seeing mad changes
great protein; great taste
Review by ZEEK (12 April 2019)
Good quality protein that mixes easily and doesn't upset your stomach. The vanilla tastes great and is, thankfully, not too sweet. Mix it up with some fruit and you're good to go. Highly recommended.
Review by G_Money (1 April 2019)
Just got my tub delivered and immediately opened it just to try it out. Pleasantly surprised by how easily it mixes. Wow. Some powders you to have to give a good shake to mix it all well. I got the caramel fudge flavor and its nice. Super keen to be making some gainzzzz
Good value
Review by Shaun (28 March 2019)
i bought cookies and cream, eskimo pie and strawberry - 1kgs so i could have a different flavour each day. i feel good and i feel its effective. only catch is i find all 3 too sweet. i mixed with milk and water and still too sweet its not unbearable but sweet . if this doesn't bug you then cool.
Review by Jookef (20 March 2019)
Okay once again thanks to Supplement World for the quick delivery.

Taste Excellent for a Strawberry Flavour - less sugar.
Price Great not sure it's my first whey protein and I bought on special.
Effectiveness would be great a comment later I just started using it.

Happy so far
Best testing protein ever
Review by Harry (22 January 2019)
I would dread buying protein as the taste of most proteins are horrid but after trying the milk and cookies flavour I was instantly amazed. This product is certainly effective and it doesn't bloat me nor did it give me any side effects. I highly recommend it.
Thumbs up!
Review by Anela  (19 November 2018)
The taste is very good and it mixes well: no lumps, no fuss, no mess.
It's the cheapest protein in the market in my opinion.
I gave it a 3-star rating for effectiveness because it's my first day using it.
Thumbs up Evolve. Local is lekker!
Great Value Whey
Review by Rob J (7 August 2018)
I was sceptical regarding the product because of the price, but this being the second Evolve Nutrition product I have used and enjoying the first product, I was happy taking the risk and I am highly satisfied with it.
Powder is very thin which is what I expected based on the ingredient list and high protein content.
My only disappointment was with the taste of the Eskimo Pie flavour. The smell was spot on Eskimo Pie, but once mixed in water, it just tasted very watered down and seemed a bit clumpy.
I want to experiment more with different consistencies and milk to see if the taste improves.
But I am happy to not have the greatest taste for its amazing price and ingredients.
I will buy this protein again, but will try a different flavour.
Review by Tagoots (5 June 2018)
I have been using this whey for a while now. I love the taste, it mixes well, absolutely no lumps and does not leave me feeling bloated.
Best Gains Best Tast Best Value
Review by King (20 May 2018)
i have just finished my first tub and this is the best value for money and the gains i have seen combined with a good diet have been insane the only whey to use
Best whey protein I have tried so far
Review by Soliman (21 January 2018)
The best product so far. I tried lots of other whey products from other companies and most of them gave me stomach problems. This one is easily digested maybe due to the added on digestive enzymes, it also tastes great and dissolves readily with no lumps. Highly recommended.
Vanilla is one of the best flavors
Review by Peter (5 November 2017)
Really good quality protein.
Nothing Beats it!
Review by Tommy (24 November 2016)
Absolutely love this Whey! Evolve you have truly showed off how useless the other South African brands are. People moan about the price but you're getting nearly the same protein as Gold Standard at a much lower price with in my opinion better flavours! Evolve did it right and hopefully they apply this A+ game in their future products.

Taste: Tried and been through every flavor except for Eskimo pie but I'm extremely looking forward to it! Loved every flavor extensively! Normally I get over a whey protein shake flavour after a week or two but this clearly kept me coming back for more!

Results: gained 11kgs and dropped 5% body fat in 3 months! This is also due to training 6 days a week and following an extremely strict diet along with short interval sprint training for cardio plus a lot of supplements ( Natty ). Never received results like this before in a local brand!

Price: You honestly can't complain about the price of this whey! You're getting excellent quality that you can expect from overseas brands and half the price! Supplementation is never going to be cheap and a good whey isn't either. Investing in the best results in the best and honestly this doesn't even need that much investing! R499-R699 depending where you buy from ( some places rip you off! ) if you can afford your ON but can't afford this then something is extremely wrong!

100% would recommend this product to anyone looking for a reliable source of protein at a medium price range with extremely good flavors!
Review by B (2 November 2016)
Good Product
Review by Warren (8 August 2016)
Good Taste
Mixes easily
Well worth the try for the price
Review by Neilo (13 June 2016)
I love the taste(Vanilla) of this protein and it is quite effective, but unfortunately it gives me acne!!! Will no longer be buying this product.
Can't wait for the end of the month !!!
Review by shaun (3 June 2016)
Absolutely love this product taste is awesome, so far only tried the strawberry you can taste that there is no sugar in that shake. People told me that the cream soda and eskimo pie is great so I'll probably get the pie one this month. price is good and product very clean. Mixes very well .

thanks for the good product
Review by Ricky (7 March 2016)
Would love too see the amino acid breakdown or just the amount of BCAA per serving
Review by shaz (9 November 2015)
didn't know the brand so decided to buy on 20% discount. impressed with the product so far. taste is great (vanilla), no bloating and the price is one of the best for a local product considering the other brand prices (evox, ssn, etc). will continue to use.
Gainz! Gainz! Gainz!
Review by Circle (22 September 2015)
First whey supplement I've used ever. As a female, building muscles and toning up tends to be a bit harder than males, been using Tri-Whey for two months now and I've seen a positive improvement in muscle growth and definition. The cream soda flavour tastes great, torn in between buying the strawberry and the Eskimo Pie next - definitely going to continue using this bad boy!
Great whey
Review by Blaze (24 August 2015)
I have been using it for about 2 and a half mouths . it really works , I have seen improvement in muscle growth and muscle maintenance, but I think you would get better results if you pair tri whey with a high protein diet and some good creatine
eskimo pie is awesome
Review by Ewan (28 July 2015)
Got this on special to try. The flavour is the best tasting I've had, even imported products like ON. Their Eskimo Pie is a mix of Chocolate and Hazelnut. Seriously look forward to drinking my shake. Mixes great, no bloating issues. The price is not the best, but with other brands like evox going crazy with their price it makes this attractive.
Review by cross_fit (20 November 2014)
Looking for alternatives to expensive international whey shakes I decided to try this. Wow. Great taste. Has digestive enzymes which helps with absorbability.
Best local whey
Review by Mike (3 November 2014)
This whey is the best whey powder I have ever used I have tried all local sa brands and this is by far whey better than any of the rest. I would place this whey on par if not better cause of price then ON gold standard ! Cream soda is divine would highly recommend this for getting lean.
excellent product, just pricey
Review by Phil (7 May 2014)
Used 2 containers already, tastes nice, works well, but get expensive for the amount of servings
Best whey protein
Review by Phil (1 May 2014)
Excellent product, best for lean muscle mass, other than picking up lots of weight, using too high carb content products where most weight gain is then actually fat. Well done Evolve.
best tasting local whey ever !!!
Review by gav e (7 August 2013)
this has to be the best local whey i have ever used whey better than any of the other brands if this brand can continue to produce solid products like this i feel sorry for the rest of the brands in sa well done evolve !! eskimo pie takes you back man