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Supplements SA Creatine Supreme

Supplements SA Creatine Supreme

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Supplements SA Creatine Supreme is micronised to create a fine powder which maximises absorption and improves digestion to improve gains in size and strength.

Creatine monohydrate is the most popular and effective supplement used by athletes looking to gain lean muscle and strength.

- 15% size increase in 6 days.

- Instant short term (Adenosine Triphosphate) energy and strength.

- Increases testosterone levels and protein synthesis.

- Essential for sprinting (athletics, swimming, cycling), rugby, soccer, cricket, hockey.

- Speeds up recovery from injury through a process called Myogenesis.

- Helps to burn fat.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 5g
Servings Per Container: 100
Per Serving
Creatine Monohydrate 5000 mg


Allergen Warning: Contains no common allergens, but is produced in a facility that processes Whey, Casein and Egg.


• One serving is a rounded teaspoon (5g) with a glass of fruit juice or with water and five or more teaspoons of dextrose.

• Ingesting a carbohydrate solution (sugars) with creatine promotes a 60% greater increase in total creatine concentrations in the muscle, compared with taking creatine alone.

C• REATINE SUPREME can also be taken with a pre- or post-training drink, or both, as your drink should include protein and carbohydrates.

First four days:

• 4 servings (20 g) spread out throughout the day. This is the loading phase.

Non-training days:

• 1 serving (5 grams) in the morning on an empty stomach.


This product is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any form of disease.

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Customer Reviews
Best supplement for me ever
Review by Bronyah (7 October 2019)
Very good and affordable
creatine, fat burner, testo and so much more
Review by BEAR (4 December 2018)
the product is fantastic and quick to work it also has a smaller serving size at R105 it also has a mechanical smell to it but thats where the GAINZ come from, if you dont like the smell then you should try Supplements SA creatine OVERDRIVE which is R165 (prices may differ)
I saw it for first time today and I did love it then u buy a tub with very cost price ,I drink it my first glass after training and feel like going back on the road.
Review by sizer (8 September 2018)
is bitter and tasteless without fruit juice but I enjoyed like that.
good stuff
Review by Joe (1 September 2018)
have bin using it 4 a month now ,noticing good gains n as 4 endurance its super
Great Product...
Review by Gunnz... (30 January 2018)
Gives you so much strength and for the endurance!!! Hell yeah...
Damn GOOD.
Review by Kamo (6 September 2017)
Been using this product for 2 weeks, I go to gym twice a day. yerr it gives me crazy strength I mean you have to work your butt off to see gains. not stacking it with anything, I use it with sometimes fruit juice. Taste is not bad.
Try it mate.
Stopped Using after a week
Review by Hessel (15 March 2017)
Stopped using after a week or so. Kept giving me the runs and cramps especially when you had to take it on an empty stomach. Did start to see some gains though. Was using in conjunction with SSA Whey Isolate Protein
Best you can ever have
Review by Prof (5 February 2017)
Keep it that way
awesome product indeed
Review by gain (3 December 2016)
Would recommend..noticed some gains within 3 days
it's great
Review by mawawa (6 November 2016)
That is my first time using this product I was using creatine hcl it was good and now am expecting lot of gains but instructions are confusing me any help please!!!!
Not that effective
Review by Harry (6 June 2016)
Don't seem to get an energy boost from this.
Works. Bitter. Good Price.
Review by Gitz (25 January 2016)
This creatine really does the job. Muscles feel fuller, energy is up, strength is up. If you drink it with water it's very bitter but mix with your shake and you're all good. The price for 500g makes this worth it for me. Would recommend.
Cool though it all needs hard work
Review by Steady (30 October 2015)
Wow can't waiting to get another
First time I'm using this
Review by Lubbe (14 October 2015)
Its the first time that I'm using this supp and I really hope to build some muscle as the Rugby season starts in a few weeks for me..
This product works.
Review by Paul (13 October 2015)
I gained 2.5kg in the loading phase (4days). My chest is on point n0w, i even had problems wearing my h00die
great product
Review by at (23 August 2015)
I gained 2 kg from 500g but I want to try it with ssa massive muscle
Not to shabby
Review by Mr muscle (19 August 2015)
Not bad , I prefer ssn anabolic muscle builder that supports made me super huge .
Review by beginner (11 August 2015)
its great and all but it doest say how much to use a day
the best supp
Review by ceezy (30 May 2015)
Really made amazing gains on this. Started noticing gains after 4days and everyone started saying that I'm huge, I love this product, don't waste money on other supplements, buy this supp its the best, I used it 4 a month and a half and gained a lot of mass better than USN fast grow anabolic and hyperbolic mass mixed.
Great product
Review by Petresco  (23 February 2015)
In 2 weeks only 2 weeks I have seen amazing results with hard work and a good diet,combine the Supreme with Evox_5xl formidable mass!!!!
brilliant product
Review by gary (5 December 2014)
impressive product best creatine so far.
Thumbs Up
Review by Tankster (22 November 2014)
Stock standard creatine at a great price. Not worried about the taste because I mix it with Grape juice or my whey shake. This lasts me about 2 months. Steal at the price.
clean power
Review by Iron_Man (7 August 2014)
been stacking this with the amino x2 and using as an intra-workout shake (good clean energy for endurance) and as "a first thing in the morning shake"
results are good, recovery is good.taste is good in masking creatine taste and L-glute.
i don't load creatine only take as mentioned above. worth the cash spent
works well
Review by Mhlengi (28 July 2014)
Very good supplement
Awesome product_if not the the best
Review by TMT baby !!! (14 July 2014)
Not that bad if you take it with fruit juice, really works, awesome product at a good price and noticed gains in 3/4 days
great supp but worst taste ever.
Review by KAI(QULORN) (25 June 2014)
Great supp worst taste
Review by Mufasa (10 June 2014)
great product, started noticing gains after 4 days
Good Product
Review by Paolo (22 April 2014)
Very Effective. Good gains! and Not punishing the Kidneys.
Thank you supplement world for great advice and service. My one stop supplement shop!
Review by Riaan (15 April 2014)
You can surely notice the gains great product to use
solid gains
Review by Larry (8 April 2014)
have made some decent gains using this. absolutely love supplements sa as they provide really quality products at really good prices
Very effective than nothing on earth
Review by Carbadimo (3 March 2014)
Very very good!
Review by MrHaha (14 November 2013)
wonderful product! I'm not even finished the tub and people are noticing the changes in my body! The fact that it is tasteless make it very versatile because it can be mixed with any drink! Very happy!