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Evolve Nutrition Lifting Straps

Evolve Nutrition Lifting Straps

Sold Out. Temporarily out of stock.
Product Info
Evolve Nutrition Lifting Straps are perfect for heavy training days when the weight of the bar exceeds your grip. Free Delivery Available. BUY NOW
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Customer Reviews
Review by Don (10 June 2022)
During lockdown I was broke so I could only afford these. After about 5 months the foam padding comes off, and the stitching falls apart. So they’re good if you want something temporary.
Finally found straps
Review by Gerhardt (24 February 2020)
Nothing special about these. Just like all the others before (looks like they all come from the same factory). I just can't find the others. Ordered on Supplement World, service was excellent and the straps do the job.