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SSN Glutamine Powder

SSN Glutamine Powder

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Product Info

Glutamine is a powerfully beneficial amino acid, being the most abundant amino acid in muscle cells. With extremely hard training, intra-muscular glutamine levels can drop and when muscle glutamine levels fall, muscle cell volume decreases resulting in muscle catabolism (muscle loss). As glutamine plays a role in immune responses, this fall in glutamine levels partly explains the increased susceptibility of hard training athletes to infections.

Supplementing with glutamine during intense training cycles helps prevent a drop in glutamine levels, thereby helping maintain proper cell volume & hydration levels as well as providing a potent anti-catabolic (muscle preserving) effect. Research and real world evidence strongly suggests that L-glutamine supplementation in hard training athletes plays an important role in assisting with recovery, enhancing muscle cell volume and preventing muscle catabolism by maintaining optimal muscle metabolism.

To maximise L-glutamines anabolic, anti-catabolic and cell volumising effects, consume extra fluid every day and increase your daily protein intake by way of a high quality pure protein supplement such as SSN's 100% Whey Protein.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 Rounded Teaspoon
Servings Per Container: 60

  Amount per Serving% DV*
Pharmaceutical Grade L-Glutamine 5g*

* Percent Daily Values not established.



Contains no common allergens.

This product is made in a facility that uses egg, dairy, soy, wheat (gluten) and nuts.


• Mix one rounded teaspoon (5g) with cold liquid, one to three times daily.

• Take one 5 gram serving immediately following your workout, ideally mixed with a carbohydrate/protein shake.


Seek advice from a health care professional before use if you have any pre-existing medical condition. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur.

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Customer Reviews
Superb buy
Review by Ashveer (9 April 2014)
Cost effective, physically effective.... an all round excellent purchase. Has good solubility and not bitter compared to other products out on the market
decent result
Review by Larry (8 April 2014)
although I'm not a big fan of glutamine right now, it really helped during workouts when I was dieting
Better of the others
Review by Matthew (21 November 2013)
Out of all I have had this has been the best value and effectiveness!
Review by Darren (6 November 2013)
dissolves excellently you must just give it enough time, tase is average and works well
Guess its good
Review by Lizani (12 October 2013)
I just finished my 1st pack. Wouldn't know whether it works or not as I progress slowly, lasted a few months due to cycling it. Like all other Glutamines, the bitterness is just a bit offsetting.
Great value and effective
Review by Deemo (17 August 2013)
Great value for money...91 servings per bag and awesome pharmaceutical grade glute. Been using it for years!