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Supplements SA Hell Fire

Supplements SA Hell Fire

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Supplements SA Hell Fire is a pre-workout giving you smooth energy and extreme pumps.

Loads of Energy

To perform at your best during your gym workouts you need energy.

This is an ultra concentrated energy drink which gives you 300 mg of caffeine per scoop to ignite your training session. Three cups of coffee would give you the same amount of caffeine.

Better Muscle Pumps

Glycocarn has been added to give you more of a ‘pump’ during your workout.

This cutting-edge ingredient is the latest and most effective clinically proven nitric oxide (NO) enhancer on the market.

Nitric Oxide dilates or ‘expands’ your blood vessels to allow more oxygen and nutrient rich blood to reach your muscles.

Lots of Servings

This product has 40 servings which will be more than 2 month’s supply if you train 5 times per week.

Due to the high amount of caffeine there is no need to exceed the recommended dosage, making this one of the more affordable pre-workouts available.

Concentrated Rocket

Supplements SA Hell Fire offers athletes a great training performance boost with the added unique ingredients setting it apart from other similar products. Worth a try if you are on a budget.

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Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (5 g)
Servings per Bottle: 40
 Amount Per Serving NRV
Energy8 Cal / 33.6 kJ
Protein3.2 g  
Total Fat 0 g
Total Carbohydrates0 g
Sugars0 g
Dietary Fibre 0 g
Sodium0 g
Beta Alanine 1.5 g
Glycine1.05 g
Creatine Monohydrate 1.0 g
Caffeine300 mg
D Aspartic Acid 300 mg
Hordenine100 mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 100 mg
Nicotinic Acid 30 mg
† NRV - Nutrient Reference Values for individuals older than 4 years.

Beta Alanine, Glycine, Creatine Monohydrate, Caffeine, D Aspartic Acid, Hordenine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Nicotinic Acid, Pirosil, Colourants, Flavourants.

Allergen Information: Contains no common allergens, but is produced in a facility that processes Whey, Casein and Egg.

Recommended products to use with this item

• Take 1 scoop in 100ml to 200ml of cold water.

• Drink 30 minutes before training.

• Need only be taken on training days.

• Do not take within 4 hours of bedtime to avoid interrupted sleeping pattern.


Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you are being treated for heart disease or high blood pressure. Should not be used in conjunction with any prescription medication, including MAO inhibitors, stimulants or anti -depressants.

Use this product as a food supplement only and consume in conjunction with a nutritious diet and appropriate physical training program. Do not use as a sole source of nutrition.

This product has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Customer Reviews
Best in this price range
Review by SUGZ (14 November 2019)
Solid pre workout
Gives your diarrhoea heavily
Review by Issy  (1 August 2019)
The product tastes okay but it isn't effective at all, usually with other pre workouts I'd feel my ears and stuff itching but this does nothing, and it gives you diarrhoea every time you take it.
Pretty decent
Review by beezy (6 May 2019)
I can't understand the bad reviews to be honest because when I took it I was going solid for 45 mins each session. Very good for the low price. Taste wise, its also decent. I enjoyed it and would buy again some time in the future.
Value for Money
Review by quicksilver (30 January 2019)
Good stuff but GANIC F still better.
Best PW By Far!
Review by Gotlieb (27 December 2018)
Hellfire will smash through any plateau, strength will increase with approximately 10%!
Does nothing for me
Review by Tebza (10 December 2018)
Great only for that mental focus, other than that i didn't notice any difference but i am not surprise since i am a coffeeholic.
It works
Review by Kurt (10 September 2018)
I have been using it for 3 days Great product one scoop is enough
Lives up to the name
Review by tristo (8 August 2018)
the hellfire makes you train like a bat out of hell. burn in the gym, burn the fat, even if you are fit, you will be pushing boundaries, so even the next day, your muscles will... BURN
Currently the best for me
Review by LukeSW4 (13 July 2018)
Used a couple of pre-workouts. All good and won't give them bad reviews, but hellfire is brilliant, after 45min training I feel like training another 45 min (by the way I have done it a couple of times and lasted the entire 90min. Its a constant medium release of energy and pump and not that sudden spike that after 20min you feel that lazy, I'm done, lets go home feeling. Great product!!!
Good - but
Review by Les (9 July 2018)
Tested twice, felt the tingle and got going was hundreds but about 2 hours later headache and felt like kak both times. Reason for this?
Best Pre Workout
Review by Uri (31 October 2017)
I have tried many pre workouts but none give me the pump like how hellfire does. For me, the best pre workout on the market.
Value for money
Review by Gert (30 October 2017)
Im the type of guy who don't need pre workouts in general.. But when i get allergies, fatigue, ect. I take 2 scoops and it makes me lift even harder and heavier than i do even when im 100% fit and healthy.

Its a big "yes" from me
this product is too work full for me
Review by monza (25 September 2017)
this product help me to lift weights for long period of time without fatigue or tiredness. it is very useful in me I give it 10/10 rating. good keep it up we want stuff like this so we can build our bodies vastly
Great product
Review by Argy (12 September 2017)
What a product. Great pre-workout. Decent effect and an explosion of energy. Just comes down very fast...pump lasts +- 40 minutes. Thought i'd try the mango & coconut, never again! Tasted horrible. I did finish the container nonetheless.
Must have
Review by Shadow (4 August 2017)
30mins after taking it you feel like
The Best Product For The Price
Review by Milo510 (17 July 2017)
This is probably the best pre-workout on the market - effectiveness vs price wise. It gives loads of energy with decent muscle pumps. After using it for 3 years on & off, it remains my go-to pre-workout. Taste is alright, can improve a bit, but otherwise the best in my opinion.
Oh HELL no!!!!
Review by lee (13 April 2017)
decided to take 2 scoops of hell fire and I still can't get my heart rate to get back to normal...I can't sleep it feels like I'm going to get a heart attack!!!!the feeling won't go away and I'm always feeling carefull guys I might need to see a doctor
Just what you are looking for!
Review by Kick@ss (20 January 2017)
Taste is good, take as specified not how you want to. Don't drink the kinda power that forms at the bottom of it, tastes bad. Performance increase is definitely noticeable. I would recommend this to anyone.
Pure Exellence
Review by Patnova (16 November 2016)
This product is brilliant. (warning) after a month of using it twice a week your body will become immune to it and you won't feel the rush you had when starting with it.
Hellfire Happiness
Review by Hanswors (25 October 2016)
This stuff is awesome, I drink 2 scoops before riding my bike and it makes me fly. My poor riding mates can't even keep up with me on a training ride.

Hellfire has changed me for life, I have gone from a fun rider who just wanted to ride his bike to a raging unstoppable cycling machine.

Thank you Hellfire!!!
Does Nothng
Review by knocks (21 September 2016)
I have recently switched to Hell fire, and I must say its the worst pre workout I have ever taken. its like I did not drink anything and even worse my body just crashes. instead of giving me energy it drained it, I even tried taking two scoops but still nothing. I am very disappointed
Review by D Michael Kepa (26 July 2016)
No wonder it is called Hell Fire

25min after taking it in, you will feel fire all over the body. Not wanting anything else than training

it really does its work. Um not gonna stop using it
love it
Review by brandon (12 July 2016)
A very goood supplement,i love it cause it works and it does not cause any harm to your body
Good pump, good focus, horrendous taste.
Review by Garreth (5 July 2016)
I'm quite a veteran when it comes to pre workouts, so after a 2 week detox I decided to double scoop (600mg caffeine) the first time I used this product. Needless to say, BIG MISTAKE.
I spent my entire session hearing my heartbeat in my ears whilst standing next to the water dispenser, downing endless amounts of water.

So the second time around, I limited myself to one scoop - and BOOM, I felt amazing. Great focus, and although no new PB's were made, the pump was good too. Plus, 40 scoops is a lot for the price!

NOTE: The watermelon flavour can only be compared to seriously foul eggs.. I am going to try the other flavours in the future, but I am NEVER buying watermelon again.
Weak or maybe my imaginary
Review by Tocoloc (4 July 2016)
This product seems to be weak now? The man that use to pose on the container with fire is stronger then the one with the new cover?
It is working for me
Review by Lwacks  (27 May 2016)
I like it although it tastes bad but am not taking it for taste am taking it to give me results and it is giving me exactly that.
Beyond explanation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review by Matams (24 May 2016)
This product is potent.
It is the best of the best.
Review by Lift (28 April 2016)
Really amazing, just need to know how to stop the drop and feeling miff in gym.
Good but needs tweaking
Review by #Cochise (12 April 2016)
First off it's a good pre workout make no mistake. Plus for me is Glycocarn. It's the only local brand that has it in their products.

Effectiveness: 8/10
To feel the full effect you have to double up on the serving size, but that gives you a whopping 600mg of caffeine, which makes you crash a bit and somewhat diminishes the effect of the other ingredients.

Endurance: 7/10
Gives good endurance, but I ran out flat 40 mins in. Maybe add some Betaine?
The dosage of B-Alanine isn't 3g as listed on the product. You only get 1.2g per serving, which is highly under dosed.

Pump: 7/10
The product will certainly improve with some Citrulline Malate and Agmatine.

Otherwise good product. Let's hope they bring out V2 soon.
Excellent product
Review by Nandosguy  (14 March 2016)
This stuff gives you a serious kick in the pants. Buffers lactic acid. I don't recommend using more than 1.5 scoops at 100kg body weight. Obviously please be careful if you lift in IPF or a drug banned sport. Taste leaves some to be desired. Overall great product though.
Review by Ockie  (23 February 2016)
Lets you feel great and gives you load of explosive power
Just 1 scoop -You feel like Superman.
Review by MERGZ (9 February 2016)
Just 1 scoop -You feel like Superman.
Really explosive stuff..
Review by Lennox 6 (8 February 2016)
This stuff gives u the energy u've been looking for all these years
good stuff
Review by suga (4 February 2016)
amazing gets you to pump those workout with treadmill forever lol
Amazing product
Review by King Kong  (31 January 2016)
Took 2 scoops with 5g SSA creatine supreme ,, felt like a freaking superhero... Blue raspberry tastes like castor oil mixed with lemon juice though
Review by jacked nerd (14 January 2016)
1 scoop is all you need, 2 scoops = insomnia followed by a crash after 10 hours. Haha! Insane power and pump. I would prefer this over anything else for its value for money.
Review by bdawg (11 January 2016)
Took one scoop, benched the gym.
Review by Lidacris  (6 January 2016)
this stuff is off the hook,crazy energy booster and pump...1 scoop is more than enough...
Review by Blitzed (21 December 2015)
I'm 105 kgs and use 1.5 scoops to get enough energy that I want to puke, but keeping working out while I puke. It can help your one rep max become your 8 rep hypertrophy and put another set on top of that. I have used all the others and you won't beat this for the price.
BEST value for money
Review by Kelvin (7 December 2015)
Incredibly strong, only reason I never gave it a 5 for effectiveness is because it was either a perfect amount of energy or WAY too much that I feel jittery, not always consistent but other than that its great!
I love it
Review by Mrbiggs' cake  (27 November 2015)
awesome great stuff
Review by blocky (22 October 2015)
Very effective
Get it if you want serious gains
Review by Nabz Khan (17 October 2015)
The name says it all. 1 scoop I felt nothing after 2, I was invincible. After 30 minutes you will feel the tingling feeling I feel it in my face and then you will know it is game on
Already Recommended it!
Review by Walter (28 September 2015)
Explosive product but i cant handle the nausea and wanting to puke after training. Its Def helping me to push my bodies limits
won't let you down
Review by Bevan (10 August 2015)
Went through usn biogen products that 3dt nothing so a friend gave me a sample and damn this hell fire the name says it all what ever workout you do youl be doing it with ease and so much energy although I hate the taste and when pushing boundaries you feel like throwing up while in the peek of cardio explosive training but I'm impressed with this supplement 10/10 won't go wrong.
Good stuff
Review by Cass (28 July 2015)
Makes you feel like superman
Review by jeff (22 July 2015)
Product is so over rated!
its works like a fire
Review by sukhi (2 July 2015)
My body don't feel so easy any supplements. this is first supplement i can say this is really works. When i hit gym, don't feel like to go home, so much energy with only 1 scoop. No worry about taste. HELLFIRE is the best ever. Great supp. keep it up. ( sukhdeep)
Would definatly recommend
Review by Andrew (1 June 2015)
I gym at 5am, so don't eat before any felt completely fine. First time I took 1 scoop didn't really feel anything. Next day took 2 scoops and haven't looked back. Really felt it working 30min after taking, did feel tingles, especially in my fingers but nothing wrong with that. I've used it for 1 month so far and really impressed with the results, would definably buy again.
One scoop for beginners
Review by John (28 April 2015)
Great product, but this stuff is rough...don't take 2 scoops on day one. You need to get used to it, so don't be a tough guy/girl. I repeat, one scoop, get used to it, then see if you need to take more. I took two scoops and two Beta-Ecdysterone caps on day one thinking I could handle it, but I couldn't. My workout only lasted about 30mins. I had to stop to prevent my heart from exploding! (well it felt like it)
It works
Review by Bisto (31 March 2015)
I used this product. The first day i didn't sleep at night but when the time goes on i had no problem with sleeping. The resuts are good it gave me so much energy, so i will encourage everyone to use the supplement
Review by Angel Varnfield (8 March 2015)
The pump is incredible, the energy i have is a kick-ass for any workout day ! I always refer clients and friends to use Hellfire !
Awesome awesome product !!
great product
Review by Arnold (3 March 2015)
I had the new blueberry one with a shot of blue powerade and 250ml water tasted really good and gave me a good kick, used it at night had no problem sleeping.
worked for me
Review by Rich (3 March 2015)
i really like the product expect the taste which I struggle to get down. just pinch the nose and swallow, but my workouts are great. for me constant energy with no crash.
Great,pump but made me sick
Review by Junior  (26 February 2015)
Felt horrible after my session. I mean I DID take two scoops but I felt like this was gonna burn through me. Never ate anything (puked all my post meal) and I could barely sleep.PLEASE DON'T TAKE THIS AFTER 5PM!!!
Works nice
Review by Riaan (26 February 2015)
I don't like the taste of it but it really works. Must bring out other flavours or better this one.
Focus and endurance
Review by Tiaz (11 February 2015)
I train at night, so I was looking for something that would give me a boost after a long day but not keep me up all night. A friend gave me some of his and it was great. Like the other users said, smooth energy. The first few times I still struggled to get to sleep, but then I used half a scoop and no problems. Still had a decent workout. Tub will last me 2 months easy. Great value for money. Taste is o.k. They need to bring out other flavours though.
i would give a 10 star rating
Review by whos ur daddy (7 February 2015)
This pre workout one of the best i have had . Jack3d is good but doesnt last as long as hell fire and top of all hell fire is the best for muscel recovery everything is great with this pre workout. Im impressed with supplements sa good job guys
The worst preworkout to date.
Review by Migz (27 January 2015)
A friend and i decided to try this product, after doing some researching claiming to be one of the strongest preworkout on the shelf, and with it being only 270 rand comparing to other preworkouts it was a cheaper option. All i can say is terrible, mixed 2 scoops 30min before gym, it tastes bad, and the after taste is even worse, thought it was going to burn a hole through my throat with the pungent flavour which presumingly was supposed to taste like watermelon but tasted like acid, on the way to gym my stomach curdled left me feeling naar with an itchy effect in my head. People react differently to preworkouts but both us had the same issue, after 2 scoops, i put the rest where it belongs, IN THE BIN! i wouldn't recommend it to anyone due to such a horrible experience.
Sadly dissapointing
Review by Martin (22 January 2015)
I'm not big on taking pwo's and have only used USN NitroX before. I started crossfit and wanted to get something to give me a boost during training. After reading a lot of reviews on different products I thought let me give this a try since the price ain't too bad.

I have been taking it for a week now and I have yet to feel any energy boost, improved endurance, or anything after taking this. This is really strange since I don't consume a lot of caffeine so it's not like my body has an elevated tolerance.

When I still used NitroX I could feel a drastic boost in energy, almost like a kick on the behind. However, the reviews of nitroX here on this website suggested that it is a waste of money so only because of that did I decide to try something different.

I'm really hoping that this will get better but if not then I'm not going to waste my money on this again. I also experienced a garlic after taste after the first serving. Even my wife noticed it even though I did not come near any garlic.
Review by night_crawler (22 January 2015)
currently my favourite preworkout. have been through most, but this is a beauty. smooth smooth smooth energy .... did i say smooth. great pumps during training. they need to come out with more flavours.
and for the price.... you can't go wrong.
Used 2 servings, great product!
Review by Daniel (25 November 2014)
Have only used 2 servings but highly recommend HellFire. Endurance up, energy up, pumps were there but nothing great. I have tasted better, but its not bad or anything.
Train the whole day
Review by Jono (20 November 2014)
Haven't tried alot of pre-workouts but this is my fav. Great focus and zoned for my training. Had to force my self to leave the gym lol
Great new version
Review by dave (18 November 2014)
Having used the previous 1.3 version I find this new formula great. Smooth energy which carries me through my whole training. I'm only using 1 scoop so the tub lasts almost 2 months!