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Universal Nutrition Animal Stak

Universal Nutrition Animal Stak

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The Natural “Test” Pack

If you’re a serious lifter looking to maximize your strength, performance, and gains then it’s time to consider Universal Nutrition Animal Stak.

Each pack contains effective doses of proven ingredients designed to help you naturally enhance your own body’s ability to produce anabolic hormone levels.

Animal Stak also includes select vasodilators to help enhance systemic circulation and deliver these ingredients where your body needs them most.

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 Packet (8 capsules)
Servings per Container: 21

 Amount Per ServingNRV%
As Yellow Capsule Complex (3 capsules)  
Tribulus Terrestris Extract (whole herb) 20% Saponins 725 mg 
Tribulus Terrestris Extract (whole plant) 40% Saponins 25 mg 
Fenugreek Powder (seed) 250 mg 
Nettle Powder (root) 250 mg 
Maca Extract (root) 0.6% Glucosinolates250 mg 
As Blue & White Capsule Complex (3 capsules)  
L-Arginine HCI1465 mg 
L-Glutamine 25 mg 
L-Ornithine HCI10 mg 
As Blue Capsule Complex (2 capsules)  
Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol)25 µg500%
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCI)10,5 mg750%
Magnesium (Magnesium Oxide)250 mg67%
Zinc (Zinc Oxide)25 mg250%
Polygonum cuspidatum Extract (root) 2% Trans-Resveratrol250 mg 
Green Tea Extract (leaf) 50% Polyphenols 2mg caffeine25 mg 
L-Carnitine Fumarate350 mg 
Quercetin35 mg 
Astaxanthin0.5 mg 
Milk Thistle Extract (seed) 80% Silymarin238 mg 
Astragalus Powder (root)235 mg 
Ashwagandha Extract (root) 1.5% Withanolides25 mg 
Lipoic Acid1 mg 
Coenzyme Q101 mg 

Yellow Capsule [Tribulus Terrestris Extract, capsule (gelatin (contains SULPHITES), colorants (Tartrazine E102), Sunset Yellow FCF (E110), titanium dioxide)), Fenugreek Powder, Neetle Powder, Maca Extract, bulking agent (dicalcium phosphate), anti-caking agent (stearic acid)]; Blue & white capsule [L-Arginine HCI, capsule (gelatin 9 contains SULPHITES, colorants (Brilliant Blue FCF E133, titanium dioxide)), anti-caking agents (silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate), L-Glutamine , bulking agent (dicalcium phosphate), L-Ornithine HCL)]; Blue capsule [ bulking agent (dicalcium phosphate), Magnesium Oxide, L-Carnitine fumarate, capsule (gelatin (contains SULPHITES), colorants (Brilliant Blue FCF E133, titanium dioxide)), Polygonum Cuspidatum Root Extract, Milk Thistle Extract , Astragalus Root Powder, anti-caking agents (silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate) Quercetin, Zinc Oxide, Green Tea Exract, Ashwagandha Extract, Pyridoxine HCI (Vitamin B6), Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D), Lipoic Acid, Coenzyme Q10, Astaxanthin]


Made in a facility on equipment that process milk, soy, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish and wheat.

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• Take a single packet daily for 21 straight days.

• On training days take it 30-45 minutes before lifting.

• On non-training days, take it prior to bed.

• For best results ”cycle” this product following a schedule of three weeks on and one week off.

• Best results if used by those who are 25 years or older. However, due to its ability to help modulate free test levels, it could benefit others as well. Consider “stacking” Animal Stak with either Animal Test or Animal M-Stak for even greater gains.

• Recommended daily dose is 1 pack.


Importance of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of young children. Food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.Store in a cool dry place. E102 E110: may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.Contains 2mg of naturally occurring caffeine per packet.Not recommended for children or pregnant women. Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years. Do not use if pregnant or nursing or have a serious medical condition. Consult a physician before using this product. Use of this product may be banned by some athletic associations. Athletes should definitely consult with their sanctioning authority before use.

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Customer Reviews
So far so good
Review by Thato (2 July 2023)
I had a 9 month gym hiatus went on M-stack in my 1st month back made me eat a lot and a little bit of size back but strength wise I really still struggled wasn't even lifting half of my original weights. Decided to start ANIMAL STACK now in my off week its like 4 days in and my strength is off the roof!! It works
Strength Gainz
Review by Dumani (14 April 2021)
Took this in conjunction with Animal Pak. Got good strength gains. Not much in the way of muscle size from what I could see.
Review by Siya (8 February 2020)
Biggest mistake of my life. Did absolutely nothing for me. To it for 7 days and gave up. Didn't make sense to keep on taking all those pills if I wasn't experiencing any positive effect.
Amazing product
Review by Mangasta  (27 May 2019)
Look am 110kg hard gainer my friend is 75Kg we bought 3 cans of Animal Stack each, first can gone and there’s a big difference in terms of muscle gain, strength increases not too much, endurability increased and beast mode on another level :) will post again after 2nd bottle stay tuned.
It works
Review by Juju (28 February 2018)
It's damn expensive but you get what you pay for. Endurance increases which is noticeable after three days, confidence increases as well as strength. I noticed my face and abs looks slightly thinner and more defined during a cycle but returns to normal like a week after your cycle is complete. Very good product
Review by Neil (26 March 2017)
Im not going to talk a lot, just leaving it simple...THIS PRODUCT WORKS!!!
Strong product
Review by Wesley E (13 October 2016)
Animal stack is a great product, takes a few days to kick in, but then the endurance increases as well as the strength. With a good post workout you can expect to put on 2/3kgs over the 3/4 weeks. Very expensive and some of the tablets are rather big to be critical but nevertheless I recommend this product and am purchasing my second container today.
Review by Khakha (20 February 2015)
Great product indeed. I managed to gain 1,2kg in just 4 days of using it, looking forward to see what will happen when Im done with this 3 week cycle of using it but Im sure its gonna be great results
Review by Traawr (5 November 2014)
Been on stacks for 6 weeks now, went from 82kg to 102. 25% body fat. Taking one dosage a day along with hellfire just to pump me up. Used to bench 40kg, now I'm pumping 80kg
Review by Deanza (8 January 2014)
Used this product with a decent pre work out and the results were pretty awesome! Used it 3 times with a 2 week break between each cycle and dropped from 116kgs(184cm height) to 102kgs. Strength gains were flippen good! A small example; bench went from 35 kgs dumbells to 50 kgs in each(8 clean reps) over the cycle. Definitely going to start the new year with another x3 on/off cycle. Big ups universal!!
Best Product
Review by Johann (23 November 2013)
I was struggling to put on lean muscle mass for ages, after 2 cycles of Stak, I jumped from 75 - 90kg, Product makes me hungry as hell, which is great, Strength and Mental Focus is there as with all Animal Products. 10/10 would recommend this to anyone!
Good stuff
Review by Mandan (10 September 2013)
Used animal stak and I had good solid gains in muscle mass, went from 76kg to 85kg while on this product. Universal rocks!
powerfull product
Review by Guan (9 September 2013)
The animal stack is a great product for building strength and lean muscle. It gives extreme power and gives you results from week one of usage. I would recommend animal stack for experienced bodybuilders.
Animal Stak
Review by Muscle Mike (5 September 2013)
Great product. Gained about two kgs during the cycle. Will try it again, but I will have to wait for bonus time...
Good so far
Review by Gerrit (7 August 2013)
Only my third day using the product so I can't really give a full review as to how well it works, but I have to say even three days in I already feel an increase in endurance. I have not yet felt an increase in strength, still lifting the same weight. Halfway through my workout the STAK kicks in and I'm pumped up to as hell. Make me sweat more as well. Also it seems to give me extremely vivid dreams. I have researched it and it appears to be the Mucuna Pruriens Extract that causes this. But so far so good. Will write a review again when I'm done with the cycle. Oh and yes it is pricy. Comes down to almost 35Rand a packet.
Review by Mr-muscle (1 July 2013)
i have used many products off the animal range but i was not very impressed with this for the price i paid. otherwise animal products are great!@ can never go wrong with Pak
Great product
Review by robbie (14 May 2013)
A huge increase in strength
once in the second week the results are not only felt but also seen
great vitamin pack - contains most essentials
Fantastic and legit
Review by Andrew (8 May 2013)
Finally back in the gym after years of not working out,
Was stuck on 100kg bench and 80kg Military press for a month, struggling to break the 8 rep barrier.
A mate told me about Animal Stak, 2 weeks into the cycle, bench increased from 100kg at 8reps to 120kg at 8reps and Military press from 80kg to 100kg 10reps...
Really amazing product, have also become vastly leaner while padding up a lot.
Next Cycle is Animal Test and Stak, very excited.
Waste of Money
Review by Waste of Money (15 April 2013)
I think this product only works on certain people and I think you need to take at least 2 cycles to see any real gains. I took it for one cycle and did not see any strength gains, any weight gain and did not see any real results. I did see that my muscles seemed harder and more pumped while working out but that soon disappeared about an hour after leaving the gym. I also lost a lot of hair and my face became very oily. The pills are a pain to take. I think there are far better Test products out there.
Gains were unbelievable
Review by Nivendran (5 April 2013)
Amazing gains and increase in strength. Worth a try at least once in you life!
Review by IamVans (27 March 2013)
Gains achieved were superb, however I would not recommend stacking with M-Stak . Staking the two products resulted in acne, insomnia and heart palpitations.
Review by Luke (13 November 2012)
After finishing my first 21 day course of Animal Stack, I now know what it's Universal's signature product. It works like a bomb! Although it's a bit pricey, I definitely recommend that every dedicated body builder tries it. You wont be disappointed! Animal Stack didn't inflate my muscles superficially by retaining water. Instead the gains were quality, rock-hard muscle - that's the difference.
Very good Product
Review by Gman (14 September 2012)
I have been using this for 2 cycles now(21 days on and 10 days off) and have been getting great results. I experienced gains in strength and have gained 5kg over the last 6 weeks. The pumps are great, and I seem to be sleeping better as well.
Good product if you have money
Review by S (14 September 2012)
great product, price doesn't make it worth it.
Review by soeren (3 July 2012)
very pricey but good results and good strength gains. especially if stacked with the M-Stak from animal some insane gains can be seen. The only problem is, that it is a lot of tablets to swallow if you stack the 2 of them but if you manage to gargle them down the results will be worth it.
Great product!
Review by Waz (20 June 2012)
This is the ultimate test booster. Great strength gained, can't wait to start the next cycle!
Review by black ops (26 May 2012)
Really great stuff
great but cud b cheaper
Review by bulking (25 March 2012)
Great stuff had massive gains on my 2nd cycle but really is a chunk out of my wallet
Review by animal (12 March 2012)
I've used Animal Stak ever since 2009 and every time this product made me grow like there was no tomorrow good good product
Review by Dean Wiliiam (9 February 2012)
I used it for 3 months, with a week off in between, it gave me alot of power and I did not get tired. But I thought I'm going to get very muscular and big, was very disappointed in the results after insane gyming. It's just not worth the price.
Too good
Review by Legend (3 February 2012)
Great product, into my second week and I can see the gains, increased strength and mental focus. Can't wait to get into my 3rd week and beyond.
Perhaps I was doing it wrong.
Review by Conor (13 July 2011)
I took Animal Stak for a month. Although I saw some gains, I was not hugely impressed, the gains were minimal, although my energy and strength did increase. I will recommend it, but it will not be my first choice again.
Review by Jono (2 June 2011)
This is a great product. It helps you make really good gains. It increases strength and size. Stak gives skin bursting pumps. I rate this product very highly and recommend it to anyone looking to put on clean lean muscle and gains that remain.
Review by Wrecker (19 May 2011)
If you looking to put on clean gains and gains that remain then this is the product. Great pump and strength. Really enjoyed this product. It works very well with PAK. I will definitely be using this product again. I am a hard gainer and i picked good clean muscle. You cant go wrong with Universal products.
money worth
Review by Adriaan (12 February 2011)
if use this 4 the 1st time after the 21days i could do everything 20kg`s more, so frkn awwwwsum!!!!!!!!!!
awsum stuff
Review by Adriaan (8 February 2011)
best stf i have ever use
Review by Unfuknblvbl (26 January 2011)
I've used Animal Stak ever since they started making it and I'll keep on using it till they stop making it. Using this stuff gives you peace of mind that your workouts won't be wasted but will turn into gains in strength and size.
Review by Johann (8 October 2010)
This product made me grow like there was no tomorrow. Upon finishing a tub I received the compliment for being "the biggest Unit in the Gym". However, being an endo/mesomorph bodytype it also contributes to the belly bulge. Be prepared to do some cardio. I am in my third week of cutting now and the muscle maintenance is quite stable as long as I keep it LISS.
Stak them high
Review by Mark (6 October 2010)
Stak is what it says it is no imitation, more senior body builders over 30 should use this product that I have used for the last 3 months. Helps with strength and endurance and pumps up the test.
Review by damian (22 August 2010)
This stuff is awesome, made me very strong an good gains.
Worth it
Review by Johann (20 August 2010)
Just went through a tub of this product and it did put on quite some slabs of muscle beef. Not bad, not bad at all. When using this product one does have to eat like a king though, works best when combined with Animal Nitro and Animal Multivitamin Pak.
Review by ruan (23 June 2010)
i had 6 weeks of this stuff and it made me grow very fast. you have to use it
Review by Db (3 June 2010)
Didnt make me go wow after 1 course. I did get gains but could have been another product in my stack.
Heard a lot of great things about it tho and other good stories.
Fairly expensive too!