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Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard

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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey is a premium protein shake to support lean muscle gains.

Build Lean Muscle

The number one supplement that athletes and gym enthusiasts use is a whey shake.

It gives your body a good source of protein to repair muscle tissue from exercise and start the building process. Each serving of this shake provides you with 24 grams of quality protein.

Improved Workout Recovery

You need to recover from your workouts to maximize your fitness goals. Your body starts to transform during periods of rest provided it has the correct nutrition available.

With all the naturally occurring essential and nonessential amino acids, 4 grams of glutamine and 5.5 grams of BCAA’s this product is loaded with the right ingredients for optimal recovery.

Premium Quality

Optimum Nutrition is the most internationally recognized producer of premium protein shakes. 100% of the protein comes from whey which is manufactured in Ireland under strict EU GMO regulations.

3 Stage Blend

The high protein content per serving is achieved by using a blend of ultra-pure Hydrolysed and Isolate whey together with Concentrate. This mixture starts giving you protein almost immediately making it ideal for training recovery.

Best Seller

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey is possibly the best selling protein shake in the world. Known for its unrivalled quality it has developed a loyal following of athletes over the last 20 years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the sizes and servings for each flavour?

We’ve created a table of all the flavours available in South Africa and their corresponding sizes.

2LBS (SMALL TUB)SizeServings
Banana Cream 896 g30
Chocolate Hazelnut896 g28
Chocolate Mint 899 g29
Chocolate Peanut Butter896 g30
Cookies and Cream896 g28
Delicious Strawberry900 g30
Double Rich Chocolate899 g29
Extreme Milk Chocolate896 g28
French Vanilla Crème900 g30
Vanilla Ice Cream900 g30
Banana Cream 2.28 kg76
Caramel Toffee Fudge2.28 kg73
Chocolate Hazelnut2.27 kg71
Chocolate Mint 2.26 kg73
Chocolate Peanut Butter2.27 kg71
Cookies and Cream2.27 kg71
Delicious Strawberry2.28 kg76
Double Rich Chocolate2.26 kg73
Extreme Milk Chocolate2.27 kg71
French Vanilla Crème2.28 kg76
Vanilla Ice Cream2.28 kg76
Delicious Strawberry4.53 kg151
Double Rich Chocolate4.52 kg146
Vanilla Ice Cream4.53 kg151

Why does Optimum Nutrition have different sizes for flavours?

Each serving must contain 24 grams of protein.

Serving size varies on the amount of flavouring and colouring needed.

ON tries to fill the tubs to the nearest 900 grams.

For example, if an extra serving of Cookies and Cream was added, it would increase the servings to 29 but the tub weight would then become 928 grams (896 grams + 32 grams).

This would then increase logistics costs.

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 31g

  Amount per Serving % Daily Value
Energy484 kJ / 116 kcal 6%
Fat1.4 g 2%
Of Which Saturates 0.5 g 3%
Carbohydrates1.3 g <1%
of which sugars 0.8 g 1%
Fibre0.7 g  
Protein24 g 48%
Salt0.06 g 1%
* Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 Kcal)
Whey Protein Blend (93%) (Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate, Emulsifier: Soy Lecithin), Fat-Reduced Cocoa Powder, Flavourings, Thickener (Xanthan Gum), Sweeteners (Sucralose, Acesulfame K).


Whey, Milk, Soy

May contain gluten, egg, nuts and peanuts.

Recommended products to use with this item

• Add one rounded scoop to a shaker filled with 180 – 240 ml of your preferred beverage.

• Cover and shake for 25-30 seconds.

• The most effective time to have a serving is first thing in the morning and straight after your workout.

• Can be used for more than just protein shakes. Try mixing a scoop into oatmeal, yogurt or the milk you pour over your morning breakfast cereal.

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Customer Reviews
Review by Clark Kent (2 February 2024)
For all the heavy weightlifting I get up to, ON is the best goto, to begin recovery. I've been using it for 3 years now and don't plan on switching. It's an internationally trusted brand which brings an ease of mind.
Great Quality Whey
Review by Tom (23 November 2022)
Chocolate tastes great, not overly sweat or fake.
Mixes very well.
Helps me with recovery.
Only negative is the price, but will buy again.
Best Whey Ever
Review by JuanD (17 August 2021)
This is by far the best whey protein there is. Great taste and results
Good product for women
Review by Pix (16 July 2021)
I normally buy ONs Hydrowhey but stock seems to be an issue. Still a good product from ON, worth the price, Strawberry flavour is good. Great for recovery and maintaining lean muscle. Will buy again.
Review by Kadafi (3 November 2020)
Best service ever. Gift is an absolute star. Great prices too.
Not good
Review by Ex (16 July 2019)
I tried and no results just wasted my hard earned money
It works
Review by Tyzer (25 March 2019)
It's really works,you can start seeing the results in just two weeks
Review by Rambo  (21 November 2018)
This is by far the best protein I've tried, mixes really well without any lumps, taste isn't overwhelming nor does it make u nauseous. I bought the 4.5kg and I'm super happy with it. Going to try a new flavour this time so I'm going for a smaller one. The protein is super effective after one month of using it , it increases definition, hardens your muscles and helps you recover . Although its ridiculously pricey , I am happy with it and will continue to use it till I find something better. After all it's your health and body and I only want what is best . Quality over quantity.
Review by bees (16 December 2017)
Expensive but otherwise a great and effective supplement
Review by thozh (28 March 2017)
last year October was my first time using whey, i bought this particular whey, boy i must say, it tastes great, works wonderful , i started seeing some muscle definition sometime in November and i fell in love with this product. have never tried others though but i am sticking with one.
Simple – Exercise – Drink ON – Muscles grow!
Review by Ice (28 February 2017)
I have first tried the 900g because it's so expensive (cookies & cream very nice). I am going to order the 2.2kg now - this whey works amazing. I recover quickly. I have been using whey now for 5 years and I can now actually see my muscles grow and getting definition quickly for the 1st time.
However, I will see how long this one lasts and whether I can/will afford going on with this.
If not, I will definitely alternate with ON every 2nd or 3rd month. No other whey works like this one.
it is my first time using this and it is perfect and very tastey.
Review by bhekiJono (26 January 2017)
best protein ever ,i promote this product
Review by a_d (28 October 2016)
very nice, best in the world
Review by Ayrt (25 October 2016)
By far, the best protein that I've ever used. I've been on a strict meal plan training 6 days a week and taking my shake immediately after my session. GAINS!!! Being accused of using other stuff at the gym. That's how much of a difference using quality protein makes.
Simply the best
Review by Jay (18 August 2016)
I've been drinking protein shakes for about 15 years now, from various suppliers, so trust me when I say this protein shake is the best - by MILES.

Why? Firstly, I've always hated the taste of protein shakes, but somehow ON figured out how to make them taste like actual milkshakes (even if you mix it with water, like I do). Just make sure you mix it properly (not too much liquid). And that is my other favourite thing about this product - I literally mix 1 scoop in about 150 ml of water! WITH A TEASPOON... and it's done! No more blenders and shakers filled with 500 ml of thick, disgusting-tasting gunk that makes you feel full and bloated...

But most of all, the results are obvious. (Assuming you know what you're doing in the gym). The quality of the muscle I gained over 6-8 weeks was unmatched by any other supplements I've taken. And it wasn't just me who noticed it, two guys actually came up to me in the gym and asked me how I got the definition in my muscles. My answer: "dumbbells, 10-12 reps, and ON Whey".

I don't care about the price. I can never go back to another protein shake.
Great product
Review by Cohen R (9 February 2016)
Been using it for 3 months now and I can see noticeable differences with regards to lean muscle. By far, the best whey on the market. Been using cookies and cream which smells and tastes devine!
Great... But pricy
Review by Ciffsome (19 November 2015)
Best stuff on the market, but quite expensive
Well I tried eveything. And only this works!
Review by Will (26 August 2015)
I have tried so many protein supplements and I always have the same reaction! POOP! But not this! This is the only Whey I can consume with no side effects. I would highly recommend this!

P.S. I am not lactose intolerant but can't stomach Whey Protein
Fantastic but expensive
Review by JP (13 August 2015)
I become depressed when it's finished because of the cost of replacing it, but I have seen the difference in quality compared to peers based on the results I experienced. Just expected a little more on the taste side, especially for the price you pay.
best prorein iv used
Review by kyle (8 October 2014)
On 100% whey is a very good protein powder, it works well with my body. It dissolves very very easy, doesn't have the best taste IMO. On 100% Whey goes perfect with on pure creatine!
Can never get enough!
Review by Zubie (8 September 2014)
I am using my first 2.2kg tub its amazing.. Only 2 weeks into the tub and I feel much stronger and gained lean muscle mass rapidly with a balance diet of cause.. I am stacking it with MuscleTech CreaCore at the end of every successful session.. Feel like an unstoppable juggernaut indeed.. Muscle fibers are ripping through my clothes.. Feel like a new and improved superman.. Optimum Gold Standard Whey is thee best!!!! :D
Chocolate Supreme
Review by Johan (11 July 2014)
Mixes very well. Tastes good in both milk and water. Keeps my cravings under control. I've had good gains while using this product.
Cant go wrong
Review by gareth (3 December 2013)
Incredible product once again. This quite simply has to be one of the best if not the best protein supplements on the market! Been using it for months and will never change. Its pricey but worth every cent. Results can be seen and felt within short space of time.
NO 1 !!
Review by Tiaan (26 November 2013)
great taste and it mix very easy.
I've had Vanilla for a while now and it was the best tasting vanilla shake by far but I prefer Double Rich Choc
Review by Nick (1 November 2013)
The best protein product on the market by far. Premium price for premium results
excellent whey!
Review by Gareth (14 October 2013)
Took this protein after taking many others and it has definitely been the best out of all of them. Great results and the taste and texture of the shake is perfect and easy to get down after a hard workout. Big ups to optimum nutrition
Review by Yeskiel (9 October 2013)
Works brilliantly,you pay for what you get.
Excellent product
Review by derek (15 September 2013)
You get what you pay for,even though its pricey but you are getting the best product with the results
Best of the Best
Review by Jason (28 August 2013)
Tried various flavors from this Gold Standard, besides that, great product, works really well, saw awesome gains of lean muscle, helped me during recovery.


Vanilla: 6/10 a little bland
Double Rich Choc: 10/10 Best by far!
Caramel Toffee Fudge: 8/10 awesome as well, for people with a sweet tooth.
Good stuff
Review by Hooligan (12 July 2013)
It works!
Review by Philip (10 July 2013)
Honestly, the best Whey Protein available today, taste and effectiveness are superb. I have nothing bad to say about this, my personal favourite.
The Best!!
Review by duncan (29 May 2013)
This is one of many few products that really guarantees for its worth honestly. When i used this people told me though could see a visible difference within 2 weeks. Only my 2nd time using it and can't wait to combine this with some hard work. Bit pricey, if you can afford it, go for it! Won't be disappointed, there's a reason its Gold Standard.
Review by wandi (7 May 2013)
This has to be the best supplement on the market. tastes great mixes well, it is a bit pricey but its worth the money. it also last long as well. combined with a good diet you can expect huge gains.
Review by Zubair (2 April 2013)
There is a reason why this is the number 1 selling supplement in the world at the moment. Taste is amazing but the results are outstanding.
Review by Mohammed (10 March 2013)
brilliant product, must have!!!
very good
Review by ismail (5 February 2013)
best whey protein on the market
Best protein ever!
Review by Chad (20 January 2013)
You want to build muscle? You NEED this after the gym. Stops muscle catabolism and has some extra amino acids packed in there for you. A very good product by a very good brand.
Excellent Whey Protein
Review by Kickor (11 January 2013)
I have the Vanilla Flavoured ON 2.2 kg, & its excellent protein supplement.
Unfortunately, the Vanilla flavour is not very good & has a terrible after taste.

Best Whey Protein I've used yet, lean muscle gain visible.
Review by Renier (25 December 2012)
This is by far the best whey there is, and in rating around the world is proof thereof. bit pricey at first, but cause of the high standard of this whey, you use less per serving and therefore lasts longer. Must have in your training diet.
best whey ever
Review by Yusuf (26 November 2012)
This is the best whey i have ever used and the results are great as well as the taste money well spent.
Review by Shalla (22 October 2012)
I have been taking different shakes for years and this by far has been the best shake I have ever had. I would suggest this shake to any way....well up to O.N
Review by Cameron  (20 October 2012)
I bought this product a month ago, it lasts for ever! Really put on some good muscle and helped cut at the same time! Something that is usually impossible, its a bit pricey but as I said it lasts really long, for the 2.2kg it lasts around a month and 2 weeks if you take 3 servings a day, best protein shake out there, and also loaded with bcaa's which is a plus, BUY THIS PROTEIN!
Review by Tiaan (2 October 2012)
Best whey in the world ... GO FOR IT
Review by Mak (13 September 2012)
Costs so much, because it's a quality product, that simple. If you can't afford it try muscle works superior whey, kauai use it in some of their smoothies. Costs R429 for 2000g. My favourite ON flavour so far is French vanilla creme, trying caramel toffee fudge next.
There's a reason it's called Gold Standard
Review by Edwin (3 July 2012)
I've used most brands on the market today and nothing compares it overall package.
My previous go-to protein was BSN Syntha 6 and I must admit I never thought I would find something nearly as effective and great tasting.
I mix this up with some BCAA', Creatine a tablespoon of peanut butter and a banana. The best tasting protein shake out there. No stomach problems as a bonus!!!
fantastic product
Review by Deidre (27 June 2012)
delicious tasting, rich and creamy but not too sweet.
very effective after 3 months of using i could see the results.
highly recommend, only downside is the price.
Not so bad
Review by Salatiso (19 June 2012)
I've recenctly acquired a bottle of this and can say relatively speaking its not that expensive considering you need not buy Glutamine or BCAA's.

In terms of taste it's ok but I found the consistency a little weak to be honest. In fact, I've decided to take this only as an after workout shake and will buy Synergy and use them together because I've had great results and I love both the taste and consistency of Synergy.
Goodstuff but Pricey
Review by Kyle  (18 June 2012)
Been using this for about 3 weeks and can already see improvements. Definitely recommend this product, but only for the serious gymers and for the serious people who have the cash flow. Don't think i can afford this stuff again, which is very sad, was looking forward to getting more. Getting pricey now.
Review by Monard  (8 June 2012)
I have been using this product for 6 months now, very good results. Taste great with both water or Skim milk (white water). Really recommended and the only product in a 5kg format. thumbs up!
Review by Kyle  (6 June 2012)
Best tasting Shake by far!!! And ive been through a couple in my lifetime. First time to ON, due to budget. But can kick myself that i didn't get on this stuff earlier!! It really is value for money, specially the big pack!! Main thing i love is that it is so easy on the stomach, its pure and light!! Cant wait to order another!!
Review by Juan (30 May 2012)
Love the taste and texture. Just wish they could do something about the price.
Whey Gold
Review by Woldz (23 May 2012)
the brand is just the best, this is by far the best protein product out there. i tried it a while ago, gained 10 kgs of muscle, and i stayed lean. I recommend this product for all of my clients i train, and for anyone who wants to put some great amount of muscle
Awesome taste
Review by Timothy (7 May 2012)
Seriously the best tasting shake i've ever used.
Review by YN (3 May 2012)
Its easy to say this is one of the best protein products out there. it mixes easily and tastes great. The price for the S.A market though is way too high. Would have bought more if it was more economical.
Review by Cullen (27 April 2012)
Fantastic in every way. If you got the cash get the largest pack of the stuff, lasts forever and chocolate tastes awesome!
best whey
Review by Adriaan (12 March 2012)
This whey is one of the best i've ever used great amount of protein intake there is a reason why ON is one of the top brands really great product
Thumbs up
Review by Calvin (13 January 2012)
One of the best whey proteins out there decent taste and reasonably effective considering price
Best Whey
Review by Ari (31 December 2011)
Optimum is the best Whey in my opinion, Only problem is the price tag.
Great stuff!!
Review by Casper (11 December 2011)
Good product that has a great taste, has helped me allot
Effective and lighter
Review by Ashish (1 November 2011)
There is no doubt as this is the best protein and lighter to your stomach. It dissolves faster and feels light. As I am using this from past two months and I noticed bit growth .But I have one complaint which is the taste, I took banana flavour and this feels very sweet and leaves after taste also.
Review by B&D (1 November 2011)
First of all the taste is amazing. Got the chocolate mint flavour. Recommended to persons who'd like to gain serious mass!
Good source of protein
Review by Gareth (31 October 2011)
I bought a 4.5kg bag of this and found it quite satisfactory. My only real complain would be the taste, I bought the vanilla and I didn't like it at all, maybe the other flavours are better tasting, but the vanilla was really not that nice in my opinion.

Regardless of the taste, I would definitely recommend this product to anybody as I've gain some nice lean muscle mass while using this product as a post workout shake!
Review by Barrel (26 October 2011)
Amazing! Double Rich Chocolate tastes like a Wimpy Chocolate Milkshake! Been using for 2 weeks now and starting to see the results of this product! Best protein shake I have ever used!

This is not Fair to other brands! But that not my problem is it!

Worth every cent
Review by Fayaaz (16 October 2011)
Best whey protein on the market by far!
Review by Animal (12 October 2011)
On my second tub right now, I love it, great lean muscle and burns a little fat too. Go get it.
best whey protein
Review by Yoni (26 September 2011)
seems as if optimum is the best whey out there, great taste and its worth every cent since you don't get sick of it. another reason why i recommend this product is because its not a thick shake like the other whey proteins
Best Whey on the market
Review by Martin (30 July 2011)
Optimum Nutrition's whey is the best ive tried so far. You never feel bloated and I've got excellent mass gains, truly an excellent product, it is quite expensive but it is quality for your money's worth. combined with a good pre workout this whey protein gives great results
Just great!!
Review by Guy (16 July 2011)
Firstly the taste of the vanilla flavour is amazing!!
The quality of the protein is tops and it's very enjoyable to drink.
In the first three weeks of taking this whey I could see solid results and hard gains,
It's a truly great whey protein!!
Great stuff!
Review by Stefan (21 June 2011)
ON's whey protein is great! I've used a couple of whey protein products over the years but non compare to this stuff. Since I've been using ON Gold Standard Whey I've had some really good gains. I would certainly recommend this to any person looking for serious muscle gain.
It's good
Review by Jared (21 June 2011)
I really like ON. The flavour is really good on the Vanilla Ice-Cream one, and it is really high quality protein. It is my primary protein source and I am seeing the results daily.
Great whey
Review by Ian (19 June 2011)
Tastes great.
Easy to mix and use.
No complaints at all - except the price.

Paying twice as much you won't get twice the benefits. It is too expensive, period.
Review by dan (19 May 2011)
Have been using GOLD for a year now, and by far the best out there.

Have tried the normal chocolate, strawberry and choc mint. The choc mint is amazing. I've been thinking of trying another flavour but not sure which to get? I dont like an extreme sweet tasting or too vanilla tasting shake. What do you guys think i should try?
Super amazing!
Review by Christopher  (20 April 2011)
I thought the chocolate mint flavour I bought tasted good... wait until you try cookies and cream, WOW! Changed my life.
Review by G-Wizz (17 April 2011)
A REALLY GREAT product. You can get other Whey protein products for half the price but WAIT!! You will be only getting Whey and NOT that great composition found in 100% Whey Gold Standard. I read that you should get at least 5 grams of BCAA with your whey protein to aid in recovery and lean mass building, guess what, you GET THEM in 100% Whey Gold Standard. The composition is really great very low calories for such a great amount of fine protein. Great tastes and really instant! I go wild with the mixer (instead of the shaker cup) try it with Bananas and/or berries.. Awesome..
Best Whey I've ever used!
Review by James (13 April 2011)
I've tried every protein powder I could get my hands on. the results were mixed, some tasted OK, but all gave me stomach cramps and bloat. I bit the bullet and got the Strawberry Gold Standard. I've never looked back. Initially costs a lot, but still works out cheaper gram for gram of protein than solid food.
NO WHEY this stuff is awesome!!
Review by Stormin Normin (5 April 2011)
After years of dreadful tasting shakes that leave you feeling bloated, I was elated to have found this. First off the flavour (strawberry & banana) is so good I feel like having it 8 times a day. It is so easy to mix in a glass with a fork - Leaves a few tasty bits that don't but adds to the enjoyment. I am building lean so no gain/cut phase for me. I need a shake that doesn't leave me feeling like I have just drunk 4 liters of mud. This is perfect for my after workout shake and before bed time (no more stomach cramps at night). The results are great.. Building dense muscle tissue and dropping body fat. The price is not an issue - in the 2.2kg there are 75 servings for R699. Thats less than 10 bucks per shake. R30 per day for three shakes is less than a cheap meal at Spur. This is it - once you use ON you will never use anything else.
Review by Christopher  (30 March 2011)
Great taste, great results, well worth the price.
Review by Hulk (14 March 2011)
By far the best whey protein I've ever used...massive muscle gains great taste!!

Might be a bit pricey, but if you serious about gyming and looking for results..go ON!!
Review by justin (25 February 2011)
although this product is pricey its worth it as its the best whey protein on the market!
it gets you lean and cut very quickly and you will find yourself feeling more energetic through the day
I love ON 100% Whey
Review by Paul (2 February 2011)
I have tried lots of different whey proteins on the market, but after doing lots of product research ON seemed to have a great reputation so I decided I would spend the money and purchase some Double Chocolate.

Its tastes amazing, mixes easily and is really creamy when mixed with milk. I love using it as a base for a power pre-workout shake!

Most importantly, I felt that this whey protein has given me the best results over any other protein. It made my muscles feel a lot more firm and helped me gain lean muscle and repair much faster.

I have to admit that it is quite expensive, especially if you have it 2-3 times daily, but for the taste and results, I think its worth it!
Review by Wolverine (26 January 2011)
Good product, but overpriced.Had better protein @ cheaper price.
The benchmark II
Review by Brendan (26 January 2011)
I have been using ON Gold Standard Whey for over 2 years now and I can positively say it is THE BENCHMARK for whey proteins.
Very few other whey protein product offerings provide 24g of super high-quality protein per serving, and those that do are almost always R100-200 more expensive. I'm able to train harder with less lactic acid build up, which means quicker recovery and progressive, lean muscle gains.

The choc-mint flavour is hands down the best, but double rich chocolate is good too. Just ordered banana so lets see how that goes. My staple training supplement, ON all the way!

Quality 10/10
Flavour 10/10
Value: 9/10

Review by dav (25 January 2011)
iv tried many whey proteins and supplements
Gold std whey is the best whey protein out there..apart from it being so expensive if u got the cash then u wont go wrong
10 / 10 whey protein for me
Review by leg press (13 January 2011)
For a long period of time I have considered purchasing gold standard whey but I just couldn't justify the price, I mean if you compare it to the WAR raw whey it is more than double the price..

I recently took the plunge and bought the small container (943g) of the cookies and cream flavour. From the absolutely excellent taste, to the mind blowing results this is a very good product.

I only take 1.5 scoops post workout and use my cheaper whey throughout the day, in doing this I keep the cost down while using my gold standard whey when it matters most.

I absolutely can't believe how much this stuff has impacted my recovery, yesterday I did squats and leg presses hectically, usually I would have trouble walking the next day, well I really feel as if I could repeat my leg workout today. I will definitely buy this on a constant basis from now on.
Review by Matador (11 January 2011)
We always think that money buys you quality....and with this product it definitely does!! Tasted the Vanilla and Rocky Road flavours and they both great - prefer Rocky Road!
For 1 scoop you get 24G of protein compared to other brands where for 2 scoops you only 24G. (Value for money)
I'm not a serious bodybuilder but enjoy hitting the weights and I've noticed great lean gains with less lactic acid build up.
high quality product
Review by Dominic (7 January 2011)
I have tasted chocolate, vanilla and rocky road; I rate the best is chocolate.

This product is packed with protein and you know you can trust the appearing details provided on the product as the American FDA are highly reliable.
Contains 3g's of carbohydrates per scoop and 1g total fat, so its great if you're in the process of cutting. This product worked for me.
Review by Diesel (20 December 2010)
This is the best tasting protein I've had ...

And the results were just as great as the taste.
Loved the Rocky Road flavour .. tastes like choc marshmallow.
Amazing Protein
Review by Bevan (8 December 2010)
Love this product. Will definitely recommend to other users.

Taste: Choc mint = amazing love it best tasting out.
Gains: Has helped me allot very impressive.
Price: Bit more pricey but worth all the cash.
Review by Jake (25 November 2010)
Great product for the price decently see results and well priced . Optimum is a very reliable brand !!!
Great Protein, Great Taste!
Review by Platoza (2 November 2010)
Although I am still waiting on my protein from supplement world I have however had this protein before and It is Brilliant.24g High Quality protein Isolates and 5.5 grams of Aminos per serving. That is a significant blend considering the price.

The Taste is great , I love the Double Rich Chocolate but Iv heard Choc mint is good too.

Overall = 9/10
Taste = 10/10

I enjoy this product and recommend it to others.
Great product!
Review by George (17 October 2010)
I am not a serious body builder, more of a stamina and toning guy. I have noticed increased recovery time and a definite increase in lean muscle gain. This product tastes awesome. (Double chocalicious) It's also easy to mix into oats, water or milk. Definitely bang for buck if you're looking for quality, nutritional value and taste.
Best Protein shake ever !!
Review by Mo (21 September 2010)
This is the best tasting shake, with the best results. The Rocky Road flavour taste like chocolate Marshmallow ... Just awesome
Whey too good
Review by Mikey (29 August 2010)
This product is the best tasting shake I have ever had when mixed with water.
mix it with milk and it's on another level.
it's delicious and helps so much with recovery that I feel like I can train the same muscle group everyday, twice a day.
Love the strawberry flavour.
buying some when I'm finished my current tub.
Review by Juan-Pierre (28 August 2010)
This is an awesome product I definitely recommend it to anyone. I've been usin' it only a couple of weeks and already I started to notice how well it works. I'm loving it
Review by Rouxan (24 August 2010)
i fully understand why its rated as the best!
4 scoops a day and gain allot of lean muscle!!
the best
Review by damian (22 August 2010)
This stuff really works. got some nice muscle gains. try it!
Keep it coming!!
Review by Michael (27 July 2010)
Its been four weeks now and made a significant improvement to my overall body. My physique looks ripped and more defined while adding muscle gains!
Taste: Love the Extreme Chocolate Milk
Mix: Able to even stir with spoon so no blobs of protein
Content: Quality high protein content per serving so no need for large servings from other brands to get the same amount of good protein.
Price: Def good for what you get
Good protein shake by a well known brand with a good name. Don't think one can go wrong with this!
Top Quality
Review by Kendall (21 July 2010)
Have been using this product for some time now and can say that I have noticed great results.
Taste: Great tasting - best whey taste I have had.
Inside: High quality protein content, few carbs. Overall great mix.
Price: Bit more than average but is well worth the extra penny.
Overall a great product. If you want whey, try this!
Great quality!
Review by Michael (5 July 2010)
Its been three weeks now and made a significant improvement to my overall body.
Taste: Love the Extreme Chocolate Milk
Mix: Able to even stir with spoon so no blobs of protein
Content: Quality high protein content per serving so no need for large servings from other brands to get the same amount of good protein.
Price: Def good for what you get
Good protein shake by a well known brand with a good name. Don't think one can go wrong with this!
the best
Review by Rayhaan (29 June 2010)
this is probably the best whey protein in existence. it also doesn't make you pick up fat.in fact, it actually gave me more definition
Quality protein
Review by Stephen (22 June 2010)
Optimum Nutrition have always had a good reputation, and while this whey protein may cost considerably more than others it is definitely worth it. Easy to mix quality whey that tastes great as well.
Very Good
Review by Tiaan (7 June 2010)
Excellent product. High quality protein. Good taste.
Top Quality Best Value
Review by Paul (5 June 2010)
The no compromise Whey ... awesome taste .... best quality & consistency ... and in Dog Food Bag size GREAT VALUE!!
Once you've tried this ... you - will - never - use - another - brand!!
100% Worth It
Review by Tom (3 June 2010)
Really great whey protein. There's a reason it's always voted number 1 protein product every year.

Great tasting
Works brilliantly
Lasts longer than you think

Well worth the price, you can't go wrong!
Best whey
Review by Db (2 June 2010)
Best whey protein!
I use ON Serious Mass to put on some extra mass then use Gold Standard Whey to lean out and maintain my physique. Fantastic product, tastes good and is very easy to mix!
100% Whey
Review by Grant (31 May 2010)
This is definitely one of the best quality protein supplement i have tried and i'm placing an order for more right now :)
Review by matthew (28 May 2010)
outstanding whey protein!!!!!

Choc mint is awesome!

tried and tested...the best!
Benchmark for Whey proteins
Review by Brendan (18 May 2010)
I've been using ON Gold Std for about 9 months now and it works!
Possibly the best tasting Whey protein available on the market currently, esp. the Choc-Mint flavour which I love.
I have seen good results only using ON Gold Std Whey, development of lean muscle mass, quicker recovery between training sessions and less noticeable lactic acid build-up.
9/10 for me.
Review by Schalk (18 May 2010)
Incredible product! Best and leanest whey protein you'll find anywhere in the world. Usually very pricey, but at this price it is worth it.
Rocky rocks!
Review by Kate (5 May 2010)
Rocky road is IT!!!! It's one of the best flavours ever! :-)
Good but pricey
Review by Marianna (1 May 2010)
I love the variety of flavors available from ON, rocky road is my favorite. The protein mixes with water very well, no clumping like other brands. I find that because its not a south african product the prices that we pay are to high to justify it, i would rather go for W.A.R.'s flavored protein, just as tasty and half the price!
Review by Ant (8 December 2009)
one of the more expensive wheys but without a doubt by far the best.results are amazing truly world class product 10 out of 10!!!i have tried 4 other wheys this is best
Review by M (17 June 2009)
best protein by far!
its the benchmark
Probably the Best
Review by ZanoBear (18 May 2009)
I have tried protein supplements from some of the other leading brands(4 of them in fact) and have been reasonably satisfied with the results, but always struggled to get my head around the price of this one. I decided about 2 months ago to forget the price tag and give it a try. WOW! no wonder it has been the leading protein for so many years now. Not only is it the best tasting (it really is) but the consistency of the shake itself as well as the results it produces is top class. Im not one to easily fall for the advertising gimics but this product is really the best protein supp your money can buy!
Good stuff
Review by Nicky (15 October 2008)
This is one of my favourite protein shakes, good quality and nice taste. And one of the few brands here in SA which has banana flavour which I really love.