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Vandal DTP Pre-Workout

Vandal DTP Pre-Workout

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Product Info

Vandal DTP Pre-Workout is a heightened consciousness training elevator.

In a world where everything seems to be the same, VANDAL aim to stand out. They don’t conform.

Delivering products for a world that exists beyond tomorrow, and are here to disrupt what has become normal for many.

Massive Workout Pumps

Pumps during a weight training session lets you know that the right muscle is being punished for gains.

Vandal DTP contains a blend of tried and tested ingredients to promote massive pumps during your lifting session.

Razor Sharp Mental Alertness

A new buzz word called Nootropic has emerged in the sports supplement industry.

Nootropic ingredients aim to improve and enhance cognitive / mental function.

Being mentally focused in the gym means your form is on point, you are not distracted and your “mind-muscle” connection is locked in.

Vandal’s NOOTROPIC-CEREBRUM STACK if formulated with Alpha-GPC which is used for its cognitive enhancing properties.

Increase Training Performance

Each serving of Vandal DTP delivers 275 mg of Caffeine for an increase in energy and mental focus.

Inspired by the street culture of New York, Sydney, Tokyo and London, Vandal welcomes you to the new world order.

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: Serving Size : 1 Scoop (15 grams)
Servings per Container: 20

 Amount Per Serving*% NRV
Energy15,9 kJ 
Protein0 g0,00%
Carbohydrate0,4 g
Of which total sugar0,1 g
Total Fat0,1 g
Of which saturated0,1 g
Total Sodium66 mg
Potassium72 mg
Phosphorus31 mg2,5%
Citrulline Malate (2:1)6 000 mg 
GLYCO-PUMP® (65 % Glycerol Monostearate)3 000 mg 
Beta- Alanine3 200 mg 
Alpha-GPC 50 %300 mg 
L-Theanine200 mg 
Caffeine Anhydrous200 mg 
Di-Caffeine Malate (Infinergy™)100 mg 
Di-Potassium Phosphate100 mg 
Tri-Sodium Citrate100 mg 
*% Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) for individuals 4 years and older (2010).
† NRVs not yet established

Other Ingredients: Flavouring, Silicon Dioxide, Non-Nutritive Sweetener (Sucralose), Stabiliser.


No common allergens included.

Manufactured in a facility that processes milk, soy, egg, wheat (gluten), oats (gluten), barley (gluten), ground nuts, tree nuts and shellfish.


• Take 1 serving (15 grams) approximately 30 minutes before your training session.

• If you have never used a preworkout before consider taking half a scoop to assess tolerance to the product.

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