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USN 17 Testo Methox Gold

USN 17 Testo Methox Gold

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USN 17 Testo Methox Gold has been developed to increase your testosterone levels to the maximum natural level.

Clinically Proven

The patented Fenugreek seed extract, Testofen, has been clinically proven to cause increases in free testosterone levels by up to 98%.

Lean Muscle

Improving free testosterone levels increases muscle mass and decreases BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) levels, which shows a reduction in protein catabolism.

This means your body can use more protein to build lean muscle.

Testosterone is what makes a man stronger, so maintaining healthy levels helps you perform at your best during your weight training sessions and out of the gym.

Better Workout Recovery

Methoxyisoflavone which is found in soybeans is a non-hormonal anabolic/catabolic ingredient which has been shown to decrease cortisol levels and improve overall recovery from exercise.

Recovering from your workouts means you can consistently train at your best to maximize your muscle building potential.

Anti-estrogenic properties are also shown in methoxyisoflavone and may elevate natural testosterone output even further. Excessive estrogen in men leads to body fat and a possible decrease in strength.

Turbo Charged

Another possible benefit of methoxyisoflavone is an increase in protein synthesis.

Protein synthesis is how your body uses the protein you get from food and whey shakes. The more efficient your body is at using protein the better your fitness gains will be.

Solid Formulation

USN 17 Testo Methox Gold is a natural testosterone booster with impressive ingredients like the patented Testofen which has been proven to increase levels in men.

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: Serving Size : 4 Capsules
Servings per Container: 20

 Amount Per Serving %NRV
ZMA (Zinc-Magnesium Aspartate)600 mg 
of which Magnesium110,04 mg26.00%
Zinc7,2 mg65.00%
Vitamin B62,6 mg153.00%
Testofen Patented Fenugreek Seed Extract300 mg 
(50% Fenuside™ Saponin glycosides)  
TESTO-X BLEND 1760 mg 
Tribulus terrestris extract(40% Saponins)555 mg 
5-Methyl-7-Methoxy-Isoflavone300 mg 
7-Isopropoxyisoflavone (Ipriflavone) 300 mg 
Avena sativ(Oat Straw)(Gluten) 10: seed extract240 mg 
Chaste Berry(Vitex agnus-castus) extract (0,6% Angusides)240 mg 
20-Hydroxy-Ecdysterone(90% B-Ecdysterrines)75 mg 
Eurycoma longifolia Jack(Tongkat Ali)100:1 root extract50 mg 
*Nutrients Reference Values(NRVs) for individuals 4 years & older(2010)

Sugar Free Bovine Gelatine Capsules


Contains Gluten (Oat)

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  Take 4 capsules, 1-2 times a day, preferably 30-60 minutes before workout and then again 30 minutes before bedtime.

  Adhere to a five-days-on/two-days-off regimen for eight weeks followed by a two-week break.


Not recommended for females (especially if pregnant/lactating) and individuals are under the age of 18. Do not exceed recommended daily intake.

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Customer Reviews
Do it
Review by Shoy (1 December 2021)
Amazing product. 45 year old, male, Stronger, Faster, Bedroom ActivityXXX, freaking lean! This is my ranking:
1 NPL Pro test Black box
2 USN Testo Methox Gold
3 NPL Test Charge Ultra x6 purple.
Good.Does its job just like its suppose to.
Review by broly99 (5 April 2019)
After 1 week you can notice the difference
Review by PRINCE MAROLENI (20 January 2019)
Love it. muscles, strength etc it has it all.
Is good product.....
Review by Tladi tladi (3 January 2019)
Drink lots water when you gym and focus then you will see there results.
Testo methox 17
Review by Lucy (20 November 2018)
Hi I've been using this product and no results for 6 months I know I'm a lady someone said I should use will help me loose weight but no results.
A pill can't taste bad... Haha
Review by Kuala  (3 November 2018)
It is what it is. Good test support. But like most others that are worth buying... It is pricey...
Worth it for me
Review by Mphela Kamoka (10 October 2018)
Activates my beast mode. Makes me a totally brand new person. Sex drive is off the chains!!!!!
Most Potent Product in the Range
Review by MndPower (20 June 2018)
Having had switched testos, this is by far the most potent testo I have yet to try. As a mesomorph, my gains were realised quickly - following a strict eating and training plan - in that my strength became jacked,I recovered faster (slept well), my body fat dropped and I became more defined. The libido effect is also good - but nothing like seeing the vascularity in your arms and legs!
nt bad
Review by butcher  (12 February 2018)
expensive have been using it 4 2wks hoping 2 see more result hv improve a little bit strength wise
Review by manter muscle  (28 January 2018)
it improves strength but not in muscle. testo gh is a better product than this one?
Good product. Great work out.
Review by Pofmuis (26 October 2017)
Gives me that edge i was looking for . Nice muscle gains .
I cant wait to buy it again
Review by Pietie (23 February 2017)
It works great you guys, I have used a lot of other testo booster this one is one of the best if not the best out there, I am almost using it for 4 weeks now so I want to try it for 8 weeks and see...
Works wonders for my sex life
Review by G man (19 October 2016)
Great stuff
Not bad
Review by VS 01 (21 August 2016)
Iv tried it for 3 weeks. Increased strength and minimal muscle mass. Too pricey and the price is going up. A waste of money for the benfits
very effective and quite expensive
Review by jakes (12 August 2016)
USN must drop the price please.
Not dat bad
Review by Fun (13 May 2016)
Sex life it does give it
it is very good
Review by Tristan  (26 April 2016)
It works ...sex life is great ....The best I have ever had
Review by goba  (3 April 2016)
It very good to turn yourself into a man
Review by mr . big (24 December 2015)
Hi, there this was one of my best testo boosters ever .you can feel the change in your body . keep it up usn
Review by heiny (27 November 2015)
Very gOod but very expensive
Wander kid
Review by WB  (11 November 2015)
It increases strength, great mental focus and helps improve down the line function of men
VEry good
Review by Bruicw (20 October 2015)
Increases sex drive and muscle development.You guys should add more test boosters in to it
Very good love it.
Review by Fair (26 August 2015)
It adds loads of muscle in off season with good bulk diet and works well when you on a cutting cycle. No water so thumbs up USN.
Best Works, Good Strength and Good Sex Performance.
Review by DonaDona (2 August 2015)
17 Testo Methox is great, beside improving sex life and work out performance, its a real deal and all I can say is that it works.
guess its ok
Review by Dazz (1 August 2015)
good for strength and size if you have intense training session.still not the best iv tried.
not good
Review by king (6 May 2015)
Only increases strength a bit and really doesn't help size wise...
Worked well
Review by Ryan (13 March 2015)
I enjoyed the strength increase and muscle gain. People that don't see results obviously don't train as intense as they should. Sex life is great.
great for workout and libido
Review by red dog (8 December 2014)
Has helped with my sex drve and muscle recovers quickly
Review by Frans (15 October 2013)
they should have stuck with the old 17-Testo
Not as good as the first
Review by TheMan (25 August 2012)
This new one is truly not as good as their first 17 Testo X product. To honest if you used the first 17 Testo X product you tend to wonder if this new one actually works???
Not worth the money
Review by Donnie Brasco (14 February 2012)
I tried it 2x times and seriously there is nothing to talk about.
Seriously i think there is a lot of great USN products but this one is not one of them.
Not the best
Review by Chris (13 February 2012)
Used it for the full 8 weeks as per the directions. Strength increased a bit and that was it. Kept me awake sometimes and was a bit harsh on my skin.
Not too bad
Review by Johandre (16 January 2012)
I did see some strength gains but not good muscle gains.
Review by HGym (10 January 2012)
Great product ! it makes for a Great work out and a lasting effect
Review by will (16 May 2011)
i have been using this product for my rugby and it has increased my strength to run and concentrate on the field !!! very good product in rugby
it works
Review by tman (18 October 2010)
the product gives lots of strength and it makes the sex last longer
17 testo methox
Review by Jacques  (16 October 2010)
My weight was 84kg 9 weeks ago. i started using 17 testo methox with HGH and nitro oxide. my weight currently is 92kg. in a week's time i will start my second cycle of 17 testo methox. get it it's worth it.
Review by Johann (1 June 2010)
I have tried this product for 4 weeks now combined with Creatine and Glutamine (both USN). Strength increase is good but doesn't last to long when finishing a workout (quick depletion). Definetly a good beginners product for newcomers wanting to start weight-training. Advanced weightlifters/bodybuilders should consider another product.
Review by Hanno (14 May 2010)
Used this for 4 weeks and saw minor improvements in strength. Overpriced compared to other brands.
Good stuff
Review by Finch (20 April 2010)
I have been using this product for just over 3 weeks as per directions on the bottle. It has given me some strength increases and definitely alot of focus. Will give it a try for the full 8 weeks.
Review by Hecate (26 November 2009)
I've been using this product for 4 weeks now, and although I've Seen some improvement in reps, no real big muscle gains though. I've also been using Nitrox Vigr combined with Creatine X4 so I dont know if the gains in strength might be from that. Overall I think its mediocre and is going to try a different brand of testosterone booster.
Pretty good
Review by Frikkie (12 November 2009)
Have been using this product for 3 weeks now and have seen major improvements in strength and focus in the gym. Noticed a instant strength increase in my bench and shoulder pressing. Have also been sleeping very soundly. Very impressed with this product, just feel it is a little over priced. Gonna rather try SPS Testrx, which to me, seems like a better value for money product. But if you are looking for a product to instantly boost strength and give you and edge in the gym, this product will not let you down.