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Purus Labs NOXygen
Purus Labs NOXygen Purus Labs NOXygen Purus Labs NOXygen

Purus Labs NOXygen

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Product Info

NOXygen is a novel stimulant-free preworkout additive designed to create an oxygen-sparing environment through enhancing vasodilation and blood flow with Nitratene while simultaneously volumizing muscle cells and increasing lean body mass (LBM) with HydroMax water-soluble glycerine. Yet another industry-first for Purus Labs, NOXygen is perfect for both strength and endurance athletes.

The ingredients inside NOXygen are extremely hygroscopic, meaning that it attracts and retains water molecules.

Therefore the powder may appear in clumps, however this does not effect the workings of the product. The hygroscopic nature gives the product it’s pump enhancing feature.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 2.8g (Approximately 1 scoop)
Servings per Container: 40
  Amount Per Serving % DV
Sugar Alcohol (as HydroMax® glycerine) 1.5g 
NO3-TMG™ Blend 740mg*
Beet Root Extract (std, min. 70% betaine nitrate, Nitratene™ (FCC-grade sodium nitrate)   
Daily Value based on 2,000 calorie diet.
* Daily Value (DV) not established.


Other ingredients: Natural flavor, silica, calcium silicate


• Add one to two servings to your preworkout beverage 15-30 minutes before training for maximum blood and oxygen delivery.

• For endurance training, mix with your intraworkout or hydration beverage and consume throughout training.


NOXygen™ is intended only for healthy adults above the age of 18. All individuals should consult a licensed healthcare practitioner before using this product. Do not use this product if you have been diagnosed with or have a family history of (including, but not limited to): heart disease, thyroid disease, liver disease, cancer, Barrett's Esophagus, gastroesophageal reflux, diabetes, hypoglycemia, hypo/hypertension, asthma, any psychiatric condition including depression or seizure disorder, or if you are using any other dietary supplement, prescription drug, or over-the-counter drug intended to promote vasodilation, in particular those intended for erectile dysfunction. The combined use of vasodilatory supplements or drugs and NOXygen™ could cause and unsafe drop in blood pressure. Discontinue use and contact a medical doctor immediately if you experience an irregular or rapid heart beat, chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting or presyncope, tremors, headache, nausea, or other similar symptoms. If you are a performance athlete and/or subject to drug testing, please ensure compliance with your regulatory body prior to use.

This product has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Customer Reviews
Review by Guy (7 February 2016)
First off I bought this supplement to help with my pumps in the gym. Which it did. I'm a pretty fit guy but cardio is always a drag am I right? With this stuff I didn't want to get off the treadmill I was so pumped and motivated, just seemed to have endless energy. But wait, there's more! Unfortunately I had a penile injury when I was a teenager and ED has been a longstanding problem. This stuff has helped me in the bedroom even more than the gym. I honestly think this stuff is more effective than the little blue pill which I have a prescription for (do not ever take this product with prescription ED treatments as it is not safe to use them together). I've never found something natural (and I've tried pretty much everything you can buy) that has been so effective, and my wife would agree, thank you Purus Labs!!!
Review by Engelbrecht (28 September 2015)
Purus always rocks
Review by Sean (20 February 2015)
I've used a few of their other products and have always been a fan. Decided to take a break from my pre-workout and try a caffeine-free alternative ..... argh!! Training without caffeine just plain sucks, but it is good to give your body a break. I did get a pump from it, but I guess I was expecting more. Probably use to my pre-workouts to much.
Proper Full Pumps!
Review by Jason (7 July 2014)
bought a tub of this and "BS" aside.. first dose of NOxygen added two scoops with 2 scoops of nano vapour(which i have already started getting used to) it mixed well, the Pumps and energy i got out of this was awesome no lie! veins were popping out proper, muscle fullness was amazing!! i couldn't touch the back of my neck!
there is a bit of a waxy feeling on upper pallet after consumption but this is now biggie dissolves after about 3 min.

NOTE: The contents in the tub are very clumpy/moist which i knew about by reading from reviews just scoop it up and add it to your pre-workout.
Perfect pricing for this product!!!
i will see how this works with the entire tub, would definitely recommend this product. well done Purus labs!
Brilliant stuff!
Review by Fridge (19 June 2014)
Awesome n.o supplement by a great brand. The pumps on this stuff is unreal and not to mention fullness. The taste is rated 5 because it hardly alters the taste of other supps(BCAA or preworkouts) which is a huge bonus.