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TNT Prime Vegan Protein

TNT Prime Vegan Protein

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TNT Prime Vegan Protein is a bio-available pea protein and rice concentrate blend with added digestive enzymes.

Plant Protein Blend

This plant-based protein supplement is the benchmark for fitness enthusiasts who are conscious about their sources of dietary proteins.

They also understand the importance of using a precise pea and rice protein blend to ensure an essential amino acid corrected vegan supplement that delivers on the all important muscle tissue recovery factors.

The scientific team at TNT have carefully selected the correct sources of Pea Protein Concentrate and Rice Protein Concentrate, adjusted the inclusions to ensure that you benefit from the complete profile of essential amino acids needed to support lean muscle gains.

Improved Digestion

Inulin has been added which is a natural vegan friendly pre-biotic fibre that has been shown to improve digestive health and promote stabilized blood sugar regulation.

Each serving includes DigeZyme®, a non-GMO, vegan friendly, gluten-free, multi-enzyme complex that includes Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Lactase and Cellulase for complete absorption and maximum digestive health.

Complete Vegan Protein

TNT Prime Vegan Protein is the perfect protein source for plant-based athletes. Formulated with pre-biotic fibre and digestive enzymes this will become the leading product in the vegan protein category.

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: Serving Size : 1 Level Scoop (30 grams)
Servings per Container: 30

 Amount Per Serving %NRV*
Energy456 kJ  
Protein20 g  
Total Carbohydrates 0,9 g  
of which Sugars 0,3 g  
Total Fats 2,2 g  
of which Saturated 1,0 g  
Dietary Fibre#2,8 g  
Total Sodium 367 mg  
Potassium101,6 mg  
Magnesium170,3 mg  
Calcium101,6 mg  
Iron1,0 mg  
Phosphorous420,3 mg  
Alanine720 mg  
Arginine1332 mg  
Aspartic Acid 1665 mg  
Cystine309 mg  
Glutamic Acid 2713 mg  
Glycine610 mg  
Histidine^391 mg  
Isoleucine^740 mg  
Leucine^1323 mg  
Lysine^1016 mg  
Methionine^186 mg  
Phenylalanine^857 mg  
Proline664 mg  
Serine783 mg  
Taurine0 mg  
Threonine^556 mg  
Tryptophan^141 mg  
Tyrosine636 mg  
Valine^833 mg  
^ Total EAAs 6043 mg  
*%Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) for individuals 4 years & older (2010).
† Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) not yet established.
#Dietary Fibre method of analysis AOAC 991.43

^ Essential Amino Acids (EAAs)

Pea Protein Concentrate, Rice Protein Concentrate, Cocoa Powder (Chocolate Flavour), Orafti® Inulin, Flavouring, MCT Oil, Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt, Stabiliser, Non-Nutritive Sweetener (Steviol Extract), DigeZyme® (Digestive Enzyme Blend: Amylases, Proteases, Lipases and Cellulases).

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Mix one level scoop (30 g) to 200 ml – 250 ml cold water.

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Customer Reviews
Amazing product
Review by The Gladiator (11 January 2021)
This product was made for the consumer, whether you are vegan or not this will come in handy for anyone looking for real results!!