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Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts
Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts

Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts

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The Ultimate Fat Burning Pak!

Whether you’re preparing for a show or just trying to get in top condition, you need the raw power of Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts. Athletes need to tackle numerous issues in order to achieve maximum cuts and separations: fat loss, water retention, thyroid function, insulin sensitivity and the like. Only Animal Cuts is guaranteed to address all of your weight-loss and definition needs. Animal Cuts is comprehensive. Every day, for 21 consecutive days, you’ll get nearly 7400 milligrams of pure fat shredding power take from 28 key ingredients. If you’re competing tomorrow, then you need Animal Cuts today.

Functional Benefits:

• Enhance thermogenesis
• Increase lipolysis
• Promote diuresis
• Improve insulin function
• Reduce carb cravings
• Regulate thyroid hormones
• Enhance brain function
• Extra energy

One Animal Cuts tin contains 42 packs / servings.

Category: Vitamins & Supplements

Most Recent of 45 Reviews
Review by  
Works very well if adhering to diet and proper exercise plan
40 kg in 5 months
Review by  
Review by  
On 3rd day only.

Recommended by a colleague, already lost 1.3kg.

Not sure if this is "water weight" or actual fat loss just yet but definitely impressed already.

Mix with intense cardio, weights and proper diet and you're gonna see some change..
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Nutritional Information
Servings Per Container: 42
 Amount Per Serving % DV
Thermogenic Complex750mg 
Caffeine Anhydrous * 
Kola Nut * 
Yerba Mate * 
Raspberry Ketones * 
Coleus Forskohlii * 
Metabolic Complex750mg 
Green Tea Extract (98% polyphenols/45% EGCG) * 
Oolong Tea Extract (50% polyphenols) * 
Black Tea Extract (50% polyphennols) * 
White Tea Extract (90% polyphenols) * 
Thyroid Complex350mg 
Olive Leaf Extract (15% oleuropein) * 
Guggul (2.5% guggulsterones) * 
Diuretic Complex800mg 
Dandelion Extract (taraxol, taraxerol)* 
Uva Ursi Extract (arbutin, methyl-arbutin)* 
Hydrangea Root * 
Buchu Leaf * 
Juniper Berrry Fruit * 
Celery Seed * 
Nootropic Complex 500mg 
DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol)  
Bacopa Monniera (bacopasides A & B)   
ß-Phenylethylamine (ß-PEA)  
Xanthinol Nicotinate  
Huperzine A   
Cortisol Inhibiting Complex 300mg 
Ashwangandha Extract (1.5% withanolides)   
Rhodiola Rosea (rosavins)  
Magnolia Bark Extract   
CCK Inhibiting Complex300mg 
Hoodia Gordonii   
Jojoba Seed Extract (simmondsin)   
Bioavailability Complex 500mg 
Ginger Root (gingerols, shogaols)   
Grapefruit (6,7-Dihydroxybergamottin)   
Naringin (citrus)   
Other Ingredients: Gelatin, dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, stearic acid, titanium dioxide, FD&C blue #1, FD&C red #40, FD&C yellow #6, FD&C red #3, FD&C yellow #5. Made in a GMP facility that uses milk, soy, egg, peanuts.
Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts
Take your fitness goal to the next level.
How To Use It

• Take 1 Animal Cuts pack in the morning and a second pack in the afternoon on an empty stomach every day for three consecutive weeks

• Follow a cycle consisting of three weeks "on" and one week "off" until you reach your goals



Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Consult a physician if you have heart disease, lung conditions, thyroid disease, diabetes, high blood presure, a psychiatric condition, glaucoma, prostate enlargement. If you are highly senstive to caffeine or caffeine derivatives do not use this product. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.
More Customer Reviews
train like an animal
Review by  
This product is great, gets u really ripped if u workout 5hrs a day.say goodbye to water weight
Review by  
This was by fat my biggest splurge and I totally regret it. I could've bought a high quality protein instead! The only thing i did do for me was get rid of the bloating/water weight. The scales didn't drop neither did I lose fat. I train rigorously twice a day, but my diet has been lacking (even so, I've reached great results with USP Labs even without diet being on point). I wasted my money and time in taking all those pills. No real side effects, maybe just the after taste.
Giving it a go
Review by  
Just started my 21 day journey,will be back in three weeks to update but im so damn excited ...Beast mode "ON"
fat melting
Review by  
Its pricey - consider that you getting a 4 way fat melting product. Now its seems well worth the price over a 8 week period.
No stomach burns, not edgy, no accelerated heart rate.
definite addition to the regime.PS you need to do your part - cardio & smart eating.
Taste bad
Review by  
No doubt this works great - better than anything else - but the taste is really bad as well as the smell. Almost finished with second week, lost 5 kg but wondering if this taste and smell is worth it.
Great product
Review by  
After the second week I saw changes to my body got an overall dry look . Great product and very consumer friendly
great product
Review by  
Amazing product, bought a tin 3 weeks ago just finished yesterday. Amazing energy after you take it in the morning!! Gives me non stop motivation in gym. Only bad thing for me was that it was rough on my sleep patterns. Caused a bit of insomnia now and then (which I never had before) and rapid heart beat feels amazing during the day !!
Review by  
Good product. Helps with that difficult to reduce spots and you can feel each pack having effect. High price, but high results when used with proper eat plan and training.
really works
Review by  
This product really works and if you follow a good diet and train well you will see the best results with this product
Review by  
Best complete fat incinerating pack EVER!
The only one worth using
Review by  
Shows results within a few days. Take it properly and train hard and you are bound to see results. Definitely the best cutting supplement i have used, it's quick and effective.
Review by  
great product expensive but it works.Dont buy cheap rubbish cause end of the day you be buying more n more of it to get to where u want.Most expensive products do work 94% of them work
Review by  
i have only been using CUTS for 2 weeks and ,so far I've seen great results, however I am also on a very strict diet and training hard on my way to a 8 pack
Review by  
I’ve always been slightly overweight, using this with a strict diet, you’ll definitely see results, great product, terrible after taste, just became a little too expensive to carry on, but if you’re able, you’ll find you’re self pleased with the results.
Review by  
I 'm going for the second time. just noticing six pack already. if you dont feel well about your weight and body please go for this product. you will never find this type of product anywhere. thank you universal
love it
Review by  
I love this product but not the price! Great results lost allot of weight using it while on a strict exercise plan
Not as great as advertised
Review by  
Used a tub of this and wasn't that impressed with the result for the cost of the product
Good...but its not all that
Review by  
I have just finished my 3 weeks on animal cuts and I have lost a lot of fat. However I think I would need to go on it again for me to see the results that I really want. The problem with that is the price. I think there are other product out there that are cheaper and would give me the same results. Don't get me wrong it works but I don't think its value for money.
Honestly worth the money
Review by  
Not cheap by any means and 9 capsules twice a day sucks.Gave me hectic heart burn and a very bad "peppery" kind of after taste which makes me want to puke every time......but I can honestly say this is a supplement/fat burner that actually works.Have lost 2kg in 5 days without changing my diet or exercise program.

I'm expecting to see very good results after the 21 day cycle, I would def buy this again and recommend it to anyone who has a few extra kg's they want to loose.
Great product
Review by  
Great product but very expensive
Eh - Ok
Review by  
I did ok on this stuff, but I saw and felt more on with Ripped Hardcore. Maybe I am caffeine immune by now though.
Water loss
Review by  
great product for those looking to shed water weight, diet and exercise must be 100% to reveal the power of animal cuts. its a good product for those wishing to eliminate the last few pounds and for those preping for a contest.
Epic Product
Review by  
This is surely worth the premium you pay compared to other products, this got ripped after a double cycle and 8 weeks, with the aid of a strict low carb / high protein diet, a vigorous exercise programme and tons of water, i went from 124kg 16% bf to 112kg and 10% bf, i just feel like walking around shirtless these days for no apparent reason a big thumbs up from me...
Does work!
Review by  
Finally mustered up the courage to buy some and I must say it does work. After the first week I noticed no real results but week 2 and 3 were very effective. I basically lost 1 kg a week and it makes all your veins show when doing weights. It gives me a bit of palpitations but it DOES work. JUST STICK TO YOUR DIET and this WILL work.
Review by  
I was fat finally seeing a four pack soon 6 ... Unbelievable product
Worth the extra bucks
Review by  
So far I've seen great results, however I am also on a very strict diet.
Muscle retention while on cuts is also very good.

My only critique is that it gives horrible heartburn. So gotta keep that gaviscon close.
loose fat
Review by  
Amazing results quick !!! I lost 3kgs of body fat in 3 weeks and finally seeing abs (i used it together with a whey protein and n.o xplode ) One of a kind !
lean and mean
Review by  
When you use this product you get awesome results. After using one of this tin I just wanted to walk around without a shirt! Its just ab bit expensive but really worth every cent
Review by  
This product is absolutely brilliant, used it for 2 month and lost 5% body due to its diuretic. My muscles are now extremely toned.
this stuff is great!
Review by  
i have only been using CUTS for 2 weeks and i can see results. i have lost 3kgs of pure fat.
Best fat loss
Review by  
In my third week now...

lost 5 kg already, have seen great results and everybody starts to notice it! ! !
Review by  
been using cuts for 3 weeks now eating right,training hard on my way to a 8 pack
Review by  
Been using animal cuts this week.. NO MAJOR results just yet, but eating right and training hard, will post my findings after the 3week period!! Thumbs up..
Animal Cuts
Review by  
I have been using it for 2 weeks. Definitely saw a decrease in body fat but had to carefully watch my diet. Really trained hard. I could life heavier. Better than other fat burners I have tried. Did not decrease my appetite at all.
Best cutting supplement
Review by  
This is undoubtedly the best cutting supplement out there. Real results in 21 days. Approaches cutting fat from all the angles to ensure all your bases are covered. And the results continue to come through even after the cycle, provided you continue to exercise and eat sensibly.
Review by  
Best product I have ever used!! Amazing strength gains and got leaner after just 1 tin. Hugely recommended for getting ripped with huge strength gains..
Review by  
this product is one in a million! i found that my body fat index dropped tremendously and my definition improved 10fold!
i recommend this to everyone!
the best out there!!!
Review by  
if you to become shredded, this is the product to use!!! i only trust in animal cuts to get me competition ready!!!
Fanastic updated product
Review by  
-new ingredients has taken it to another level
-you may need to build up tolerance with one pak a day
-sweating profusely during weights and cardio
-be sure to drink much more water than usual to avoid lightheadedness
-those with bad anxiety should avoid this product or at least be weary.
-taken me 3-4kgs down in weight with no loss of muscle.
Review by  
Awesome product! Eat right and drink lots of water and you will drop the fat. I plateaued at 99kg's and fell to 95kg in a week still keeping the muscle. This product works! Will definitely buy again.
Fat loss
Review by  
This product did wonders for me.

I went from 115kg to 90kg on this stuff. Sounds dramatic, but i ate right, trained hard and this supplement did the rest
Review by  
animal cuts is gr8 man i lots almost 2kg in a week toned an im looking beta just need 1 more pack and ill b done
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