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USN Phedra-Cut Lipo X

USN Phedra-Cut Lipo X

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USN Phedra-Cut Lipo X is a revolutionary weight loss aid formulated with researched and tested ingredients.

All Day Energy

Individuals following a fat-loss calorie reduced diet generally experience low energy levels.

Each serving of Lipo X provides 200 mg caffeine to power you through your day.

Caffeine is also used as an effective workout performance booster.

Mental Alertness

USN have included EnXtra™, which is a stimulant-free energy ingredient.

In a clinical trial of 53 subjects, EnXtra™ demonstrated significant improvement of mental alertness for up to 5 hours.

Reduce Body Weight

The key ingredient in USN’s new weight loss product is Meratrim™, a patented blend of two plant extracts.

A 16 week study of 60 participants saw a reduction in body weight by 5kg (11.2 pounds).

Decrease Waist & Hip Size

Waist size decreased by 9.9cm and hip size by 5cm.

Powerful Antioxidants

A highly bioavailable green tea extract provides an excellent source of antioxidants that help support fat loss and immune function.

Premium Fat Burner

USN Phedra-Cut Lipo X is part of the Bluelab range, which means the product has been developed together with the consumer.

Together with the researched and tested ingredients this is one of the leading weight loss aids currently available.

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings per Container: 40

 Amount Per Serving NRV*
Meratrim™ Blend 400 mg 
[Sphaeranthus indicus L. (flower heads) extract, Garcinia mangostana L. (fruit rind) extract]  
Caffeine anhydrous200 mg 
L-Theanine100 mg 
EnXtra™75 mg 
[Alpinia galanga (L.) Willd. extract]  
Paradoxine®50 mg 
Grains of Paraside (Aframomum melegueta) seed extract (12,5% 6-Paradol)  
Chromium (from Chromium Picollinate)100 µg286%
*%Nutrient reference values (NRVs) for individuals 4 years & older (2010).

Sugar free, Bovine gelatine capsules

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• Take 2 capsules.

• Use a serving twice daily, 30 minutes before meals/snacks (preferably before breakfast and lunch).

• If training early morning, take 2 capsules before your workout and then follow with breakfast directly after training.

• Not recommended after 16:00.

• Use for 5 consecutive days of the week and stop use for 2 days before continuing again.


This product is indicated to assist weight loss as part of a weight management programme. Only effective when combined with a balanced, energy-restricted eating plan and regular physical activity.

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Customer Reviews
Only 2 days
Review by Noluvuyo (5 October 2023)
Very disappointed in this Product I had my hopes that it will work????wish I had money now so that I can go see the Dr.
Started on Tuesday and I had diarrhea plus insomnia Wed started feeling pains in my abdominal area,last night I did not sleep at all and told my self I have stopped them but I'm still sick the pain is at my lower back I'm really worried about my health now
Feel it work
Review by Sexy Ash (4 November 2022)
Started taking it for a week, and already down 1.5 kgs. I have a few kgs to go so this works well for me. I already drink lots of water. Personally need t adjust the bread and rice in my diet.
Excellent product
Review by Zai (5 March 2021)
Works exceptionally well if taken properly, take for 5 consecutive days only, drink lots of water and cut down bread and sugar, you will see amazing results.
Review by Scared  (8 July 2020)
I started using this product and thank God that I only took one in the morning before working out. I started having ongoing heart palpitations. I even thought I was going to have. Heart attack. Never will i ever tell anyone to to use it.
The side effects aren't worth finishing what I started
Review by Not worth The pain (29 April 2020)
I've recently started using this product in the Hope's of great results and dont doubt it would work considering my lack of appetite. From for slices of bread to just one slice and I'm full till bed time actually. And that's when the other problem occurs. I have heart palpitations and Insomniac till 4 am. And have work at 7. Light exercise is out of the option too as I'm forever nauseous and the pain going on in my stomach makes me want to do nothing... Worst part it I only take one tablet a day and still feel as horrible as I did when I first took the Recommended dosage. I hate to have my money down the drain and it's been day 3. But I dont think I'd like to put myself through what I already have and wouldn't recommend this to anyone AT ALL!????☹
Review by Legit Black Barbie (30 December 2019)
Used it for a month, not effective as imagined but gave me lots of energy while training .
I have been using the product with a calorie restricted diet and have lost 3kg in 10days.
Review by Sandra (5 November 2019)
I have felt a little nausea as I forgot to take it only for 5 consecutive days than skip 2 days and resume taking it again. It has given me much more energy although I don't workout. I have also lost 2 cm on my waist and hips. I will continue taking it.
Thanks to your amazing product.
End up in hospital
Review by Chris (4 August 2019)
I used lipo x for 2 weeks. Felt very sick. End up in hospital with abnormal liver function. Any fat burners are not worth it!
Review by Zandi (18 July 2019)
Good for energy and fat burn but I'm almost always nauseated
Very good lost 3% fat
Review by Mohamed  (6 July 2019)
Review by Trainer (17 February 2019)
Excellent for comp prep! Defining the abdominis and getting rid of stubborn fat.
Work Out
Review by Franna (13 February 2019)
Its been 2 days, must admit the taste isn't great but it does make you put up massive sweat. It will take a few days of getting used to but I am very confident that this product will work if you are putting in the training hours with a calorie controlled diet.

Will check in a few weeks from now and post results.
Feeling extremely sick
Review by 30sgymguy (31 January 2019)
This is day 4 of using the product as directed, I eat low carb and calorie restricted.
Day 2 I felt tired and took a short nap.
Yesterday I felt weak and tired so took half a day off, today I'm really sick, extremely fatigued, dizzy, diarrhea and nauseated. Spent the day in bed hoping to feel better tomorrow.
No results
Review by Amo  (13 January 2019)
More of an energy stimulant no weight loss in the two months I have been using it more of an energy booster
i have used the tablet for 2 day.
Review by monica (19 December 2018)
I can feel a difference so quickly.
2 tablet in the morning.
2 for lunch.
It give me a lot of energy during the day.
And drink a lot of water during the day.
No weight loss
Review by Sherry  (30 October 2018)
I feel more energetic but lost no weight in the time that i am using it which is about 2 months.
i so doubt it
Review by KELLY (17 October 2018)
So far each time i drink the pills i feel dizzy so the issue of energy
Review by Angie (8 October 2018)
Love this!! Recommend it to everyone :)
Review by Emma (6 October 2018)
Excellent . Takes a while to get used to, but worth the results.
Review by Meegz (17 September 2018)
The pill might work but the constant feeling of nausea and vomiting is not worth it :(
already seeing results
Review by Shané (3 August 2018)
it' s been 2 days now...with training and 5 health meals a day...
Really terrible, felt terrible
Review by Chaddy  (30 July 2018)
Even though I took, half the dose could not sleep at night, my heart beat was high even at night. I am not going to continue this, I feel very sick.
Review by CHACHA (26 June 2018)
I have been using them for a week now am happy
People noticed the weight loss.
Review by Rabs (4 June 2018)
I've used the for almost 2 weeks and lost 3kg. People can see the difference.
Review by Joshi (3 June 2018)
I have use this product from last 2 month but I did not feel any change in my body no wait lost nothing no side effects I just feel it's give me more energy that's all