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To help you reach your fitness goals
Products to increase lean muscle, gain weight and improve recovery from your workouts.
Athletes use these products to improve performance

1. Whey Protein

Quality protein to repair and build lean muscle.

2. Pre Workout

Boost your workouts with energy and mental focus.

3. Mass Gainer

Calories and protein for more weight and muscle mass.

4. Creatine

Explosive power and strength during your training.
Why gym enthusiasts and athletes buy from us

We’re an online retailer of sports supplements dedicated to providing you with the best service humanly possible. Our company operates from a warehouse in Johannesburg where we send our products nationwide to thousands of satisfied customers.

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Latest products stocked in our warehouse
EVOX Alpha Resurgence BCAA
20 servings: R229.00
EVOX Alpha Pre-Surge Extreme
20 servings: R279.00
Muscle Works Alpha T-RX
20 servings: R239.00
Muscle Works Vexxed
25 servings: R199.00
What customers say about our service
Ian Scott
“Looking for top brands, at great prices with knockout service then Supplement World is your one stop shop!! Been getting my products when they first started.”
Righardt Guse
“I've first stared ordering my monthly supplements from Supplement World back in 2011, and more than 3 years down the line I still do! Wide variety of products at a good price. Fast, friendly and convenient service – order yours today and get it delivered to your door within the next two days, guaranteed.”
Paul Lesch
Cape Town
“Great company, fast ordering and even faster delivery and the free delivery are awesome. The staff are just so friendly and helpful, I would recommend this site to anyone.”