6 Pack Fitness Beast Duffel Bag Red Black

6 Pack Fitness Beast Duffel Bag

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The Six Pack Fitness Beast Duffel was created for the dedicated fitness athlete for optimal meal transportation.

Successful athletes know what it takes to achieve their performance goals. One of those is feeding their bodies with enough quality food to make sure they are at the top of their game. Whether it's on the playing field or in the gym, without giving your body the fuel it needs and most importantly when it needs it you are just not going to progress they way you'd like.

The Beast Duffel is a mega-machine in food and apparel transportation. Room for 5 meal tubs which are BPA free, 1 compartment tub for your vitamins and 2 gel packs to keep everything nice and cool.

Access to the tubs is on the side of the bag with enough room to store your protein shaker on the other side and your workout clothing in the middle.

If you travel a lot and for long periods at a time, the Six Pack Beast Duffel will keep you on your fitness path wherever you may be.

Category: Fitness & Nutrition

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6 Pack Fitness Beast Duffel Bag
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