Discount Program


Our discount program is an initiative to thank our customers for their ongoing loyal support by providing points which can then be used as purchase discounts.

How do I earn points?

1. Placing an order

Each product rewards a certain amount of points. For every product you order, those points will be added up and the total awarded to your account.

Points can only be earned on orders that have been paid for. Points on pending orders will only be transferred once the order has been completed.

2. Giving a product review

Sharing your experience with a product by placing a review on the product page will also earn you points.

All reviews are moderated by Supplement World staff to check the validity and content of the review. Once checked the review will be approved and the points transferred to your account.


How can I spend my points?

1. Individual product discounts

You can apply as many points as you like on individual products. For example, you have 138 points. You can use 38 on Product A and 109 on Product B.

2. Total shopping cart discount

Points can also be spent to receive a discount on your total order amount instead of a product. You can combine the points on products and the total order amount.

For example, you have 198 points. You can use 38 on Product A and 109 on Product B. An additional 23 points can be used to get a further discount on the total order amount.


Do I need to create a customer account to start earning points?

Yes. In order for our system to know who to transfer the points to, you need to create a customer account. From your account you can then manage your points.


Can I exchange my points for cash?

No. Even though the points you have collected have a Rand value to them, you unfortunately cannot redeem the points for cash.


Will my points expire?

No. Your points will remain in your account indefinitely until you are ready to use them on your next purchase.


Where can I view my points earned and spent?

All your point transactions can be viewed in the ‘My Account’ section. Here you can see the status of points being transferred, how they were spent and any other relevant information.


How many points equals a Rand?

The value of the points earned and spent has been devised using a mathematical algorithm specially created for us. It takes various factors into consideration such as brand, products within a brand, most popular and a few others. Therefore we cannot list a flat rate structure for a single point value.