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Evox 5XL Muscle Meal 5kg

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  • Evox 5XL Muscle Meal 5kg
  • Evox 5XL Muscle Meal 5kg
  • Evox 5XL Muscle Meal 5kg

Evox 5XL Muscle Meal 5kg

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Supplement Facts

Nutritional Information:

Serving Size: 50g-100g
Servings per Container: 50-100

  Amount per 50g
Amount per 100g
Protein 20.5g 41g
Carbohydrates Total 23.5g 47g
Lactose <1g <1g
Fat Total <2g <4g
Cholesterol <0.1g <0.2g
Energy 194.5 Cal 389 Cal
Calcium 105.5mg 211 mg
Chromium 62.5mcg 125mcg
Copper 0.1mg 0.2mg
Iron 0.45mg 0.9mg
Magnesium 37.5mg 75mg
Manganese 0.15mg 0.3mg
Phosphorus 105mg 210mg
Potassium 140mg 280mg
Zinc 0.25mg 0.5mg
Vitamin A 42.5mcg 85mcg
Vitamin C 30mg 60mg
Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 0.3mg 0.6mg
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 0.6mg 1.2mg
Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) 5mg 10mg
Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) 2.5mg 5mg
Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 0.5mg 1mg
Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) 5mcg 10mcg
Folate 6mcg 12mcg
Amino Acid profile per 100g:    
Alanine   1654mg
Arginine   2040mg
Aspartic acid   3890mg
Cystine / Cysteine   528mg
Glutamic acid   8108mg
Glycine   1166mg
Histidine   1062mg
Isoleucine   2130mg
Leucine   3656mg
Lysine   3020mg
Methionine   836mg
Phenylalanine   1932mg
Proline   3036mg
Serine   2422mg
Threonine   1888mg
Tryptophane   526mg
Tyrosine   1766mg
Valine   2326mg


Carbohydrate Blend: (Maltodextrine, Dextrose, Fructose); Ultra Filtered Whey Protein Blend: (Whey Protein Concentrate 80%, Soy Protein Isolate 90%, Hydrolysed Whey Protein, Calcium Caseinate); Glutamine Peptides; Essential Fatty Acid Powder (EFA); Raftilose Synergy 1 (Oligofructose Enriched Inulin Fibre); Other Ingredients: Soy Lecithin; Creamer; Permitted Flavourants and Colourants; Cocoa Powder (Only in Chocolate Variant); Non-nutritive Sweetener (Sodium Cyclamate, Sodium Saccharin, Acesulfame K); Colloidal Silicone Dioxide (Glidant); Xanthan Gum; Sodium Chloride.

Allergen Warning: Contains Milk, Soy and Wheat (Gluten).

Recommended Usage

• Take 3 heaped scoops (3 scoops = 100g) with 300-500ml water or skim milk.

• Use 50g for weight maintenance and 100g for weight gain.

• Use Evox 5XL Muscle Meal to supplement your mid-morning, mid-afternoon and post-training meals.

• Add or remove water or skim milk to acquire desirable taste and thickness.

• Best used for active individuals on a muscle maintenance or growth program.

• Mix in a blender or shaker for best results.


Do not use if any known sensitivities to any of the ingredients exist. Check with your doctor before use should you be on any medication. Manufactured on dairy equipment and may contain dairy products. Consult a physician prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Product Information

Mass Gainer

This muscle meal isn’t your run-of-the-mill supplement – Evox 5XL Muscle Meal delivers the punch that any highly active individual requires for muscle development along with an energy boost. People who follow intense training routines and those who would like to see their bodies develop into unstoppable machines will find the 5XL Muscle meal to be their solution, as it provides maximum metabolic support.

When you ingest one serving of the superior supplement, you consume 41g of high quality protein, which is absorbed easily, as well as 47g of much needed carbohydrates. Only a few supplements on the market come close to giving you a perfect mix of ingredients, which makes it so much better that 5XL Muscle Meal also provides medium chain triglycerides. This is scientifically known to provide the additional energy that you will need to conquer all your workouts.

That’s not all, Evox 5XL Muscle Meal contains an insulin mimicker, known as taurine, which makes it possible for your body to take the special blend of nutrients. Your trained muscles also get a good treatment from the glutamine peptide that is present in the supplement. This boosts their capacity to regenerate, making you ready for the next day’s round of workouts.

With this supplement, you no longer have to consume whole food to get all the calories you need. So, if you’re looking to get onto an effective weight gaining program, you won’t go wrong with this incredible supplement. 5XL Muscle Meal is available in a variety of flavours, including choc banana, cookies and cream, and chocolate, so get the taste and results that you want. Order yours now online from Supplement World.

Category: Protein Powder


Recent Customer Reviews

Best Protein on marketReview by Richard
By far the best ration for lean muscle gains. Vanilla is by fa the best tastes amazing. (Posted on 4/14/14)
AverageReview by Johann
Completed my tub and it's not a bad product.
Don't expect wow gains, but it will help you retain muscle mass. (Posted on 4/10/14)
Waste of moneyReview by Mo-gale
This is only effective for beginners, if your not is a COMPLETE waste of money. It justifies the price in terms effectiveness, it doesn't work. Took it for a month and no gains, just gave me a runny stomach. If you want good results you have to spend big. Serious mass and dymatize supper mass, won't go wrong (Posted on 4/9/14)
works for me Review by dj deviate 1wp
I've been using 5xl muscle meal for a month and have had some impressive results even the wife likes it (Posted on 2/25/14)
Best Shake EverReview by Frans
Just started use it today chocolate is great taste like creamy mouse. And is very filling. Will update once I see if it works but really think it will (Posted on 1/29/14)
Fantastic MRP - Meal ReplacementReview by JohnnyJ
This has been my go to Protein product of all times. Has a great number of servings, tastes fantastic as with all Evox products, effective, you get your moneys worth. For those on a bulk this will help you hit your protein requirements whether you are on a bulk or maintenance even while cutting. It has all your vitamins and your BCAAs. So you wont need to buy a BCAAs supplements. (Posted on 12/30/13)

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