Muscle Works Ultimate Amino Force
  • Muscle Works Ultimate Amino Force
  • Muscle Works Ultimate Amino Force
  • Muscle Works Ultimate Amino Force

Muscle Works Ultimate Amino Force

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Muscle Works Ultimate Amino Force is the ultimate muscle armour formula ensuring a complete and long lasting protection of your hard earned lean muscle tissue.

Bodybuilders and athletes know all too well that it takes large amount of time and effort to create quality gains in lean hard muscle tissue. They also know that any gains in muscle tissue are under threat if consistent and correct training and nutrition are not applied.

Under-training and over-training can both contribute to muscle atrophy or breakdown. Muscle Works Ultimate Amino Force is the perfect product to ensure that precious muscle is fed with specific amino acids that are geared up for the task of protecting precious hard earned muscle. Not only will this product protect the muscle it will also help recovery between workouts and enhancing the potential for increased lean muscle mass and strength.

Large dosages of branch chain amino acids, glutamine and HMB minimize muscle atrophy whilst Arginine, Arginine AKG and Citrulline work together to spare nitrogen stores in the muscles triggering an optimum environment for muscle growth.

The insulin potentiators: Vanadyl Sulphate, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Chromium Picolinate ensure rapid delivery of nutrients to the muscles. The addition of Vitamin C and green tea extract ensure that free radicals are scavenged quickly minimising tissue damage and thereby reducing muscle soreness post training.

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How To Use It

• Mix one heaped scoop (25g) with 400-500 ml of cold water.

• Shake and drink immediately.

• Take 1 to 2 servings per day with at least one serving consumed immediately pre-workout or post workout.

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Awesome Product
Review by Justin(Date 6/2/16)
Good product. Tastes so much better than the rest. Very effective intra-workout.
Muscle Works Ultimate Amino Force
Take your fitness goal to the next level.
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Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 25g (1 Scoop)
Servings per Container: 20

  Amount per Serving
Energy99 Cal/414 kJ
Of which total sugar 5.07g
Hypotrophic Muscle Stimulating Amino Acid Complex18 500mg
L-Glutamine4 500mg
Taurine4 000mg
L-Leucine2 500mg
L-Arginine2 000mg
HMB2 000mg
L-Arginine AlphaKeto Glutarate1 000mg
L-Isoleucine1 000mg
Insulin Potentiating Complex9mg
Vanadyl Sulphate3mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid5mg
Chromium Picolinate1mg
Anti-oxidant Complex125mg
Green Tea Extract100mg
Vitamin C25mg


Dextrose, Branch Chain Amino acid Blend (L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine), L-glutamine, Taurine, Flavour, L-arginine, PeptoPro, HMB, L-arginine AKG, Malic acid L-Citrulline, Citric acid, Sucrolose, Ascorbic acid, Green tea extract, Colourant, Alpha Lipoic acid, Vanadyl sulphate, Chromium picolinate.

Allergen Warning: This product contains no known allergens.


Ultimate Amino Force is not a medicine, has not been tested and evaluated by the MCC and in no way is meant to cure, treat or prevent any disease or disorder. Supplements are best utilized in conjunction with a healthy diet and goal orientated exercise routine. Always consult your healthcare professional before making changes to your diet or exercise routine.

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