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Supplements SA Pure Whey Protein

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Supplements SA Pure Whey Protein is a great tasting lean muscle shake.

Build Lean Muscle

One of the most important nutrients to help you reach your fitness goal is protein.

Protein feeds your muscles amino acids to help stimulate growth. This product gives you 25 grams of quality protein per serving.

Help with Recovery

The whey used has a naturally occurring high amount of branched chained amino acids (BCAA’s).

BCAA’s help with improved recovery from your workouts and contribute towards improved muscle tone.

Protein Blend

The protein comes from a blend of Whey Concentrate and the more rapidly absorbed Whey Isolate.

This is an ideal mix to give your body amino acids shortly after your workout to start the recovery process as well as supplying protein to help build muscle from the slower absorbed Concentrate form.

Muscle Sparing

Amino acids in the whey shake assist with maintaining lean muscle while reducing body fat following a calorie controlled eating program.

Great Value

Supplements SA Pure Whey Protein offers great value for money with their 3kg bucket, which should give you approximately 100 servings.

Available in a variety of delicious flavours at an affordable price this is one of our most popular whey protein shakes.

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Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 30g (1 Heaped Scoop)
Servings per Container: 33 (1kg) / 100 (3kg)
 Amount Per Serving *%NRV
Calories from Fat 9 
Total Fat 1 g 5%
of which saturated fat 0.5 g  
of which trans fat 0 g  
Total Sodium 50 mg 2%
Total Carbohydrates 3 g 1%
Dietary Fibre 0 g  
Sugars1 g  
Protein22 g  
Cholesterol60 mg  
*NRV - Nutrient Reference Values for individuals older than 4 years.

Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Banana Flavouring, Sucralose.

Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Cocoa, Chcolate Flavouring, Sucralose.

Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Strawberry Flavouring, Sucralose.

Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Vanilla Flavouring, Sucralose.

Allergen Information: Contains Whey and is produced in a facility that processes Casein and Egg.

Recommended products to use with this item

• Add 30 – 60 grams depending on personal preference to one glass of water or milk.

• Shake, stir or blend for a few seconds.

• Have a serving straight after your workout.

• An additional serving can be taken first thing in the morning.

• For best results combine with Supplements SA Creatine Supreme.

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Customer Reviews
Too sweet
Review by T (5 August 2019)
It's a bit too sweet and slight chemical taste. Not sure about effectiveness as I just started using it. Price is the only plus point at the moment.
Waste of money and time
Review by Chana (22 July 2019)
Terrible stuff, don't waste your money
Terribly SWEET
Review by B (2 July 2019)
I usually buy unflavoured whey protein. The Vanilla flavour smells very synthetic and is incredibly sweet when mixing in the same proportions as the unflavored brands available. I regret buying this and would not recommend it to anyone. If you plan on using it, make sure to mix with a LOT of water, like 600ml per 50g powder, and mix with something bitter like strong coffee or raw cacao.
Review by Sixtie (31 March 2019)
Awesome product
Best Whey
Review by Mahri (19 April 2018)
I love this protein. I've noticed huge difference since using it. my muscles look fantastic and its well priced.
Best Affordable Whey
Review by Milo510 (8 May 2017)
Supplements SA got the formula right to bring us a great whey at a very low price.
Helps a lot to obtain the lean muscle we all hope for, over continuous use for a few months.]
Only drawback I can find is the taste is really sweet, hence the reason I almost always get Vanilla to mix with coffee.
Almost too Sweet, real chocolate taste, labled wrong.
Review by Donny (16 March 2017)
22g per 30 (1.5 scoops recommended) as per the 25g advertised here. and the 29g advertised when I bought it.

Tasted like real chocolate though, great without milk, but there is some heavily over sweetened notes in it, and if you can't handle intense sugary tastes, this is a no go. To me, it's bearable, and i love sugary stuff in general so might not be for most.

Not very thick, a bit clumpy, hot water does the trick to smoothen it out.

Price is great, love that it's local, and supplement world delivers fast.
Review by BobbyBoulders (29 January 2017)
Always used SSA products and never got it wrong.
Was using SSA Massive Muscle (strawberry) and it was too sweet but results were good. Decided to lean out so got this product (vanilla) and paired it with some monohydrate. Awesome size and strength gains.
So far so good
Review by Mapele (19 January 2017)
Ok, I started taking it today. I bought the Strawberry flavour. I love it, I also love the fact that u only need a glass full. I presume it'll will not be hush with my tummy. So far so good. But hey, wish me luck.
Good Whey for a Great $
Review by WJ ERASMUS (1 November 2016)
One of the most valued whey powders on the market!

Good Taste, mixes very easy and is very affordably for someone who is looking to build on lean muscle and living a healthy lifestyle!

You cant go wrong with this product.
Too sweet, bad tasting banana
Review by Kudra (24 October 2016)
Recently decided to try out this product, been using other products but unfortunately i made a wrong choice w the flavor. Wanted to taste banana but its awful, too sweet. I hate the taste. I have no choice but to drown it down my throat. The results are good though.
Great Value Great Price
Review by Charlton (28 July 2016)
Great Value Great Price, best option for those on a budget
Review by G (18 July 2016)
Taste is great! works great! good price!
Review by terra (19 January 2016)
cheap and effective
Review by kurt (13 October 2015)
SA supplement should look into the fact that all guys cant afford this products... supplements shouldn't just be for working people but for people like me that are still studying and doesn't earn a income. its so expensive...hope u guys can see into this matter
Good protein content, incredible taste
Review by Dylan (23 September 2015)
I have tried different whey protein shake products that are on the market and this one has to be one of the most effective ones with regards to its pricing. Well done SuppSA
Quality Product i don't know but the smell
Review by Francois  (14 September 2015)
The product (chocolate) smells of cheap Chinese factory plastic which is terrible and spreads through your home, the taste is really nothing to write home about but not terrible, (I've tasted much nicer Whey protein before), but I guess for the price its not bad.

On the plus side it does seem like the product is an effective Protein supplement.
I can't comment on long term effects but no negative side effects experienced so far.

Not sure weather they are lieing about the protein content
Review by Cal (6 September 2015)
Needa have this product tested
Review by Ryno (25 July 2015)
Great tasting product and well worth the price, i will recommend it to everyone
Great Value
Review by Matthew (24 June 2015)
One of the best tasting shakes on the market. Effective and can be used on a Keto diet thanks to the low carb content.
Review by Sibonga H (23 June 2015)
Quite a good whey protein, quick muscle gains.
Whey Protein
Review by Kelvin (18 June 2015)
Awesome Stuff
Review by Estee (18 May 2015)
I love this product! Tastes great as is the price...I love the banana..nice and sweet but not too sweet...the strawberry is not that flavorful..choc is nice but not sweet enough for me personally...would love a sample of the cream soda..
The best
Review by koos (24 April 2015)
It taste great and it really works.Sa supplements whey is the BEST!!!!
Review by Jacques (10 April 2015)
Good price and it really works
Excellent product
Review by Kelvin (19 March 2015)
Fantastic Product
Supplements SA you ROCK
What can I say
Review by Beaudheen (3 March 2015)
I like it alot...especially for the price. the choc flavour is the best(5/5). currently have coffee, not liking it too much(3/5). this is my 2nd 3kg bucket in 3 months. lasts long though. Thumbs up from me.
Bad Bad Bad
Review by DEE (3 March 2015)
Upsets the tummy, strong chemical taste (probably artificial sweeteners). This is a case of getting what you pay for. 5 thumbs down.
Quality at a decent price
Review by Yandi (23 February 2015)
I can't complain. I'm an avid fan of this product and recommend it highly.
good whey
Review by work (6 February 2015)
This whey is very good
1st Time
Review by TDogg (28 January 2015)
This is the first protein shake I have ever tried, along with their Creatine, I have noticed some changes in recovery and growth over the 3 weeks. I haven't had any issues with taste or puking. Only notice of change is in the toilet, now leaving a permanent fragrance...
Great value and high quality
Review by Leon (29 November 2014)
I use it daily to cook or as a shake, and I find it very effective. It doesn't taste that great, but neither does any other whey protein for me. I also had none of the side effects that could have happened
Works brilliantly for ladies too!!
Review by Ibsie (21 October 2014)
I started with the vanilla flavour & I hated the taste. To make matters worse it gave me a running tummy.However I couldn't deny its effectiveness so I tried a different flavour. I've switched to the strawberry flavour, which I find more pleasant and have had no side effects at all. Overall, a really great product with amazing results.
Works well
Review by Apotheosis (17 October 2014)
I have used it for 2 years. Tastes good, works well price around
R200-220/kg if u buy 2kgs. Worth it.
solid whey
Review by bach1 (9 October 2014)
Great whey for post work out
Great Taste
Review by Zizwe (10 May 2014)
I have been using the vanilla flavour for about 2 weeks now my only problem is every time after taking it I get a running stomach, I don't know if this is normal on the initial use of the product.
Review by Jaco (7 May 2014)
Its a good whey protein
good protein per serving ratio
it lasts you very long
Only a bit sweet but very good product overall
Review by Larry (8 April 2014)
what can I say, supplements sa delivers again! TOP TOP product!
Review by Lydon (5 March 2014)
Been using this for about 3 months now and it's brilliant! The protein quantity is value for money that I haven't found better. The chocolate taste is amazing Maybe a little sweet, but with serial or a glass of water/milk its delicious.
Great value for money
Review by GripZA (3 March 2014)
Great value for money!! Works just as good, if not better than other whey protein supplements. Was sceptical about the brand at first but now I won't buy any other whey. Awesome product.
Good product - Horrible taste
Review by Nina (19 February 2014)
I am not one to complain about sweetness, but seriously, the chocolate is revoltingly sweet and doesn't taste like chocolate at all!
And now I'm stuck with a huge bucket of sickening sweet stuff.
About a year ago I used the vanilla. That was quite nice, although I found a piece of hard melted black plastic inside...
I don't think I'll be buying this brand again unfortunately.
Great protein supp
Review by Jaco (3 February 2014)
This is a great product, good protein ratio and the 3kg tub lasts me a whole month (20days).

I find it just as effective as other more pricey whey proteins. The coffee tastes bad but mixed with future life choc flavour its brilliant.

Will keep on using this product.
Review by Shawn (30 January 2014)
I've been using this for a couple of years. I've used all kinds of protein supplements over the years. Expensive and less expensive. I've seen the same results on this as other much more pricey products. Because this is cheaper per serving you get more bang for your buck. This means I can have more servings without breaking my budget.

All of the flavours taste great.

Review by Marius (24 January 2014)
Been using it for a month now, great product, great taste, mixes extremely well with milk. I mixed a vanilla and coffee, make a nice combo as the coffee do not really have that coffee taste, will try the banana next. and great number of serving for the price!
Good Local Product
Review by Jason (13 January 2014)
Amazing taste across all flavours and great value for money considering the number of servings per tub!
Review by AK (6 January 2014)
Its affordable for its size and i enjoyed the coffee flavor
Good product
Review by Erik (18 December 2013)
Good price/serving ratio. The only thing I don't like is that it is too sweet (Strawberry). Otherwise, worth to buy.
Awesome value
Review by altie (26 November 2013)
Definitely the most cost effective Whey to buy. Great taste and if taking 5 scoops a day it will last you till next pay day :-). Great product, great price, great results.

Whey to go Supps sa!
Great Product
Review by René (9 October 2013)
The best protein per serving ratio!
Good value
Review by Yeskiel (7 October 2013)
Really worth every cent.awesome taste and awesome results.Will be getting another soon.
Excellent value
Review by Dee (1 October 2013)
Awsome quality protein at an unbeatable price. Even cheaper than buying direct!!! We don't take supplements for taste, we take it for the nutrition. This one goes down just fine, great in smoothies.
Good Value
Review by Tjaart (25 September 2013)
Good stuff, a little too sweet, but you can't go wrong with 3 kilos of quality for that price.
@ Elvis
Review by jason (17 September 2013)
Different molecular weights of the components give rise to the density of the protein. This means that per volume, the standard whey may be 1g whereas the casein may be .8g per unit volume. This means that the volume you take will be the same but the mass will be different.
Product is awesome by the whey ;)
Cheap and good quality
Review by WSM (10 September 2013)
I love the taste (strawberry) i find it helps me burn fat, i seem to lean out when using this product, and overall mixes easily with milk. Slightly sweet taste but overall a decent shake
Great Bang for Bucks
Review by Marinus (7 September 2013)
Bought the Coffee flavour and it is absolutely amazing,No nonsense no sweeteners just a great taste,plus it has the most protein per Scoop 24.5/30*100=81.66%,Job well done
Great Value
Review by Edwin  (2 September 2013)
The most cost effective whey available with sublime quality and incredible taste. Local brands are definitely on par with the international brands.
Worth It
Review by Alex (26 August 2013)
Quality product.
Price per serving cheaper than anything else available.
Worth buying
Review by Rory (18 August 2013)
great product, slightly sweet, but the best tasting whey protein. Also the price is very reasonable.
Good price
Review by Armandt (19 July 2013)
Good price for the amount of whey protein you get! Hope to see great results!
Review by Chris (1 July 2013)
It has a sweetish taste which I love. And it is the best value for money...
Great value, great taste!
Review by Elvis (6 June 2013)
I recently bought some Supplements SA Pure Whey Protein(3.2kg) and Slow Release protein(1kg).

On the whey container it states that 1 heaped scoop = 30g and on the slow release, 1 heaped scoop = 20g, but both of the scoops included are the same size. Which measurement is correct?

Just something to look out for if you're like me and want to be precise about your supplement regime.

Luckily I've got an extra 30g scoop from previous supplements I've used.

Great products though.
Review by altie (28 May 2013)
Great all-round product. The only Whey shake ( to last me right through the month. Awesome affordable product by Supps SA
Great product without heavy pricetag
Review by muhammed saajid (19 May 2013)
Product is effective.
Taste is slightly sweet, but not bad.highly recommended.
well worth it
Review by Warren (17 April 2013)
Best value for your money and the servings per container is best around.....tastes good-sweet- both the choc and banana...well worth the investment
worth buying
Review by wayne (27 February 2013)
best price per kg
tastes better than most whey protein