Whey Protein

We sell a large selection of Whey Protein Shakes to help you build lean muscle.

Why Athletes Use A Whey Shake

Build Lean Muscle

Whey consists of high biological value protein which builds lean muscle.

Amino acids found in whey such as Leucine stimulate muscle growth at a molecular level.

Studies show that whey preserves muscle while on a fat-loss program.

Improve Recovery

A fast absorbed protein and loaded with the essential amino acids BCAA for increased workout recovery.

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Supplements SA Whey Protein Concentrate
2 kg: R499.00
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Supplements SA Pure Whey Protein
1 kg: R289.00
3 kg: R689.00
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Supplements SA Super Whey
2.5 kg: R589.00
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Supplements SA Whey Isolate
1 kg: R385.00
2 kg: R669.00
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