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SSN N.O. Crea-Pump

SSN N.O. Crea-Pump

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SSN N.O. Crea-Pump is a pre-workout drink to give you energy and strength for your workouts.

Get More Energy

To consistently train at their peak athletes look to increase their energy levels. Caffeine has long been used to provide more energy and mental focus.

This pre-workout contains a blend of 250 mg of caffeine and Green Tea extract which is also performance boosting stimulant.

Get Stronger

Gradually lifting heavier weights in the gym stimulates your muscles to grow bigger.

Contains creatine monohydrate and ethyl ester which have been shown to increase power during explosive exercises like weight lifting.

Better Pumps During Training

A ‘pump’ during a workout is what fitness athletes and bodybuilders experience from lifting weights. Their muscles become ‘flooded’ with blood which helps deliver important muscle building nutrients to recover and grow.

Mental Focus

Caffeine not only gives you lots of energy but it helps sharpen your mental focus. This reduces the distractions at the gym so you get the most from your training session to maximize your fitness goals.


This is a comprehensive performance boosting product which gives you all the ingredients for a great training session.

Energy for increased workout intensity, strength to lift more weights and muscle pumps to feed the recovery process.

Best Seller

SSN N.O. Crea-Pump is one of our best selling training products. With almost 200 customer reviews the feedback has been very positive, a product that delivers at an affordable price.

Category: Vitamins & Supplements
How To Use It
  • Mix 1 serving (1 scoop / approx 20 g) in a shaker or water bottle with approx 500 ml of cold water or suitable sports drink.
  • Use on training days.
  • Drink half this serving 15-30 minutes prior to your training session and sip on the balance whilst training.
More Info
  • Individuals sensitive to stimulants should begin with half the recommended dosage to help assess tolerance.
Most Recent of 199 Reviews
Highly Recommended
Review by Allen(Date 12/7/16)
Blueberry Flavour - Tastes pretty decent, definite aftertaste though so I recommend using an extra 100ml of water to dilute it a bit.

Intense focus levels with no shakes or tingles, just head down weights up focus and energy. Noticed an increase in energy levels from the first day.
Good Product
Review by WJ ERASMUS(Date 11/1/16)
Great overall pre-workout!

Gives you metal, vascular and energy boos when training.

Average taste.

Very affordable product.

Rating 7.5/10
crea pump ssn
Review by Juandre(Date 10/24/16)
Been using this for 2 weeks now and already can feel and see the results keep up the good product try it guys you won't regret it
SSN N.O. Crea-Pump
Take your fitness goal to the next level.
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Nutritional Information

Flavour: Grape
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (Approx. 20 g)
Servings Per Container: Approx. 25

  Amount per Serving% DV
Energy46kCal / 193kJ 
Fat 0g 
Creatine Monohydrate  
Creatine Ethyl Ester 
Mono Calcium Phosphate  
Di-Potassium Phosphate  
Vanadyl Sulphate 
Alpha Lipoic Acid  
Chromium Picolinate (200mcg Chromium)  
L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate 
Caffeine Anhydrous (250mg)  
Green Tea Extract (95% polyphenols - catechins 90%; Epigallocatechin gallate EGCG 45%)  
† Daily Value Not Established

Other Ingredients: Dextrose, Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Aspartame*, Flavour & Colour.

* Phenylketonurics – contains phenylalanine.


Seek advice from a health care professional before use if you have any pre-existing medical condition. Not to be taken by pregnant or nursing women or children. As with all other supplements, people taking medications for asthma, hypertension, hyperthyroidism and related conditions as well as those suffering from ulcers or low blood pressure condition should exercise caution and seek medical supervision. People at risk for renal disorders, particularly diabetes should consult their physician prior to use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Keep out of reach of children.

More Customer Reviews
Very effective
Review by Biokineticist(Date 9/16/16)
Great product. Been using it myself for 2 years now. Gives me the energy in the gym that nothing else give.

Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.
just Awesome
Review by Warren(Date 8/8/16)
Good Taste
Good value for money
well worth trying if you looking for a pre workout
Great Product
Review by Faheem(Date 5/11/16)
one of the best on the market. really gives you great pumps.
Review by Michael(Date 2/26/16)
This stuff is good, 3rd time buying. It's not as potent as some of the other pre-workouts on the market but definitely works. Have had the grape flavour every time.
Review by Bo khaled (Date 2/20/16)
Tried no explode didn't get half the results I got from useing creapump good guys
Review by mtho(Date 2/19/16)
Started using it this week. This thing is awesome, I have lots of energy, even weights are getting lighter.
Review by Jaco(Date 2/15/16)
Not too bad. Taste is okay, extremely bitter though (blueberry). Pump is much less than the NPL and PharmaFreak Super Freak for example. Overall not bad if you are sensitive to the stronger stimulants, but won't buy again probably. Will perhaps use for my off cycle from my regular pre-workout (NPL).
Review by Mojo007(Date 2/3/16)
perfect price love the pump and the weightloss is phenominal!! great buy
Review by Hughy(Date 9/9/15)
As a first time user of a pre workout substance I experienced very weird effects which all seemed to be normal when I consulted with friends using pre workouts. Definitely felt an energy level boost in the gym, exactly what I was looking for but I've also experienced some sleeping issues since using the product (2 days ago). I'll stick to 1 heaped teaspoon for now :)
Good Taste and good Pump
Review by Ismaeel(Date 8/26/15)
Used this previously and had good results, just started using again and pumps and taste are great
High energy and itching
Review by T Joe(Date 8/4/15)
Start using this two days ago...energy level sky high but a bit of concern, body especially ears start itching 10-15min after drinking it...is it just me or anyone else experienced this..I like the product though...
Review by bbull(Date 7/20/15)
Its worth it!
Review by Dan(Date 7/16/15)
Been using this product off and on for a few years. Great pump and focus; very decent price.
Unfortunately I notice a definite drop in effectiveness with continued use. To use off and on, or substituted with other pre-work outs, week on / week off, is a workable solution.
Still using it
Review by june(Date 6/23/15)
I have used this product for two days now and i can without a doubt state i can feel the muscle tearing pumps, the energy levels aren't going threw the roof but then again i'm a sceptic! I do sweat allot more which is positive in the sense that it will help me to loose some weight and get ripped without using a fatburner! nonetheless so far i find it to be a very good product and i'm saving money in the process, low price for a great product, i'll keep you other gym fenaticts up to date with my progress regarding the product.....
Great Stuff
Review by Spy(Date 6/23/15)
Really impressed with this product, very affordable and gives great results. Puts the more expensive products like NO Xplod and Superpump250 to shame when you look at the results you're getting for the money you've spent. Will definitely stick to this product, and use the money I'm saving and buy something to stack with it!
Review by Falkirk107(Date 6/23/15)
Bought this last week, and this product is by far the best I've ever used, with pumps you can feel! The energy levels are insane! Will definitely buy it again, and will recommend it to anyone looking for a nice energy boost during a workout!
Great Product
Review by LD(Date 6/23/15)
Much more affordable than some of the other products and works very well! Highly recommended
sick stuff!
Review by thats wats up(Date 6/23/15)
this stuff if amazing, iv been gyming for a while now, and have used products like mstak and no pump, but nothing compares to this, its by far the best iv used, and will be sure to get me some more! if u not using it, ur missing out, trust me!
Its ok…
Review by Alheit(Date 6/23/15)
Worked great for the first couple of weeks, but thereafter it didn’t work as well as it used to. So I double dosed, but it gave me headaches. Wouldn’t buy it again…
Good and cheap
Review by Franscois(Date 6/23/15)
I have used N.O blast and it worked well for me, then i tried this and it worked just as good for much cheaper. Its well worth trying
Good cost effective
Review by D-Bomb(Date 6/23/15)
Great, cost effective and breaks you away from these internationally marketed products with such inflated prices. Lasts a long time and provides solid ingredients and a solid pump and energy. Definitely recommend it for guys who are brainwashed by the overseas brands...
Bought it for the second time..
Review by altus(Date 6/23/15)
I simply love this product.. Good pumps and energy & value for money! You should really buy this product!
Review by Craaaazy(Date 6/23/15)
Started using this stuff yesterday and worked like a dream. Pumps you up and gives loads of energy. the only problem is i didnt sleep a wink last night! if you are like me try gyming in the morning.
Review by Jd(Date 6/23/15)
I havent been gyming for long now and this is the 1st product i took. because of price and how well it works, id recommend it to any1 who wants to feel like they have endless energy at gym, and it speeds up muscle recovery. all that for this price. im sticking with it.
Brilliant Product!
Review by Morné (Date 6/23/15)
This is absolutely the best pre-workout ever! You can't stop training as soon as this mixture is in your system...
I will advise anyone who struggles with energy and who is tired after work to get some of this!
Review by Ruda(Date 6/23/15)
Strength went up! second week i felt it work -- doubled my dose and my bench press went up from 110kg to 130 and on it for a month!
me likey
Review by thatguy(Date 6/23/15)
Flat out works! At this price i wouldn't even bother hesitating. i have tireless sessions at gym now :)
Decent Product
Review by Will(Date 6/23/15)
For the price you pay. its a decent product like its not the most hectic pre-workout but is delivers a decent kick with some good pumps. i reckon its about on Par with the N.O blast from SPS.
Great value
Review by ES(Date 6/23/15)
Using it now for two weeks and it really works! I've added 30mins cardio to my workouts and strength also increased. Great value for money...
Review by silver surfer(Date 6/23/15)
Used this stuff for about 2 months, can feel it working insane pumps, only bad thing to many scoops and then ur body cant handle..super dumps comes in, but used alot of things, better than NO Blast.... works harder and better...
Super Product
Review by Vortex King(Date 6/23/15)
This works!! But beware, take too much and your body goes into overdrive...I absolutely love it!! I tried many products and this is the best ever....I can definitely see the difference...
Review by Clang(Date 6/23/15)
I was looking forward to using this product from all the hype I had been hearing!!!
I honestly didn't get a pump and although at a very good price was a waste of money!
I am rather going to stick to the quality American products!
Review by ShapeLy(Date 6/23/15)
Good product & affordable. Buying for second time.
SSN is a great choice on any of their products!
Review by Wess(Date 6/23/15)
Wasn't too sure what to expect at R200 for a pre-workout supplement but trust SSN's products to deliver and it did. Considering that its competitors charge up to R500+ on pre-workout supplements, Crea-Pump is a must!
Value for $
Review by Llew(Date 6/23/15)
Not as good as some of the other creatine products I've tried, but for the price - its a must have.
Good product
Review by sakkie(Date 6/23/15)
When I bought this product I thought what they said about it wasn't true, but after using it a few days it really gave me the most hardcore pumps ever. I had more concentration and really started seeing a difference on my body.
I like...
Review by Khalel(Date 6/23/15)
I’ve been holding back my comments on this supplement. From the first day I started Crea-pump, I’ve noticed my workouts started to change, especially my leg workouts. It doesn't give you a super kick, but it gives whatever you need to complete your session with an excellent pump. It only gets better in the following weeks. I’m in my third week and not showing any signs of slowing down! I love this product and at the price, I’m definitely ordering again!
Review by Alon(Date 6/23/15)
by far the best tasting pre work out i have had
no, super pump, shock, nitro all taste good for the first couple of days but by half by through they impossible to drink whereas crea pump has the best flavour that you dont get sick of!
8/10 taste
6/10 results
Not that great
Review by Hanno(Date 6/23/15)
I used this for a month and did not see real results. Pump not that good as other NO products out there.
well worth the money
Review by henry(Date 6/23/15)
for the price of the product this pre-workout is worth every cent....although it does not give you the mental focus of the international products it definitely takes your workout to a more physical level.
Review by Alon(Date 6/23/15)
this product is defiantly value for money, its great with the pumps but i don't seem to get a concentration as in other pre work outs iv tried but i defiantly get the pump and increase of energy
Review by BushiDo(Date 6/23/15)
I have been using it for a week now(wanted to buy it here on Supplement world but when i was @ the supp store it tickled my wallet and i just had to buy it there and then..Payed R20 extra tough) and i really have to admit that it DOES increase my power,endurance,focus and pumps!..didn't expect much of this product but now i cant deny the fact that it is WELL worth the money!Size didn't go up but my will definitely buy it again!..

Try it for yourself and you own opinion.....
Review by Alon(Date 6/23/15)
its not like it gives you this major hype but it def gives you the pumps and focus you need for gym!! i recommended it, plus if your a beginner then this product is def of use! i give it 6.5/10
Watch out
Review by Quintin(Date 6/23/15)
I have tried a few products and this product does work but be warned.
It is recommended that you use one scoop, if you have a high metabolism, THEN JUST USE ONE SCOOP. I used two and trained for an hour. My heart kept racing for an hour after that and it felt like I was always out of breath, every time I was done with a set in the gym it felt like I was gonna pass out. I now only use half a scoop. For the price this is a great product.
Good but....
Review by Juicer(Date 6/23/15)
Does not taste good and found it to be highly toxic but it does work
Review by David(Date 6/23/15)
Waste of money. Felt absolutely no difference when i was taking this product!!
Review by LPP(Date 6/23/15)
GREAT value for money! Would suggest this product. Taste is amazing, however i have had occasions where my body just 'drops' and i feel like sh1t, however i will be using this again!!
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