USN CLA Green Tea
USN CLA Green Tea USN CLA Green Tea USN CLA Green Tea USN CLA Green Tea

USN CLA Green Tea

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Your body deserves a well-balanced lifestyle, and supplements like USN CLA Green Tea have the potency to help you achieve a leaner, healthier physique. Beef, lamb, milk and many other types of foods naturally contain the nutrient Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). However, in these foods, it is present in small amounts and you would require larger portions to notice a significant difference.

The green tea from USN contains a healthy ration of this incredible CLA, which has scientifically been touted as a wonder nutrient. It is transformed into eicosanoids, a hormonal like substance, which is known to control the relative amounts of muscle and fat. When you increase the consumption of CLA, and follow a good workout regimen, your body will reduce the level of fat, manage and even increase lean muscle.

When you combine green tea and CLA, the results are even more astounding, with the former maximising your weight loss on top of the qualities provided by the latter. This means USN has combined two incredible products to create a supplement that will make your body stop storing fat and rather burn it off as energy. This supplement is also known to reduce cholesterol. So, whether you’re an athlete, bodybuilder or anyone conscious about their health and looking to reduce their weight, this is the supplement you should be consuming.

This supplement contains Cis 9, Trans 11 and Trans 10, Cis 12 isomeres in a 50:50 ratio, which are the recommended dosages for increased efficiency. You can consume one or two softgels, at least two to three times a day with your meals or afterwards.

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How To Use It

• As a dietary supplement, take 1 to 2 softgels, two to three times daily with or after meals.

• Do not use this product in conjunction with Phedra-Cut Ultra or Lipo XT due to high levels of Green Tea in both products.

Most Recent of 14 Reviews
Perfect weight loss supplement
Review by  
I lost 3kg in one week
Review by  
Fat burner
Review by  
I've only been using this CLA for about a month and I take a lower dosage of 3 a day. I'm on a budget, people. I've noticed a significant change in the fat around my hips and my stomach. I have hip bones! :) Oh, and I see a shadow of definition over my obliques, which I'm really proud of. I work hard for my results and I doubt my body could do it alone. Thanks USN :) And this CLA hasn't got the awful after taste and burp-increasing effect of the Evox CLA (thank goodness)
USN CLA Green Tea
Take your fitness goal to the next level.
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Nutritional Information
Serving Size: 2 Softgel Capsules (Bovine Gelatin)
Servings: 90
Amount per Serving
CLA oil 80% (from safflower)

Providing CLA (C18:2)

Green Tea Extract ( Providing Polyphenols, Catechins, EGCG)

As with all nutritional programmes, please consult your physician first (especially if you have a medical condition). Do not use if you are pregnant or lactating, under the age of 18, or if you have impaired liver function. Diabetics/hypoglycaemic individuals should take note that CLA may reduce blood sugar levels - medication should be adjusted accordingly. For best results, combine with a balanced, energy controlled diet and regular physical activity (exercise also enhances CLA's mechanism of action).

More Customer Reviews
The product is useless
Review by  
This is my second bottle and I`m still putting on belly fat. Its useless.
Review by  
I'm not seeing results yet, probably since I'm only taking 2-3 daily and not 6+ as the bottle recommends. I'm a daily weight trainer with a healthy diet. Bought the combo, so maybe I'll increase my dose on the next bottle.
Superb product
Review by  
I have been using this product for almost 3 months now, and the results are great, even at the lower end of the dosage scale. I have also seen a major improvement in skin condition! Might be due to increased water intake, but strongly suspect the CLA Green Tea to have a major part in this. My first order with Supplement World got delivered very quick, looking forward to doing business with them again!
USN CLA Green Tea
Review by  
Great product! I like the fact that it also has green tea extract.

Was also impressed with the delivery. Thanks supplementworld.
Good product
Review by  
Feels good and the weight stays off, have to be on it for a month or two though for real effects
worth trying
Review by  
This is decent product to use for weight loss, but results are slow ive noticed it really helps with constipation however i do find it a bit pricey nothing a cup a of herbal green tea cant solve but then a again its the convenience that matters most.
Nice and effective product
Review by  
Hi :)
After a lot research on internet and various websites about CLA and green tea, I purchased this product, and I am happy to see the results from this. I am using this product past 3 months, with proper cardio exercise and food plans (Increased amount of fruits and low calorie food); I saw nice outcomes from the product around the stomach area and lower-body fat. I didn't even see any side effect on my body.
I ordered this product first time from supplement world and I am much impressed with their services, fast delivery of product and on time communication.
very good
Review by  
This product really burns fat fast and give you more energy it is for people struggling to lose weight! very rich in anti oxidants for a better skin
Review by  
Been using it for 1week now and loss 2.5kg
Review by  
This is a great product. I've used this for more than 2 years and still have great success. No after effects.
Review by  
Used this with Diet Fuel and Phedra –Cut XT. Also followed the USN diet and their exercise program. In the beginning I felt a bit of a rush every time I had CLA but it went away within 3 days. Went from 88kg to 81kg in 4 weeks. Have not gained as much strength as I would have liked, but I will see what happens in month 2 using IGF 1
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