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NPL Amino Armour

NPL Amino Armour

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Product Info

Protect your hard-earned muscles with NPL Amino Armour, and reduce muscle fatigue, improve endurance and recover well.

Building Blocks of Muscle

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and are required to build muscle, repair tissue and promote recovery after exercise. Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s) cannot be produced in the body and need to be consumed through diet or supplementation.

Improve Physical Performance

NPL Amino Armour contains the perfect combination of Amino Acids, along with 8g of BCAAs per serving. EAA’s (Essential Amino Acids) may improve physical performance by stimulating MPS, increasing recovery, and reducing muscle catabolism.

If you are looking for the perfect ratio of Essential Amino Acids, combined with BCAAs, then NPL Amino Armour is for you.

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 16 grams (1 Heaped Scoop)
Servings per Container: 25

 Amount Per Serving %NRV
Energy225.0 kJ
Protein0.0 g0%
Glycaemic Carbohydrates0.9 g
Of which: Total sugar0.1 g
Total Fat0.0 g
Of which: Saturated Fat0.0 g
Dietary Fibre **0.0 g
Total Sodium69.0 mg
L-Leucine5000 mg
L-Isoleucine1500 mg
L-Valine1500 mg
L-Lysine HCL600 mg
L-Threonine600 mg
L-Methionine500 mg
L-Phenylalanine200 mg
L-Histidine HCL75 mg
L-Tyrosine200 mg
L-Taurine2000 mg
* % NRV – Nutrient Reference Values for individuals older than 4 years.
– Not Established
** AOAC 985.29 (Method of analysis)

BCAA Blend (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine), L-Taurine, Frutaric Acid, Anti-Caking Agent, Maltodextrin, L-Lysine HCL, L-Threonine, L-Methionine, Flavouring, L-Phenylalanine, L-Tyrosine, Salt, L-Histidine HCL, Non-Nutritive Sweetener (Sucralose), Colourant.



This product is manufactured in a facility that uses raw materials containing Cow’s Milk, Soy, Egg, Gluten (Wheat, Barley, Oats). Product contains L-Phenylalanine. Not suitable for phenylketonurics.

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• Mix 1 heaped scoop (+/-16g) with 300ml of cold water.

• Consume 1-3 times per day, preferably before and after training.

• May also be consumed as an intra workout (during training), between meals or as recommended by your fitness advisor.


Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18. If you suffer from a chronic medical condition or are using chronic prescription medication consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product. Do not use if you have any hypersensitivity or allergy to any of the ingredients. Discontinue use of this product as least 2 weeks prior to any scheduled surgical procedures. Always inform your healthcare practitioner when you are using other medication. If you are pregnant, or breastfeeding, please consult your doctor, pharmacist or other healthcare professional for advice before using this product. Discontinue use should you experience any adverse signs or symptoms when using this product.

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