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EVOX 100% Casein
EVOX 100% Casein EVOX 100% Casein EVOX 100% Casein

EVOX 100% Casein

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Evox 100% Casein Defined:

Evox 100% Casein provides you with a low carb, slow digesting casein formula ideal for night time use or in long periods of non-eating. Casein is the principle protein found in cow's milk, from which it has been extracted for many years. Casein is precipitated from the milk and separated from the whey then washed and dried. Water soluble derivatives of casein are called caseinates.

Evox 100% Casein is a slow digesting protein source that continues to feed the muscles long after ingestion. Casein therefore acts as a 'slow-release' protein that continuously releases amino acids into the blood stream. Casein has been shown to sustain steady amino acid elevations for up to 70 hours. This constant release of amino acids helps prevent muscle breakdown and keeps the body in an anabolic state. All the amino acids that are essential to active individuals are present in Evox 100% Casein, adding to its nutritional value.

Category: Protein Powder

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Review by  
Texture is a bit sludge like with water but helps stave off hunger through to the morning when taken before bed. Chocolate flavour is good, always buy chocolate as a general rule. Certainly helps with recovery
very good casein
Review by  
very good casein just ends up being a bit sludgy due to the structure of the casein. helps when you add a bit to your normal proteins and especially at night before bed.
Not bad
Review by  
Sometimes doesn't mix that well and leaves lumps in the bottom
I take it before sleep
give it 7/10
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Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 40g
Servings per Container: 25

 Amount per Serving (40g)
Amount per 100g
Protein 31g78g
Carbohydrates Total1g2.5g
Fat Total<1g<2.5g
Saturated Fats<0.6g<1.5g
Fibre 3g7.5g
Energy (Cal)136 Cal340 Cal
Calcium151.8mg 425mg
Vitamin A320mcg 800mcg
Vitamin C30mg75mg
Iron0.09mg 0.3mg
Amino Acid Profile per 100g:   
Alanine 1950mg
Arginine 2700mg
Aspartic Acid 4750mg
Cystine/Cysteine 225mg
Glutamic Acid 15000mg
Glycine  1800mg
Histidine 2025mg
Isoleucine 4050mg
Leucine 6150mg
Lysine 5475mg
Methionine 1875mg
Phenylalanine 3300mg
Proline 7575mg
Serine 4200mg
Threonine 3225mg
Tryptophane 825mg
Tyrosine 4200mg
Valine  4800mg
Calcium Caseinate, Milk Powder, Fructo Oligo Saccharides, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Lecithin, Sodium Chloride, Sucralose, Xanthan Gum, Cocoa Powder, Permitted Flavourants and Colourants.
EVOX 100% Casein
Take your fitness goal to the next level.
How To Use It

• Take 2 heaped scoops (2 scoops= 40g) with 200-300ml water or skim milk.

• Evox 100% Casein can be used as a mid-morning, mid-afternoon and before bedtime supplement.

• Add or remove water or skim milk to acquire desirable taste and thickness.

• Best used by active individuals wishing to prevent muscle breakdown during long periods of non-eating.

• Mix in a blender or shaker for best results.


Do not use if any known sensitivities to any of the ingredients exist. Check with your doctor before use should you be on any medication. Manufactured on dairy equipment and may contain dairy products. Consult a physician prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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No Complaints
Review by  
This is a great product and perfect to take before bed! High quality slow releasing protein, make me feel fuller and nothing wrong with the taste, texture is thicker than the whey protein but doesn't bother me when seeing results.
Good Value
Review by  
I take this protein every evening before bed. It has a thick texture and can be lumpy when mixing with water; I have tried Chocolate and it tastes great... even better when mixed with milk; there are also less lumps in milk. I have noticed that I sleep better and wake up easier since taking this supplement, will continue using it.
Review by  
Taste is good for a local product but mixing the shake sometimes doesn't mix that well and leaves lumps in the bottom.
Vanilla - 7/10 - very good as a Vanilla
Choc - 9/10 - choc always the best to go with here
Evox Casein
Review by  
Great product and I will most certainly keep on using it.

PS. Ryan is right, water first!.
Review by  
Use it post work out and you really see a difference after a few days. Tastes great as well.
Vanilla tastes amazing
Review by  
Vanilla tastes excellent, used this as a cheat meal... Will use this again and again. Good results with sustained use.
great casein
Review by  
Took the chocolate,love the taste,wake up with energy,decent tummy issues,leka product!!
Review by  
Great taste and texture but make sure you add the water first and THEN add the powder. I've found adding the powder first makes it very lumpy/not absorb well.
Review by  
Love it, will use it again any time. Highly recommended.
Review by  
Yes, the product works but the texture/consistency is not as nice as it should be.
a good night of sleep to your muscle
Review by  
using this before bed-time is one thing, but use it with an effective post-workout drink (evox 5xl) that really works and you will definitely see great results.
value for money
Review by  
probably the least important point but it does taste great (chocolate), is not too expensive and seems to work. when i wake up in the morning i don't feel hungry (that's usually the first thing that comes to mind). so i guess it works well.
bottom line is, i think it's a good product. will buy it again.
Great Casein
Review by  
I purchased the Vanilla flavour. Was worried that it wouldn't taste very good, but I was surprised. Creates a nice thick and tasty shake.
However, I'm not too sure about the results. I can't do any harm taking some before you go to sleep to prevent catabolism.
good luck
Review by  
Calcium Caseinate- What can i say. Why doesn't the supplement companies make a real good quality supplement for heavens sake! Calcium caseinate is not a good quality protein! yeah, its slow release but how much is actually absorbed and utilised by the body? its not a good bv protein! go and do your research.the real stuff costs money and even then you get ripped off somehow!
Review by  
Nothing better than pure casein protein,finally Evox has brought out a product to the public,thats cheap and works better than most imported goods.This slow release quality protein, is great tasting,easily mixed and works like a charm just before hitting the bed.
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