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Supplements SA Beta Ecdysterone
Supplements SA Beta Ecdysterone Supplements SA Beta Ecdysterone Supplements SA Beta Ecdysterone

Supplements SA Beta Ecdysterone

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Supplements SA Beta Ecdysterone is a powerful compound to say the least and based on the research, it can definitely help you maximize your genetic potential. Best of all, it's proven safe and effective for men and women! In fact, ecdysterone may just be the next herbal extract to create a revolution in the health, fitness, and bodybuilding world. Potential benefits of ecdysterone:

• Increases lean muscle and reduces body fat
• Improves speed, endurance and VO2Max

• Enhances immune, sexual and memory functions

• Increases nitrogen retention and protein synthesis

• Anti-inflammatory

• Reduces acne

• A Drastic Increase in Lean Body Mass

• Stimulates Metabolism

• Improves Nerve Function and Enhances Erythropoiesis (the development of mature red blood cells (erythrocytes))

• Maintains Healthy Blood Sugar

• Improves Nearly Every Bodily Function Including Brain and Liver

• Prevents the Loss of Muscle Mass while Promoting Growth of Muscle Fibers
Most Recent of 76 Reviews
Awesome Product!
Review by Milo510 (8 May 2017)
This is yet another great offering from Supplements SA. I increased the dosage to 3 pills per day and man did my strength go up a lot. After 2 weeks I gradually started to reach new PB's in the gym.
I gained a little bit of lean mass as well but the most noticeable difference was strength increase.
Gave a 3 for taste as its pills.
Best testosterone
Review by JP botha  (13 February 2016)
I have been using this stuff for 2 years on and off. I have gained 20kg in total. I take 6 tabs a day 1200mg works best that way. Great stuff
it works wonders
Review by Preyason (27 June 2015)
I love this product it help me loose weight and gain strength and power
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Nutritional Information
Serving Size: 2 capsules
Servings per Container: 30
Per Serving
Supplements SA Beta Ecdysterone
Take your fitness goal to the next level.
How To Use It

Take 1 or 2 capsules twice a day with a protein rich meal.


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

More Customer Reviews
Decrease in body fat
Review by Sibonga H (23 June 2015)
Quite a good product if combined with Testoblast, decreases body fat although it makes you eat like a horse.
Review by Gary (11 June 2015)
It has potential! But the dosage is a bit off. If i up the dosage it works!, and the number of capsules are too little!
Review by Shayne (22 November 2014)
Very good product. Used with Supplements SA Super Whey and Supplements SA Super mass. Seen very good results. Fuller muscles and definite size increase.
Bit pricy but effective
Review by Joem (10 February 2014)
Muscles fuller and more power use it with my GABA at nite and after training with whey
Love it!!
Review by chris (12 November 2013)
I love this stuff..Awesome.. I would buy it every week if I had the budget..
Review by JJ (29 October 2013)
I've seen some improvements, but nothing to write home about. I have however seen a lot more definition to muscle.
very good and a must have!
Review by Terence (29 August 2013)
When I purchased this product on this website immediately after two weeks using this product, i have seen muscle gains, fat loss and increase in strength in the gym. When i finished the product the strength and the muscle gains was still there and did not dropped at all! I also lost a lot of fat around my stomach and will definitely order again closer to the summer! What they say in what a person could get from this product is absolutely true!
Review by Kyall (3 August 2013)
Definitely a favorite! Great price and great results. Can't imagine hitting the gym or sports field without it.
Review by mckic (28 July 2013)
in terms of strength and performance benefits it works well with a t booster, but i buy this stuff simply because it clears up my skin so well! i buy two bottles a month and it works better than anything on the market!
Works every time
Review by josh (24 July 2013)
I have used this product 4 times already, a total of 5 bottles, and have recommended it to many of my gym buddies. this product is the best value for money in terms of the results you get for such a little cash. muscles definitely feel fuller, harder, and stronger after the first week or two and post-workout recovery is excellent. love the product. P.s. don't break the tablet open and add it to your protein, some potent shizz ;)
Review by wandi (7 May 2013)
Did not see any gains in strength or muscle mass. i have a very good diet and workout hard in the gym and did not see any amazing results like the label on the bottle says. I would put his in the category of ALL HYPE NO AFFECT.
a must have
Review by Chris (7 May 2013)
Really like this product. The recommended dose is to little so get two bottles.Stacked this with supplement SA testoblast and got really good results.
Review by Zubair (2 April 2013)
Some good lean muscle gains, after first week increase the dose to 1200g. Only downside is the farts.
Review by Deewdog (4 March 2013)
Started to use it a week ago. After 3 days I felt different, but I can now safely say it works great!! Strength was astoundingly increased and I lost a bit of fat!! Thanxs sup SA
1 week in
Review by Andrew (26 February 2013)
I'm one week in taking 1200mg a day (due to research of my own) and I can definitely say I'm feeling a difference. Although can't be sure at this time whether it is a placebo affect however muscles do feel fuller and I do feel motivated.
Goooood Shiz bra!
Review by Nandos (15 February 2013)
Working nicely already and it's only been a week, muscles stronger skin tighter, fat starting to drop.
Buy it now
Review by jp (26 January 2013)
Nothing else to say, except buy this because it works. My strength increased and for some reason i sleep like a baby.
good for general health
Review by vato (18 January 2013)
Noticed slight increase in athletic performance,in terms of packing on muscle,not too great,but using it in conjunction with tribulis and a good protein I believe enhances its skin looks better though so for overall health worth a try.
Review by WEKENDWAR (13 December 2012)
Been Using the product for a month, did not feel or see any difference in body comp, fat percentage or hormone levels. Did use dose as instructed. Previous reviews stated to up the dosage. Will try that with next batch.
Review by Taheer (16 November 2012)
After reading up on research done on this product it is amazing what the potential of it is, but what comes up constantly is the dosage issue, I'm afraid that the recommended dosage on the bottle is not sufficient enough to see any mind blowing results.
The only time I noticed a big difference was when I started doubling up the dosage but the problem there is that the bottle gets finished at an alarming rate. Sup SA should look at what the overseas competitors are doing and increase the mg of each pill and this will be one of their most effective and safest products to use.
Bad results
Review by Anthony (15 November 2012)
Stayed on a strict diet and it a load of rubbish.
Review by cam (10 November 2012)
My first few bottles worked well for me but then even with upping my dosage it seemed to lose it's effectiveness.
Great stuff
Review by Arno (15 October 2012)
Seeing good results so far on this product, been using it for almost 6 months now. VO2 max improved a bit and great results on my skin. I would buy this product even just for the estrogen blocking
Potent stuff
Review by Chief (14 October 2012)
I've just finished my first bottle. I am 20 years old, 1,87m and 88kg.
I used it in conjunction with testoblast and pure whey...the results are EPIC. I lost a lot of body fat and see veins popping out everywhere! getting really ripped!
Awesome product*****GO RUSSIANS
Not what it claims to be.
Review by Ryan (28 August 2012)
Slight strength and endurance increase, elevated mood and feeling of good health. No extreme gains although there were some changes.

As I expected, it wasn't what it claimed to be. Perhaps with a higher dosage it would be more effective. I was on 800mg per day.

For the price I'd say its worth a few cycles, but I would say best results will be found at 1600mg per day. If you can afford it, I think it will be worth your time and money.
To be seen.
Review by Ryan (11 August 2012)
Started using this a few days ago on 800mg per day with protein rich meals. Also taking testoblast, which I know to be effective. I will return to post results when the bottle is complete.

I have read a lot about beta-ecdysterone. Some people claim huge gains while others say its completely useless. I've come to the conclusion that its unlikely to be anything like what it claims on the bottle and more about your genetic potential. It says it helps you reach your genetic potential and I believe that. Some people aren't made to be monsters and if this product didn't work for you, this is probably why. 150 odd rands is not a big price to pay to reach your genetic potential, so this is definitely worth a try.

The things I've noticed so far about this product is muscle soreness and stiffness, which is something that I rarely feel for more than two days after a workout. I also feel more confident and on top of the world. I've also already noticed my body fat beginning to drop. I look forward to whatever I do or don't gain from this product.
Review by CJ (1 August 2012)
Used 2 bottles and gained well. Good product
Review by Gordon (16 July 2012)
This product has become my Holy Grail. Started using it at the end of January 2012 and I have seen amazing fat loss and lean muscle gain. I have stopped using all the other supplements and only use this plus a pre-work out. Best results is 6 tabs a day - not 4.
Not so effective
Review by Spokes (15 July 2012)
Personally feel that it is not so effective as the bottle says. Seen some fat loss but nothing to write home about. Don't think I will buy again
4 month's results, this works!
Review by Salatiso (10 July 2012)
If you’re not convinced about this product check out the following;

Date 16/02/12 – Fat Index 28.4%, Fat Mass 22.5 Kg & Free Fat Mass 57Kg’s;
Date 28/06/12 - Fat Index 19.9%, Fat Mass 15.9 Kg & Free Fat Mass 64Kg’s.

That’s a >8% drop in the fat index, 6.6 drop in Fat mass and 7 kg gain in muscle in 4 months!. My bench, 140 Kg’s and I comfortably weigh 77 Kg's!

And I’ve been taking this with Synergy for my protein needs and Chemical X (although I take this if I’m working out twice a day on the second workout) as a Pre workout .
Well worth it
Review by jp (9 July 2012)
Lets be honest, what can you buy for R155 now a days? Not much. this works really well. Strength gains and fat loss
Its gooddd
Review by Niki (12 June 2012)
Very good price. I feel myself lighter, mental, and physicaly stronger. No taste.
giving it a go
Review by Hose (15 May 2012)
been on this product for 2 days, never used it before but going to give it a go... I have heightened energy levels and constantly in the mood to train! i am using 400mg to my 80kg body, if i feel this great im sure its going to work... will review again after my 4 week cycle! on a high protein diet with supplementation, pre, post workouts and ZMA stack as well as Evox Synergy Whey... lets hope for the best
Review by Mark  (4 May 2012)
Product recommended to me by a mate! I am trying to lose some body fat and increase muscle. Just finished my first bottle using recommended daily intake (a little reluctant to take more). My results are not earth shattering so far but I have noticed increased vascularity, I also have been getting quite a bit of muscle soreness after training which I have not experienced in a while. My results have prompted me to buy another bottle and persist a little while longer.
Lean Muscle
Review by Salatiso (17 April 2012)
i'm about to make my second order of this, since I started taking it somehow I can see learner muscle.

I stack it with Evox's Synergy and Gaba before sleeping.
Works Well
Review by Rowan (20 March 2012)
Seen some loss in body fat, and slight increase in muscle gain, stacked with 3dt and synergy whey got decent results
Review by marc (13 March 2012)
really great product, stacking with a solid whey protein, and proper training works well
Review by Marco (27 February 2012)
Very good product, stack this with good Protein intake and u will see Solid Muscle appearing.Definitely recommend this for a good Lean Built Body.
waste of money and time
Review by Dylan (27 December 2011)
took this product with no gains whatsoever! really disappointing.
Review by Dillon (31 October 2011)
Stack this bad boy with Cicus Q and Testoblast ZMA and you will definitely see results fast
Review by Jacked up (28 October 2011)
I've been doing alot of research about beta-ecdysterone and I'am impressed!!! I've ordered mine today really looking forward , gained 11kg in 5 months going from one product to another . Really hope this is the answer. I will keep you all posted.
Review by Chris (28 October 2011)
Amazing product for gaining lean muscle mass and for cutting and gaining that little extra speed!!,great product with Gaba Hgh Stimulator:)
Works well
Review by Hulk (24 October 2011)
I'm on my second pyramid cycle already & the results are amazing. Take this supplement religiously, in conjunction with proper training & a muscle building stack, then watch as your muscles pop out everywhere.
Review by Fayaaz (16 October 2011)
Tried 1200mg of the product, didnt do much...
Review by Woz (6 October 2011)
No real gains, a bit of body fat loss, nothing special.
Nice way to cut and boost performance
Review by Ruan (20 September 2011)
For its price it gives you more than expected it smells funny but that's ok . It increases your speed en also burns fat .muscle size increases it is a great all rounder product
slight difference
Review by joey (19 September 2011)
using for a month now and slight increase in strength during training, can cause headaches on non-training days
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