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EVOX 5XL Formidable Mass

EVOX 5XL Formidable Mass

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EVOX 5XL Formidable Mass is a muscle growth and size shake for fitness athletes.

Get More Mass

This protein shake is designed for athletes looking to increase muscle.

To get more muscle you need enough protein. Taking 3 servings a day will give you 51 grams of quality protein to feed the building process.

Increase Size

Calories contribute to athletes adding size. Most of their calories come from food and supplementing with a high-calorie shake.

Three servings of this a day will give you an extra 1161 which is the same as 2 quarter chicken breasts and chips!

Better Workouts

This performance shake will give your gym workouts a boost. The added creatine will improve your power so that you can lift heavier weights and recover quicker between your sets.

Added Tribulus is a herb that has been suggested to support healthy testosterone levels which are important for strength and lean muscle in men.

Training Recovery

Intense training can deplete glycogen stores which are essential for your muscle gaining efforts. A serving taken after your workouts ensures rapid recovery of glycogen thanks to an imported carbohydrate called Vitargo and sends nutrients to the muscles for growth.

Performance Product

EVOX 5XL Formidable Mass is a true performance product. Giving the serious athletes all the important ingredients to help them achieve their fitness or bodybuilding goals.

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Nutrition Facts

Flavour: Chocolate
Serving Size: 4 level scoops (100 grams)
Servings per Container: 42 (4.2 kg)

  Amount per Serving Amount per 3 Servings
Energy1621 kJ 4863 kJ
Protein * 17 g 51 g
Glycaemic Carbohydrates 73.75 g 220.75 g
of which Sugars 22 g 66 g
Total fat 2 g 6 g
of which saturated fat 1 g 3 g
Dietary Fibre 2.5 g 7.5 g
Total Sodium 450 mg 1350 mg

* Protein based on nitrogen content.
** Nutritional values are calculated per the ingredients typical value.
*** Typical flavour value is chocolate.


Carb Matrix (Maltodextrin; Glucose; Fructose; Sucrose); Protein Matrix (Soy Protein Isolate 90%; Whey Protein Concentrate 80% and Hydrolysed Whey Protein 80%, Egg Protein, Casinate Calcium); Mass Matrix (Vitargo; Creatine Monohydrate; L-Glutamine; Taurine; Arginine L AKG 2:1; Beta Alanine; Branched Chain Amino Acids 2:1:1, Tribulu; HMB Calcium Beta Hydro, Creamer, (Coca Powder in Chocolate & Cookies and Cream Variants), Flavouring, Vitamin and Mineral Premix, Sodium Chloride, Colloidal Silicone Dioxide, Non-nutritive Sweetener (Sodium Cyclamate, Sodium Saccharin and Asesulfame K).

Allergen Information

This product is produced in a facility that may also process ingredients containing Milk, Soy, Egg, Wheat (Gluten) and Nuts.

Recommended products to use with this item

• One serving is 4 level scoops (100 grams) with 300 – 500 ml of cold water or skim milk.

• Use 3 servings per day.

• Supplement your whole food meals by having a serving mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

• The third serving is best taken after your workout.

• For maximum results start a weight training program at the gym.

• Train 3 – 5 times a week.


Use this product as a food supplement only. Intended for healthy adults over the age of 18. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Do not use if any known sensitivities to any of the ingredients exist. Check with your doctor before use should you be on any medication. Consult a physician prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Food supplements should not replace a varied diet.

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Customer Reviews
Excellent, priced too high though
Review by Ak (7 June 2019)
excellent product, tastes great, had no tummy issues. Most importantly, decent weight gains. I wish it were cheaper though
very good
Review by dewald south africa (10 April 2019)
Love it .Evox the best .I am using formidable mass and its working like a bomb.
I just bought and im expecting difference
Review by Luis John (28 October 2018)
I will post another comment in 2 weeks after a trial and evaluation
Review by Joe (21 August 2018)
Its a big no... it doesn't work. all it does is make me Hungry all the time
Super product
Review by Lolozino (7 December 2017)
Good stuff
Its awesome
Review by 47 (8 November 2017)
I bought. it a week ago but can now see the difference in my arms and legs
Brilliant for Hardgainers
Review by Neo (20 October 2017)
Used similar products on the market but haven’t really experienced a boost such as this. Jumped from 61kg to 63kg using a 2kg in about two weeks. On my 2nd tub now. Make sure you EAT & TRAIN. Evox is definitely the one. Don’t sleep bro.
excellent product
Review by RR (15 September 2017)
This mass gainer is at the moment the best one i have used,the taste is great an i have gained a lot of weight in n short time. Would recommend for anyone that's a hard gainer or wanting to build lean muscle.
best product by far
Review by NICKEY (23 August 2017)
This mass builder is the best,i would recommend this product to anyone struggling to gain weight,i have been using it for the past ,month and the results are incredible!!
good mass gainer
Review by Bates (26 February 2017)
I bought the 2KG pack and I used half a serving everyday. It lasted me about 2 weeks. I gained 4KG's of lean muscle mass! Really good product and TASTES GREAT!
it is a good product but pricey
Review by skizo (26 January 2017)
Better product in the market
Great product of all my all time 5XL
Review by William mokonyama (3 December 2016)
Great taste of all mass builders I've tasted it works even extremely when supplementing it with creatine
Review by sosha (6 October 2016)
very good product in my opinion
waste of money
Review by Augustine semenya (2 July 2016)
didn't notice any gains but tastes good
Great product
Review by diablonuva (23 June 2016)
Great product, but the taste is not as great (too sweet for my liking) as the Evox 5XL Muscle Meal, which i think is the best overrall Mass gainer on the planet today
not bad
Review by .  (28 April 2016)
To an extent, its value for money depending on how you take it. I think the only way you can gain is by taking 3 servings (4 scoops =1 serving) a day. Which isn't all to bad, but the taste was disappointing for me and I wasn't really looking forward to drinking it that many times a day.

Overall its a pretty decent product.
from 75kg to 82kg
Review by Kondja Mupewa (28 March 2016)
before I weighed 75 kg after using evox formidable mass for 4 weeks i weighed 82 kg,solid product would recommend it to people who want to gain muscle mass in n short period of time..
Review by Papas (7 March 2016)
Just tried it so far and good
Review by skinny neck (29 October 2015)
Works really fast see results after 2 to three weeks
Review by Yaatie (28 October 2015)
The more you work at it the more you see the results and the best part is that Evox does the job 100% its entirely up to how i train and when i wanna see results...Keep up the good job Evox
l think to see results u must use 10kg of this
Review by Thembinator mc Vinniel (17 September 2015)
For me l only gained 2killos after using. 4,2kg + 2kg/4.4lbs, n for muscle l had to work hard to gain, but to be honest if u use it continuously u get. Perfect results. Thanks to EVOX
getting there and seeing improvement after the second week already
Review by Taaliep (21 August 2015)
impressive so far ..
Review by beenz (19 August 2015)
not too bad
awesome gains!!
Review by gorilla (9 June 2015)
keep up the great products team EVOX
not bad
Review by Sammy  (1 June 2015)
Good taste
It doesn't work.
Review by miles (25 May 2015)
Look at first I was intrigued but as soon as I tried it I was truly disappointed. I was not convinced that what is said on the pack is true. I didn't gain...even though I was following a correct diet.
Great taste fair price
Review by John (19 May 2015)
Effective indeed works like a bomb
Review by Riley (29 March 2015)
Not that good. Strength went up a bit, weight stood still, taste great.
Review by the man (8 March 2015)
Not that great.
works great! thumbs up
Review by shady (8 March 2015)
Personal average rating 7.5/10 I would buy it again
taste is good more than effectiveness
Review by deza (5 March 2015)
Choc taste very good and also gives you mass its working 100%
Great product
Review by Jaydog (5 March 2015)
Probably the best I have used,great tasting. I can't wait to get home after a great workout to drink my shake.results after 2 weeks,increase muscle size and gives you strength!! Greatest product out there for the best price!
Review by Dilly  (2 March 2015)
Best bulker by far. See results instantly just that prices going cause of popularity
It's actually worked
Review by PhantomRenagade (26 February 2015)
The price a clicks was so damn cheap I tried it and it worked I used it with creatine and mixed it in a blended with peanut butter the taste was perfect its the best so far
best mass gainer ever
Review by manyisa (16 September 2014)
I used it for 1 and half week and I could see a lot of changes.
gained 8 KG!!
Review by Bradley (11 September 2014)
So far for me the best mass builder i used.
it was the worst
Review by mr scrawny (11 August 2014)
Used it just for 2 weeks and nothing happened a lot of sugar and no gain hell no never buying it again evoxs sucks never buying it again.
gained 6kg
Review by serbastion (9 June 2014)
formidable mass is the best..... i drank it after a meal and it filled me up.... fast recovery.... gained 6kg with 2 bukets.... good for hard gainers.... best for rugby... love it choc taste awesome
stick to stock flavours
Review by Larry (8 April 2014)
if you're going to buy this stick to choc, vanilla or strawberry. I used the gourmet variety and the flavours get a bit much after a while. also make sure to shake it thoroughly as its a little like mixing cement.
Gained 5Kg
Review by apee-doe (28 March 2014)
I've been using it for a month I did not use weights but I've gained 5Kg with just pushups its the best for me & its price is crazy super affordable will buy it again#salute. I love it it works if anyone wants to use a supplement EvoX 5xl formidable Mass is the best#
Best Suplemt for the price
Review by mvz (15 March 2014)
I'll never go back on any thing else,it really works we'll ,not like any other rubbish supplement that promise So much but nothing really happens.
This product is great
Review by Lucien (7 February 2014)
This product is great it not only a good product it's a good product 4 your money's worth an the taste of choc banana is fantastic I would advise u 2 buy this product
Review by Tobz (20 November 2013)
Good product, gained 3kg in two weeks, a bit on the sweet side but mixes well enough.
Review by Lue (16 October 2013)
I've been on 2 buckets. Was on 84kg, now I'm 90kg...
Showed great results...!

The best trick to gain
Review by Kamza (6 September 2013)
I started with it after 6months of training and it gave the best results I needed.
love it!!
Review by landre (28 August 2013)
It helped me alot with the atletics i had a steady appetite when i used it and saw a result in a weeks time!!
great product, bad taste....
Review by Gys (11 August 2013)
This is, for me, a really good product for strength and mass gain... I gained around 5kg's without a good diet, with 1,5 tubs which is very good lean muscle... And my bench press went up to just over a hundred from 80kg... Although i use a whey with it because of the low protein content.. Cookies and cream tasted best for me, but chocolate has a very bad taste i won't buy that flavour again!!!!! Try this product!!!
Good product
Review by Daniel (26 May 2013)
I used the choc-banana flavor and it tasted great! I saw good results and got some great strength gains. Picked up just more than 4kgs on this. Great value for money!
Great results
Review by Darren (15 April 2013)
Results are evident and good. The taste is also good, the best is cookies and cream. However it gave me a lot of pimples and i believe this is from the natural testo boosters
Effective Product
Review by GBF (1 April 2013)
I am quite a skinny guy but I took this product and packed on 8kg in one month. It doesn't taste great but it really does the trick. I will use this product again.
Review by miguel (17 March 2013)
doesn't taste as nice as dymatize but should do the job.
Review by t-dawg (14 October 2012)
gr8 stuff, gained 3-4kgs even though was out with flu for 2weeks. use 3times a day and u will see results, this is coming from a true hard-gainer.
Review by Dippidy (12 October 2012)
I'm on my second month now using the product. Very happy, don't weigh myself often though so not sure how much I gained :/ I bought the C&C flavor and at first It tasted like cardboard but I'm use to it now and actually tastes pretty good ...
Weight Gain Success
Review by Animal (9 July 2012)
Helped me gain 7kg in one month and I was able to play in the varsity shield rugby tournament.
Review by ross (3 July 2012)
Very effective product, best I've ever used..i highly advise any hard gainer to use this product, it will definitely do the trick.
not bad
Review by robz (12 June 2012)
I gaind 6 kgs from just one tub but I didn't notice much size increase which was strange, the other issue is the lack of protein so I had to take that separately, also the cookies and cream flavor is terrible, doubt ill buy it again but definitely helped for weight
Review by C1 (2 June 2012)
I used this with Evox 100% whey protein  and gained just over 8kg in one month. Stay away from the cookies and cream flavor, it tastes terrible.
took me over my plateau
Review by ---- (27 May 2012)
very good product in my opinion; went up around 3 kgs while being on it..dropped very little after stopping...All in all, it did a good job.