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SSA Supplements Pure Whey Protein

SSA Supplements Pure Whey Protein

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SSA Supplements Pure Whey Protein

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Customer Reviews
It's really good. Especially coconut
Review by VanZ (25 April 2022)
Ignore people complaining about this product. I've used it tons of times and with a decent workout and diet routine made loads of gains.

The coconut is extremely delicious and very creamy with milk, and works perfectly with yogurt for my breakfast.

People have the weirdest complaints. No you don't struggle to open the container. Yes it's a little to the sweet side but drink it with more water then? It's not like those vegan protein that tastes horrible. From a regular gym goer (And I have the gains to prove it) I really recommend this product.

All complaint that I would have is all their chocolate products (Like mousse) just tastes like normal chocolate. But who cares. Whey is whey. You don't drink it to taste the mousse.
Review by Alex (15 November 2021)
These things are impossible to open
It's good with a lekker taste
Review by Boschie (30 June 2021)
I was skeptical about buying normal whey again, being used to isolate. But I have to say, this whey impressed us! No bloating or cramps in stomachs, flavour is lekker, it's a supplement at the end of the day, 95% of your protein should come from real food, so to have this a snack or milkshake as a treat is great
Taste could be better
Review by Lithemba  (24 May 2021)
The chocolate mouse flavour is too sweet which makes it hard to actually drink it. It's quite mixable but now I wish I bought a different flavour instead????
Review by Gtech (21 April 2021)
It does have an acquired taste I'm using the choc mousse... I workout hard recently back in gym, I do find I'm not so sore this week as compared to last week so I feel the recovery difference but I'll really know when I complete the servings if it really was worth it for me and my body