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909g 2000g

SSN 100% Whey Protein

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Product Info

SSN 100% Whey Protein is a premium locally produced whey shake for lean muscle and recovery.

Lean Body

To get the athletic look for your body you need to increase lean muscle by doing weight training and feeding your muscles enough protein to grow.

Protein will come from meat and dairy and should be included with each meal. Athletes supplement their protein intake by using a shake which gives them a fast-absorbing premium source.

Each serving of this product will give you 22 grams of the recommended dosage for fitness athletes to increase muscle.

Immune Support

Unique to this whey shake are the immune enhancing glycomacropeptides which are a result of the quality protein the manufacturers have used.

Recover From Your Workouts

A good shake not only builds lean muscle but also helps with recovery. If you are not recovering properly from your training then you will not perform at your best.

The abundance of naturally occurring Glutamine and BCAAs in this product will support the repair and building process.

Glutamine levels may become depleted from intense training which reduces recovery and also plays a role in your immune system. Each serving has 3.8 grams of this key amino acid to help you become stronger.

Quality Protein Manufacturing

The protein used in this whey shake has been produced using a complex low temperature ultra-filtration process. This will give you a product with one of the highest quality and biological values currently on the market.

Easy To Mix

If lumps have been an issue for you in the past then this shake is for you. It has been instantised which means you can mix it with a spoon.

SSN 100% Whey Protein is a protein shake giving fitness athletes uncompromising quality and great taste.

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 2 Level Scoops (Approx 30g)
Servings per Container: 30 (909 grams) / 66 (2 kg)

 Amount Per Serving NRV
Energy496 kJ / 118 Cal  
Protein24 g 43%
Glycaemic Carbohydrates 1.5 g
of which total sugar 1.5 g
Total Fat 1,8 g
of which saturated fat 0.6 g
Dietary Fiber 0 g
Sodium52 mg
L-Leucine2 714 mg
L-Isoleucine1 400 mg
L-Valine1 472 mg
L-Lysine2 123 mg
L-Threonine1 680 mg
L-Methionine440 mg
L-Phenylalanine807 mg
L-Tryptophan*443 mg
L-Histidine414 mg
L-Alanine1 200 mg
L-Arginine600 mg
L-Aspartic Acid2 250 mg
L-Glutamine / Glutamic acid4 070 mg
L-Cysteine515 mg
L-Glycine480 mg
L-Serine1 100 mg
L-Proline1 350 mg
L-Tyrosine702 mg
Nutrient Reference Values (NRV's) for individuals 4 years and older (2010).
† NRV's Not Established

Ultra and cross-flow micro-filtered whey protein concentrate and isolate blend (containing the following whey micro-fractions: b-lactoglobulin, a-lactalbumin, albumin, immunoglobulins, glycomacropeptides, minor peptides/peptones and cellular growth factors), flavor, soy lecithin, sucralose.

Allergen Information: Cow’s milk, Soy.

This product is manufactured in a facility that uses eggs, dairy, soy, wheat (gluten) and nuts.

Recommended products to use with this item

• Add two level scoops (30 g) to 250-300 ml of cold water, fat free milk or other suitable beverage of your choice and blend well.

• Take one to two servings per day or use as required to help meet your daily protein requirements.

• A serving can be taken directly after your workout.

• Alternatively use as recommended by your nutritional advisor.

• This shake is instantised so you can mix it easily with a spoon.


Use this product as a food supplement only. Intended for healthy adults over the age of 18. Consult your Primary Health Care Practitioner before use, especially if you are taking medication. Not recommended for use in pregnant or lactating females. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

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Customer Reviews
A bit watery
Review by Michelle (9 October 2019)
I bought a LOT of this product as it was on special, and am now regretting it as it is rather watery (added more to less water, no difference). It is also a bit too sweet, but the flavour is good. Will experiment further since I'm stuck with it for the next few months!
Its a good product
Review by Armand (12 January 2019)
The price isnt bad, its in line with most other protein supplements. The taste is good (only tried strawberry) but nothing exceptional. It had a high-ish amount of protein thats quite good and also contains a good amount of aminos. Results are good and works well for recovery. Overall its one of the better protein supplements ive used. Solid product. Well done SSN
Good results that don't break the wallet
Review by Alex (27 June 2018)
My first experience with SSN was with the 2kg Vanilla and I was pretty happy with it.
Mixes well, taste is pleasant but not amazing, no bloating, and great value.
Would recommend 7/10.
Review by Sharad (18 April 2018)
This was the best local concentrate I could ever think of but since the new ownership and now packaging change, I'm suspicious of the way its now made. The old whey used to mix like water, thin and light but this new packaged whey froths and foams up like a badly poured beer. Strange, and now much cheaper...hmm.
Quality supplement
Review by Marco (22 November 2016)
I bought cookies and cream
Flavour was great
Gains kept coming .
I recommend it to anyone
Its a pity that its getting way too expensive
Review by Riyaad (8 August 2016)
An excellent product by SSN, not sweet at all (Strawberry), high in BCAA's compared to other local Whey. Price a bit to high compared to other local whey products. On a side note, mixes perfectly with a shaker or blender but not with a spoon like it states it can on the packaging.
Review by turbo (14 July 2016)
My First Whey Experience
Review by Julia (19 May 2016)
SSN 100% Whey was my very first experience with whey ever. I felt the difference in my body and mind immediately and I've definitely increased my muscle mass. My only gripe is that I appear more bulky than lean although not sure if it's the shake's fault. It's also started to hurt my stomach so I'm going to try a different protein going forward with digestive enzymes. That said, the portion sizes and ingredients are excellent at this price. If you have a sweet tooth, strawberry is awesome.
nice product
Review by ubaid (7 February 2016)
Nice product
Love it
Review by Charlton (10 January 2016)
On the more expensive side of brands, but great quality and taste
Good value for money
Review by Paola (12 December 2015)
Good product considering the pricing and general health usage.
Horrendous taste!
Review by Kay! (13 August 2015)
Started using it after using ON whey... taste ( using chocolate) is horrendous! Price and effect is pretty decent. Doesn't mix well for sure! overall it's a 2.5 stars.
Not the best
Review by james (22 June 2015)
Worst tasting whey I've ever tried, can't drink it without getting nauseous.
Review by Shamz (27 April 2015)
Decent local product but price sucks
local is getting pricy
Review by zyzz (15 April 2015)
Is it worth the R600 price tag, I'd say no ssn whey is going into price ranges of much better whey protein brands, I can foresee ssn whey taking a beating from other brands.
great taste, twice the price
Review by Christopher  (31 January 2015)
Brilliant whey, great taste and great results. Terrible pricing but what isn't expensive these days.
Good product
Review by Wenna (3 December 2014)
Its a good product dissolves quickly don't need a shaker.
Have tried only the Banana flavour. Flavour quality is good, discovered i don't like banana...
Good but taste yaak
Review by Govind (1 December 2014)
As product good in budget & Ingredient look good, but doesn't mix well and taste is not good at all....
Very good protein
Review by AshVR (28 July 2014)
Have been using SSN whey for 4 years. Best South-african whey out there by far. Cookies and cream as well as chocolate tastes amazing. If only the price could stay more or less the same, the price increase over the past two years is crazy and the product doesn't even get imported like most of the others. A good buy non the less. Recommended.
Awesome but price is way too high...
Review by Chad (4 July 2014)
I remember buying this from dischem like 2 years back, it came with an SSN multivit bottle with 30 tabs and it was 399. It's shot up all the way to R599 in 2 years, minus the tabs :/ which is why I wont buy it now again. Good product, I like SSN since they were awesome quality for money but it's a tad overboard pricing on the whey protein.

Otherwise, this protein is really awesome and I wish I could get it again at a more reasonable price.
Review by kenneth (18 May 2014)
It is really good
great taste
Review by Larry (8 April 2014)
one of the best tasting protein powders out there but price is ridiculous at the moment
Excellent but taste?
Review by Leighshe (26 February 2014)
I love this product and have used the Cookies & Cream flavor for several months. Decided to give Choc Nut Toffee a go. Yuk!! It is the worst tasting protein powder I have ever come across with a bitter/strange after taste and smell. Also the nutrient value differs from Cookies & Cream with Choc Nut being lower on every ingredient! Once this lot is finished I will definitely continue using the product but go back to my preferred flavor
Good product
Review by Tyron (25 September 2013)
Mixes very well, taste is good. does the job
good product on the market
Review by Warren (17 April 2013)
Its decent whey product...does not mix so easily but not too much of an issue......good price if buying from supp world....try it,u wont be disappointed with the results.
The best whey
Review by Shanzo (8 April 2013)
I've been using this product for a long time now ( couple years) it's great quality and does the job really well. Truly great value for money. They say you get what you pay for, but with SSN you get a bit more.
Great whey
Review by JackSparrow (4 March 2013)
This is a great tasting whey, especially cookies and cream. I believe this one of the better quality whey proteins out there!
Great product
Review by Tyson (12 February 2013)
Great tasting, best low carb shake I've had. Great for recovery.
Review by Jaco (6 February 2013)
Very good value for money, good price. Not very thick, easy to chug down.
not so good
Review by neil (7 December 2012)
hi.after doing sum research and reading the reviews.i bought the whey and just using it for three days,i cant stomach creating air in my system and very loose stools.quiet disappointed in ssn and really weak texture.i still prefer standard gold whey....
Definitely best for Price range!!!
Review by Sasha (25 November 2012)
I've tried many Whey Protein powders, and I have reviewed some of the best. I would not put this protein under the "Great" Protein section... They cost double the price for a reason...
But it's definitely a Good protein, and does compete with international "good" proteins, High Protein Percentage 75% with Isolates..
Flavour is not bad, I recommend Choc or strawberry. ( I've heard cookies and cream & choc mint are also good but I haven't tried them )
awesome whey
Review by Jaryd (21 November 2012)
This whey not only tastes amazing but after a month I had put on lean hard muscle
Great product
Review by ross (12 November 2012)
The SSN whey protein is some really good stuff and its one of the best proteins on the market!!!!!!
I have been using it for a while now and it really helps a lot with strength and it tastes really nice.
Also, it is really worth the price they charge at Supplement World.
Review by Jesse (4 November 2012)
Hey i tried this product , was very cool, does not mix easy with water extremely lumpy and disgusting, suggest using a blender with some low fat milk....should be able to obtain decent gains with hard work but this is seriously not thee best out there.
Good just need to try other flavours
Review by Emile (20 October 2012)
Good whey product. Not much to say about whey. Only negative for me was that the strawberry gets boring really quick. Other than that a good protein shake
Excellent Protein Shake
Review by Ashleigh (20 October 2012)
I switched to SSN a few weeks ago and I can feel the difference already! Great as a post workout drink. The high protein content and low fat and carb content makes this product even more perfect. Not to mention the amazing taste and mixability.
Great product
Review by Stanislav (15 October 2012)
Started using this product recently after switching from Evox, very effective for picking up lean mass.
Tastes good (choc flavour), but I do find it to be a bit sweet for a whey product.
Overall, in line with the international brands but at a cheaper price ++
Review by Tiaan (5 October 2012)
Its a good whey. ... great price by the way but i didn't like it that much as i like the optimum
best value for money
Review by Ivan (12 September 2012)
This product is very well priced if you're buying supplements every month. It has a lot of servings per container(65) and with high protein and low carbs. It's good quality and affordable.
Fantastic choice of protein
Review by Thomas (8 August 2012)
Really good choice of protein, the choc nut toffee flavor is especially good, its probably one of the best tasting whey protein's on the market. I occasionally use it to make a sauce for my protein pancakes, works wonders and has a great consistency and volume.

Its a decent price, not cheap, but not expensive either for what you get, and has very effective results when it comes to recovery.

Definitely a perfect choice for those looking for a great taste, and great results at a great price.
Best whey protein I've ever used
Review by beast (3 August 2012)
One of the best proteins I've ever used. Tastes great, and has a great price
Review by Modern10 (24 July 2012)
I have been using this product for the past month now. Here are a few things I have noted both positive and negative.

The price is a bit steep and its one of the more expensive whey's.

It mixes brilliantly, no need to shake it for minutes, quick 20 second mix and everything has dissolved.

It tastes awesome no bad aftertaste

Unlike other brands the tub is nearly 100% full.

I felt that a had to use more than the recommended 2 scoops as it was i bit watery.

More importantly i have seen some solid gains.
All in all a brilliant product, don't see myself using anything else.
NIce product.
Review by De Wet (14 June 2012)
It mixes easy.
The banana toffee tastes very nice.
Love this whey!
great product
Review by Rudie (23 May 2012)
this is a great choice for people wanting to not spend high amounts of money for good quality protein... would recommend it to anyone looking in this department
Review by De Wet  (18 May 2012)
Good protein, good taste, very thin tasting, not the best
Review by TREVPR (9 May 2012)
Glad to see the price had come down a bit. it was waaaaay to high. crazy actually! seen some good lean muscle results and the choc nut toffee tastes awesome, second to ON 100% Whey.
Awsome product but what happen to the price???
Review by big ron (5 May 2012)
i have been using this whey for 3 years and have seen amazing results, this helps a lot with recovery and doesnt leave u bloated like some products, cookies and cream is the best flavour with milk, only problem is the price has shot up! you can get much better imported proteins in the same price range now
good stuff
Review by Iron_Man (3 May 2012)
Good overall product. Decent taste, lasts quite a while in your gut with low bloat and no runnss..Can add a teaspoon of SSN CGT-BCAA's for added benefits but taste will be compromised. the price use to be fairly average but recently SA's whey pricing has shot up so much that it leaves one comparing to international brands such as universal. i mean rather spend the extra Rands & purchase international standard products
Excellent product
Review by Salatiso (10 March 2012)
Used this for 2 months, great product. Very soluble so no issues with mixing, tastes great and virtually no after taste.

Be warned though, the strawberry flavour is makes a 'pink drink'
No ssn what have u done!!!
Review by me (10 March 2012)
great supplement but what happened 2 the price it sky rocketed there are products that do the same 4 less!!!
Best whey protein I've ever used
Review by Rugby11 (6 February 2012)
One of the best proteins i"ve ever used. Tastes great, and has a great price
Review by Jee (31 January 2012)
Definitely the best whey protein I've used yet, i will buy this again any day of the week. Great taste and easy to mix and probably one of the best whey proteins out there.
Over all great
Review by Ang (31 January 2012)
1 of the best Whey on the market without a doubt I mix half skim milk and half cold water tastes great!
Review by Iron_man (19 January 2012)
Good overall product. Decent taste, lasts quiet a while in your gut with low bloat and no runnss..Can add a teaspoon of SSN CGT-BCAA's for added benefits but taste will be compromised. the price use to be fairly average but recently SA's whey pricing has shot up so much that it leaves one comparing to international brands such as universal. i mean rather spend the extra rands & purchase international standard products.
Great product
Review by Neil (9 January 2012)
Although a little expensive, this is a great tasting protein powder that is giving me fantastic results. I really enjoy the fact that I don't need a blender to mix my shake. I will definitely recommend this product.
great great supplement
Review by Adriaan (17 December 2011)
Excellent whey taste great ,really good will definitely recommend it. and good value for money,
Kewl Stuff
Review by Vernon (15 December 2011)
Price is pretty average when compared to similar brands. Mixes easily Choc mint Tastes lovely.
Decent Whey
Review by Ryan (7 December 2011)
Got great results, my choice was to rather get about 40g of SSN whey as opposed to 20g of ON Whey.

Cookies and Cream flavour is pretty average, yet is heavenly when combined with some peanut butter!

Gained about 2kgs off the 2kg tub, great value!
it good, but...
Review by shane (30 November 2011)
i was happy with this product, but it could have been better, it didn't wow me like other whey products have in the past.
Decent product
Review by Woz (21 November 2011)
I mix this product with raw whey to make the taste berable. Not a bad product but have used better.
getting too pricey
Review by Shaun (14 November 2011)
Good protein but the price is becoming a little expensive. This Protein shake was one of the best "value for money proteins" but it seems to be getting pricey.

If the price continues to increase, i might as well move over to ON for an extra 100 or 200 bucks and then you getting the best. hopefully someone from ssn sees this comment and re looks at their prices as i am a personal trainer and do recommend this product.
for a few rands extra, i shall be suggesting other products other than SSN as its no longer "value for money"
Great and Affordable
Review by John (26 October 2011)
Bought this product twice. Bought Chocolate flavor both times and have loved it. Easy to mix and great taste, will definitely recommend it.
Excellent Product
Review by Shabba (18 October 2011)
I bought the chocolate shake and was pleasantly surprised with the taste, mixed with skim milk gives off a sweetened taste which makes it easy to consume. Cant compare price to what I would've paid in store but from what i've seen online definitely was the best value for me.
great great supplement
Review by Adriaan (15 October 2011)
this product works well to give u that extra protein u need and great tasting stuff
Very Good
Review by Stu (14 October 2011)
One of the better whey proteins available. Mixes well and tastes great...
excellent except for the taste
Review by taj (27 September 2011)
Excellent whey, good value for money, but am I the only who hates the taste of the cookies and cream flavor?
Review by joey (19 September 2011)
great taste and mixes really well... best i've tried yet
tastes as good as it's price
Review by Riaan (31 August 2011)
Packed with flavour, even for people like me who don't drink my shakes with milk. It's not too sweet and doesn't make you feel bloated afterwards. Mixes easily. Great product.
Great Price
Review by Jacques (12 August 2011)
Truly a great whey protein and for a great price too..Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard would be another good choice. But between the two, really like the SSN whey protein.
Review by FitNit (29 June 2011)
I have both Optimum Nutrition's 100% Gold Standard Whey and this SSN whey.

SSN's whey is much better value for money. ON's might be a little bit more protein or so but the quality of SSN is almost exact for almost HALF the price. You can't beat that. I prefer SSN's taste also.

Overall SSN is a much much better choice.
Very pleased with purchase
Review by Christopher (24 June 2011)
Bought this when out of town and was no alternative to choose from. Had never purchased SSN before. Was very pleased with the quality and taste of the powder. Mixed it with fat free milk for great tasting milkshake. Mixed easily in shaker. THe price was an added bonus.
Review by Ben (9 June 2011)
Probably the best value for money whey around. Tastes great and is cheap, you cant beat that...
Good Bang for your BUCK
Review by Saanesh (31 May 2011)
Good product and value per tub. Excellent taste as well. Bump up the products effectiveness with Skim milk or fat free milk as this tends to slow digestion of the whey & milk combination resulting in less BCAA's be excreated, the more you can absorb, the more you get out of the product. However avoid the milk for afternoon servings or in post workout shakes. Overall the best local product I have tried & will probably stick to this for a while.
Best Buy
Review by Subz (14 May 2011)
Excellent taste, mixes easily, does not leave you feeling full and heavy, definitely one of the best Whey supplements around!
great Whey!
Review by Jason (6 May 2011)
Really good whey protein for its price. Recovery works great and taste well with fat free milk, but really bad with water. Overall good whey!
go SSN!!
Review by Eli (29 April 2011)
excellent protein!!! tastes great and does not leave u bloated like other products. good quality and affordable
Great value
Review by Jaco (13 April 2011)
SSN has products of great quality. This is one of them. Great tasting whey and well worth the money
Good product
Review by Kiolan (29 March 2011)
For me the most appealing things about the product are the taste and the easy mixing. Great with water and even better with milk.
Perhaps it would be better if they added a scoop with the container to make measurements easier.
AMAZING SA product
Review by Nicholas (23 March 2011)
One of the best Whey protein products I have ever tried!
Very similar to ON whey protein and THE best on the market from a SA company.
Great tasting and value for money.
Helps recovery and speed up muscle growth really quickly
Will recommend to every one looking for a Whey protein...BEST on the market!
Review by Timothy (11 March 2011)
best taste whey i've used so far. i want to experiment with ON 100% Whey next. i know now i can fall back on ssn whey if others fail.
Review by johann (8 March 2011)
This product really surprised me when it comes to quality,taste and performance. From all the local ranges ill never use any other whey than you SSN one. It really helped me a lot with lean muscle and looking great using this product. I definitely advise anyone to use this whey for a great physic.
great taste
Review by Johann  (7 March 2011)
When it comes to taste of a whey this one is tops. I love it cause its not as flat as other ones. Good quality and high in bcaa's make it my favorite.
to die for
Review by sohan (2 February 2011)
Get but stay smart ! Trust me ,chicks dig it . at such a price you get exactly what you asked for for less than it should be so go get it now >
Review by Emile (29 January 2011)
i love the SSN Whey. Really has helped my gym routine.
Best I Have Used
Review by RJ  (20 January 2011)
I got a really nice surprise from this product, at first I was skeptical because of the good price but had to work on a budget. The taste is great (also helps to camo that awful oats taste) tried choc and choc mint so far. My goal was to keep my LBM the same and drop my BFP. I have not only lost fat but also gained muscle. Maybe I haven’t used some more expensive products but I don’t really at this stage see the need. Great product
Review by Rudie (7 December 2010)
ive beem using this for n couple of weeks now and damn im impressed! great value for money and tastes great!! SSN is TOP shelf...
If you don't have a "gold"en budget...
Review by Big T (30 November 2010)
Then this is a great Whey Protein.

The amount of protein you get in the smaller scoop, works well for me. The taste is also a huge improvement on South African supps of a couple of years back. I am currently cutting, and this Whey most definitely helps me to keep my muscle mass. I enjoy mixing it with a Low fat plain yoghurt, using it as a snack or pudding.
Review by Jake (25 November 2010)
Good product for the great price but gold standard whey out performs ssn
Does enough
Review by Anrich (17 November 2010)
Got a 20 serving sample with my cytomaize. Might consider getting some myself, works well for the price.
good (y)
Review by Juan-Paul (16 November 2010)
Started using it about 2 - 3 months ago, and have seen improvements... very good protein shake...

flavour - is alright
cost - cheaper than most other protein

definitely worth using..
Great and value for money
Review by Tienkerbell (19 October 2010)
Previously used EAS. Since EAS is so expensive I've started using SSN Whey protein and I'm satisfied with what I'm getting for my money. i recommend it to everyone that wants to buy a whey protein.
good product
Review by Richard  (10 October 2010)
most whey proteins are all the same and this one is most prob the cheapest for what u paying
it tastes really good and mixes well with water and milk
high amount of servings and good value for money
Value for money
Review by Victor (6 October 2010)
Used this for almost a year now and I'm very pleased with it.the taste is really great and it mixing superb.Ive gained quite a lot of lean muscle to.71kg-76.8kg now.By far best value for money whey protein out there!!
i always use it
Review by Brad* (4 October 2010)
this is a great whey protein...keeps me ripped
Pretty Good
Review by Jonathan (29 September 2010)
Currently on this and SSN Crea Pump and really seeing great results. The whey does taste better than the usual i have found and no clots so far. The whey gave me more lean muscles and endurance than the normal cheaper brands
its okay
Review by josh (10 September 2010)
its a good whey but not for me. if you are looking 4 major results, dont buy this!
Review by Jay (3 September 2010)
I have never enjoyed Ssn products exept this one and you won't find a cheaper better whey then this.
One and only.
Review by 4 sho!!! (13 August 2010)
This is the only brand of whey i use... good value for money, tastes great, nutritional values are right up there, mixes easy and and and... no complaints...!!!
Review by Dean (27 July 2010)
I am lactose intolerant, however ssn whey doesn't affect me at all. Brilliant protein and great value for money
Good value
Review by Mr C (20 July 2010)
Bought the cookies and cream flavor and I must say I am very happy, the cookies and cream does taste more like vanilla than what I thought cookies and cream would taste like but it is delicious none the less.

Fair amount of protein per serving, and would definitely last at least a month even with heavy usage.

Gives awesome taste when mixed with any chocolate flavor meal replacement shakes etc.

Value 9/10
quality 8/10
taste 8.5/10 (would've been 10 if it said vanilla on the lid :-)
Good value for money
Review by Darin (14 July 2010)
Used the Choc mint flavour and was pretty tasty. Good quality protein at very good price.
Great protein.
Review by Flex a GUN!!! (17 June 2010)
I’ve been using this product now for the last 4 months in combination with creatine, bcaa's and pure L-arginine. Works great, mixes easy and tastes great with milk or water (cookies and cream flavour)... Even nice to drink as a meal replacement every now and then.
Value for Money
Review by Luke (7 June 2010)
I have tried different Whey Proteins and found SSN Whey, to be the best value for money. Tastes really good, especially the choc mint and cookies n cream flavours.
If you on a budget and want decent quality Protein. THis is what you want
so so
Review by Devon (27 May 2010)
Its ok.Taste is not the greatest but will do.Other brands have better taste and contain more protein.This one quite a bit of carbs compared to other brands but it mixes easily and is very versatile
Review by Pierre (10 May 2010)
This is some good tasting protein had the strawberry and will definitlly get it again stacks well with the SSN monohydrate creatine
Not worth it
Review by Trojan (9 May 2010)
I didnt enjoy this whey protein so much. The taste wasnt good and it doesnt pack that much protein.Also got more carbs than other brands of whey
Not bad
Review by Darin (6 May 2010)
For the price you wont find much better than this but the choc mint flavour could def do with a better taste. Used this wen i was cutting and def help me keep the body fat down.
so average!
Review by Dobbz (21 April 2010)
I bought the product following a good review by a friend but its not that great. It tastes awesome with milk(i bought the choc mint flavour). Its very thin and tastes like toothpaste in water and did absolutely nothing for me!
SSN Whey
Review by Buff (14 October 2009)
Tried chocolate flavour and was not bad at all.Great value for money and in my experience no different to other expensive wheys on the market
second choice
Review by George (15 September 2009)
my review of this whey is that the flavours are not NEARLY as good as the WAR whey. i have been using muscle science/ssn for a long time but i am convinced that WAR makes the best tasting protein.
Review by Alheit (31 August 2009)
tastes good, mixes easy.. good quality protein!best you can buy for this price!!
Review by Garren (4 August 2009)
BUY IT!! lol. Great value, awesome taste, mixes easily. I must say its no longer a mission to drink protein shakes after gym. Also the cookies and cream flavour tastes just like those vanilla oreos :P
at last
Review by jake  (28 July 2009)
I am lactose intolerent and have tried every whey protein and brand out there , I have finally found a product that does not blow me up and it tastes great to , I really recommend this product , good price , good quality !!
Whey to Go!
Review by Evolution (8 April 2009)
This product tastes great (in milk) and provides all the protein my wife and I need. This is a great post workout shake!