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80 Servings
80 Servings 200 Servings

EVOX Creatine Monohydrate

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Product Info

Evox 100% Pure Creatine is a safe and effective nutritional strategy to enhance high intensity exercise performance and improve training adaptations. Creatine is mainly stored within the muscles where it restores ATP levels, improving the ability of the muscle to produce more energy as well as improve recovery after hard training sessions. Creatine Monohydrate can also lead to increased muscle volume, which can stimulate protein synthesis, resulting in increased muscle and strength.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: +-5g (1 Teaspoon)
Servings per Container: 40 (200 grams) / 100 (500 grams)

  Per 5 g Serving
Creatine Monohydrate (g) 5 g
100% pure pharmaceutical grade Creatine Monohydrate  
**Nutritional values are calculated per the ingredients typical value.
Pharmaceutical grade creatine monohydrate

• Serving Size is 1 rounded teaspoon (5g)

• Drink at least 3% of your body weight in water every day. When using Creatine add an additional litre of water per day.


• Take 1 serving of EVOX Creatine four times daily, with EVOX Super Carbo or fruit juice for the first five days of use.


• Take 1 serving daily before exercise, with Evox Super Carbo or fruit juice.

Do not use if any known sensitivities to any of the ingredients exist. Check with your doctor before use should you be on any medication. Consult a physician prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Do not use if under the age of 18.
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Customer Reviews
first time user
Review by WildChild (2 May 2017)
so far so good really see a diffrence in my training
By TshwaneloMatlalaTheWeightLifter
Review by Tshwanelo (11 March 2017)
These supplement really works,I think it's a really good idea to use it am not recommending any effects''TshwaneloMatlala''.
Great deal
Review by Sj (18 July 2016)
Bought this because it was 2 for 1 and it really helped my gym performance. Will buy again.
Review by natez (31 July 2015)
Great product... Use it with 100% whey and u will see the difference in the first month!
Makes me sick
Review by juan (27 March 2015)
I don't know why but I get bloated and feels sick in my abdominal area. Can't gym for the following 2-3 days. I also makes me feel like there is a wind stuck. I went over to EVOX Creatine HCL, I don't have any weird effects with this option.
Works wonders
Review by TSK (6 February 2015)
Be using this for 3 weeks and I have seen some great strength gains,retains water but that's what normal creatine would do and taste well there is nun so I highly recomend buy it
Top price
Review by subhaan (30 June 2014)
Monohydrate at this price point must not be passed up!
great product
Review by Larry (8 April 2014)
achieved decent gains while using this. will definitely recommend
Review by zinzo (16 March 2014)
Perfect creatine formula
Great bang for buck
Review by subhaan (11 January 2014)
Creatine Mono at a good price, and I'm seeing good gains, without any bloating.
aboth average
Review by Whaine (6 January 2014)
Helps with power, but retains a lot of water
Review by Nick (10 November 2013)
Creatine Mono is pretty much Creatine Mono no matter what brand...

Totally worth it for this price!! Does what is supposed to
Great Product
Review by Udhir (10 September 2013)
Must say ive used this product before and it worked wonders for me evox is a good and priced reasonable.
Good Product
Review by Rory (2 September 2013)
One of the cheapest creatine products on the market. This Evox product really does its job. Could not ask for more and great specials running on it.
great product
Review by tim (30 August 2013)
Great product + 500g free. NO need to say more
Good monohydrate
Review by Johnny  (3 August 2013)
500g free need i say more.Found good increase in strength when used with Evox 3dt
Good Monohydrate!!
Review by Shane (3 June 2013)
Great quality Mono.gained good lean muscle from this and for the price compared to other brands this is a bargain buy!!
Great strength
Review by Armandt  (11 April 2013)
Good product, mixes well with everything and after the loading phase you can feel the strength to lift heavier then normal!
Thumbs up
Review by Lizani (20 February 2013)
I haven't experienced with different types of creatine so I can't rate it according to other brands.

I've been using it for about 4 months. It lasts so long considering you have a free 500g container too.

It gets me amped while training and gives me that extra boost to go a little heavier. It tastes bland and has a rough texture but you get used to it :)
Best Deal On The Market
Review by Adriaan (10 February 2013)
Best value for money. You won't easily find a better deal. And the product itself is just as good as any other creatine monohydrate.
Great Product
Review by sundesh  (7 January 2013)
Used this product the first day and felt the extra power.
Good value for money
Review by blue (6 December 2012)
Noticed good results, good value for money and it lasts forever.
Review by Ismaeel (14 November 2012)
not too bad, expect a bloated belly though
Essential product!
Review by KnikKnax (30 October 2012)
Fantastic product for weight training and other resistance exercise! I cannot talk about the minimal supplements without mentioning this. It will give you greater pumps, faster recovery and more power in the gym! Mixes well and no funny taste or smell. Awesome product Evox. Keep up the good work!
Helps to increase strength
Review by Strength trainer (22 October 2012)
It helps to increase strength of lifts. Does take long to work though. Not as easily absorbed as micronised creatine, but worth the price.
Review by Lyndon (31 July 2012)
I used this for only a short while but could see a visible difference. So it does work but the taste is terrible.
It is best used with a protein shake or fruit juice
Value for money
Review by Wasim (27 May 2012)
Craetine monohydrate is the best form of creatine. Its evox brand is really cheap and effective. Mixed with evox protein shakes its easy to digest and it dissolves easily. However you really need to drink plenty of water.
Review by Claya (8 May 2012)
Taste good and results r visible
2 for 1
Review by me (12 March 2012)
great mono and cheap to u get 2 for the price of one EVOX on top of the game just remember to cycle it and the water!!! The results will come.
OK product
Review by Mitch (25 February 2012)
Evox creatine monohydrate is not micronized or creapure,so it is not the highest quality creatine on the market.but it does the job


Have this with water and you may not be able to stand it,but have it with juice and it masks the faint taste of creatine,and the slight grittiness of non-micronised creatine.


Evox has always been cost effective,as is this product.Yet you can get better quality creatine if you fork up a bit more cash,micronized being the best option(fast absorption,no taste.no grittiness)


Creatine monohydrate is a good product to use to gain weight and strength,use the directions,remember to do maintenance after your loading week and to drink 2-4 liters of water a day.You will definitely see results.
Review by Vincent (15 January 2012)
I'm currently on my 4th container and im impressed with the results given via this product, works best when used with a powder energy drink, i use game and it works brilliantly. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to gain size and strength.
Good, but not the best
Review by Jaco (16 December 2011)
From taking the creatine, i could see a difference in my body, but very little, this is my first creatine product, it works, but their must be better ones out their?
Decent Results
Review by Nick (22 November 2011)
Granted it's not the most effective Creatine out there, it is definitely good value for money. Pretty much tasteless, so I recommend loading with Oros. If you stay strict to your regime and maintain as per the dosage, you'll see results with 3 weeks.
Best value
Review by Henrico (13 November 2011)
I think this is a really good product at a really good price. Two for the price of one?What more could you ask for? :)
Good product, good price
Review by Vishad (8 November 2011)
Good supplement at a great price from a reputable name. An affordable way to give your training an edge.
Nice value for money
Review by Hulk (26 October 2011)
It does the job, just make sure that you stir it up for at least 10 minutes, since it's not CreaPure certified [micronized], the better it dissolves the better it gets into your system and you won't waste the product or have a runny tummy.
Review by Aprentice (29 September 2011)
Personally don't like the taste much - even with a fruit jiuce - but the reality is I had good gains in strength and do not feel "swollen". Using the product with Evox Pure Protein and feeling great.....seems like Evox is the super name in Supplements!!! Have tried USN and Weider...but prefer the Evox product, comments???
Review by stephan (12 August 2011)
To me monohydrate is monhydrate, but with evox this is the best creatine deal you will find
Review by andrew (11 August 2011)
mixes well with some dextrose and good value for money with the 200g free
Review by Jonathan (23 April 2011)
Quite a nice product. Cheaper than the usual, but worth it. Go on 4 weeks and then 3 weeks off.
Great Product
Review by David (16 March 2011)
Been using it for a few days, and the pump is pretty good. good focus too
Review by ShapeLy (12 December 2010)
Works well & mixes easily.Gr8 product!
Decent Product
Review by Clarence (26 November 2010)
I have been using this product for 7 weeks now. On for 3 weeks ,1 week off, now back on. In the time I wasnt on it, I felt tired and stiff.

Use it 2x a day:1 teaspoon 1st thing in the morning with 1/2 glass apple juice and same just before bed.

Good product, recovery is good, strength increase is stable and gains are decent.

Also no real water retention.

Been using this in conjunction with ganic-f and beat alinine= greta results!!!
Good Stuff!
Review by Tim (13 October 2010)
I experience very nice increases in strength after just 1 month of use! About a kilo of lean muscle, and more intense sessions if taken before! I recommend this Monohydrate over any other esp. with this special, such value for money!
Review by J (30 September 2010)
Have used this with evox protein. after maybe 20 days of use, noticeable difference in strength..... very good, used fro 2 months then gave it a break. very happy
So so
Review by Creatinator (30 September 2010)
I have got strength gains on this product however have just not picked up size. Its well priced however have not put on the size i wanted
Review by Alon (31 August 2010)
this is the best mono hydrate out there, you gain such size and after you've finished you still keep quite abit of it unlike some others so for a mono 10/10
Good product
Review by Kay (16 July 2010)
Been using this product for about 3 weeks now. I've gained 2kgs with no visible water retention. The pumps from this monohydrate are pretty amazing - definitely surpassing ssn and usn monohydrates! Evox is definitely one of the less fancied brands but this product is worth a try
gained a substantial increase in strength as well as a noticeable weight gain. after using the 100 grams i was 3kgs up and combined with CLA i didnt have that "bloated" look, great creatine product!
Review by Rasputin (11 May 2010)
the bigger picture is that i gained a substantial increase in strength as well as a noticeable weight gain. after using the 500 grams i was 3kgs up and (combined with CLA) i didnt have that "bloated" look, great creatine product!
Best price per gram!
Review by Alexander (2 May 2010)
This the best price per gram at 5.02g per Rand and 200 Servings!! Why buy any other Creatine Monohydrate? Awesome stuff @ a wicked price!
Review by Alon (29 April 2010)
this product is perfect if you are trying to gain some extra kilos, it has put on some great size for me as well and an increase of my weight, this is by far my favorite pure mono-hydrate creatine!